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June 7, 2012

William asks…

cheap apartment/block in blacktown,kings langley – sydney?

i am looking for a cheap apartment in these areas or nearby. I am a student and the can afford frm the range AUD100 -200
Please assist! Google search dsnt give me the best option..
AUD 100-200 per week i mean. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Have you tried for rents at


Blacktown is okay rent in comparison to the rest of Sydney. Check Mt. Druit , Laylor Park for cheaper in same location almost..

Lizzie asks…

How to insert and update short information to search engines?

I search for serviced appartment on Google:

This info will come up:

“Quest Serviced ApartmentsQuest Serviced Apartments have an apartment that is ideal for you. Whether you are looking to stay in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or throughout Australia, …” – 65k – Cached – Similar pages

How to insert this info “Quest serviced…” ?

so as when people serach my web, they can read the info that i wanted them to know.


Administrator answers:

You can add it to metatag description

Linda asks…

Where is a good place to live in Sydney?

I’m a single middle aged woman, relocating to Sydney from the US, who will be working at 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000. I love the beach, walking, and wild life. I can do some serious shopping, and love to cook, so I like to go grocery stores and specialty shops. I really like small butcher shops, fruit and vegetable shops, and fish markets. I’m from a big city so living in the city is fine. I wouldn’t mind being on the outskirts of the city as well. My hope is to get to do some volunteer work with animal shelters. I will be using public transportation.

All of that being said, what would be a good area for me to live in? I’m not exactly sure of my budget yet. $1500 to $2000 maybe. Also, if you know good real estate sights for me to search for an apartment, it would be helpful and appreciated. I just want to start getting an idea.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

There are a number of good spots, but I think the closest to your description would be around Mosman or Neutral Bay. This is an upmarket mainly apartment area with lots of gourmet/designer independent food and clothing shops etc. It is quite leafy considering how close it is to the city and there are harbour beaches (not much surf but you can swim) and good walks. There are plenty of ferries to Circular Quay (what a great way to get to work on sparkling Sydney harbour!) and then you can walk or take a train to Town Hall station to get to work. There are also buses.

Another option further out with more wildlife is Turramurra, Wahroonga or St Ives. This area has more houses than apartments and is very bushy with loads of cockatoos, parrots and other birds and wildlife. This is a quiet, upmarket area with very nice food shops. Clothes shopping is mainly in nearby Chatswood, Macquarie Park or Hornsby. The commute will take around 1 hour by train. This is more of a family area.

Yet another option somewhat similar to Neutral Bay but without the beaches is Balmain. It’s a lovely spot on the harbour.

The websites to find real estate are and – I find the domain website is easier if you don’t really know exactly where you want to look because you can search by Sydney region rather than a specific suburb.

Best wishes

Joseph asks…

I m planning a trip to sydney, gold coast. sydney accom ok. could anyone help me w/ gold coast accom budget gd

could someone kindly recommend gd n budget accommodation at gold coast. searched thru the web ,went coverted to sing dollars still ex. looking for apartment. which is convenient location. will b flying from sydney to goldcoast. how abt airport transfer in sydney. is the shuttle service from airport 24 hrs, my flight arrives at night.

Administrator answers:

Sydney airport works from 5am-10pm only!!
Check this site :

Sharon asks…

Why did an American Christian murder a nurse in Sydney?

I’m not actually sure he is a Christian, I just said that so the question would post in R&S, but he is definitely an American, a white American actually, so the likelihood that he is a Christian is quite high. But I digress…this American guy was arrested today and charged with the murder of a Sydney nurse that occurred a couple of weeks ago. This guy went to the media last week and put on this sob story of how he came here to make a better life and he claimed he didn’t like having media attention, but he was the one who called a semi-press conference outside his own apartment building, so that was pretty weird.

He’s got weasel written all over him and the evidence that he did it is very strong. There was CCTV footage found by luck of him throwing a backpack in a bin at a shopping centre and witnesses at the scene of the murder reported seeing a man fleeing the crime scene carrying a backpack that matches the one in the video. He’s toast, man, freakin toast. The other thing was that the police were on TV a couple of days after the murder, inviting the media to film while they searched a rubbish tip and they let it be known that they were looking for a backpack. Whether or not they found the backpack that was in the video, I’m not sure. But it was after this news story that the guy went to the media. Do you think the police were hoping that letting the news service tell people that they were looking for a backpack, this would make the killer come out from hiding or at least, make him feel very uncomfortable? And when the guy himself went to the media, what do you think his motive was for that? I mean, after he saw the news report of the police looking for a backpack, he would have known the gig was up, he could have gone bush, but instead, he went to the media. Do you think he did this because he knew that running would have been an admission of guilt, so by going to the media, he was trying to make prosecuting him that much harder? I mean, he can claim the jury was biased by the news reports about him at trial, right?

Administrator answers:

“I am not even sure he was a Christian”

nothing but the purest and most honest motives flow from your dear heart.

Daniel asks…

Apartment for rent in Australia?

I need a lead on apartments for rent in New South Wales, Australia. I’m also open to the idea of anywhere else in Australia, as long as I can afford it. I know that Sydney is probably too expensive for me. Melbourne maybe? I need a 1-bedroom, in the city, for around 800 USD per month. Could anybody provide me with any inside leads? I’ve been searching online, but the information is just too focused on expats, and so are the overly-inflated prices! I want some local knowledge on the matter, if you could please help, I would be so grateful, any ideas and leads would be most appreciated, thank you.

Administrator answers:

Check with the Australia site of yahoo answers and you should get answers from them. This is the US Yahoo Answers Site. They have more information on Australia then we do here in America. Enjoy you new apartment in Australia.

Michael asks…

1 year trip to Australia, need some tips and research sites.?

I have contacted my travel agent, and got a little bit of information including visa application forms but, what’s next?

As a Canadian citizen and at the age of 19, I’m beginning to search for more excitement, help me understand more of this world and of its people and have a different view of who I am. Aug. 2010, I would like to leave to Australia to live and work for one year. Thankfully I have recruited a friend to join me on this expedition.
To be honest, I don’t have any information or where to even start on research. I would like to be working in or very close to Sydney, apartments, financial estimates, [To go with and what to keep as a planB], must see’s and do’s, items to bring [Camera, laptop ect.]
In general, I’m asking. How can I plan this?

Any suggestions, advice or past experiences would be very helpful.

Administrator answers:

Sydney is quite expensive, you might want to try Brisbane or Perth.

But it is a great place nonetheless.

I would suggest joining so people can show you around, provide a friendly face or even let you crash at theirs. My sister is leaving for Germany on Thursday for 6 months, but her lease on her apartment doesn’t start until 2 weeks after arrival, so she’s staying with someone she befriended on couchsurfing for that time.

If you come to Brisbane, even for a visit, give me a shout :)

Paul asks…

What areas are these Australian cities located in?

I’m trying to find apartments/housing in and near the city. By city I mean tall buildings, stuff to do within walking distance, etc. I keep telling my travel agent that but she keeps suggesting places that are residential suburbs.

Specifically I asked her to search for apartments/homes in or within a short public transit time to Gold Coast, Melbourne or Brisbane. Now I’m pretty sure Melbourne is a city like Sydney…but where exactly are the “city” areas for Gold Coast and Brisbane? For example, is Surfer’s Paradise in Gold Coast part of the city?

I’m just wondering so that I may attempt to search for places on my own since it seems like my travel agent is limited to certain search partners or something.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Oh also anyone who’s ever lived in either of these 3 cities or lives there now, can you recommend a place for a couple of friends in their early/min twenties to live?
I will be staying in Australia for 6 months. As such a hotel would not be a viable option.

Administrator answers:

If you’re coming from the USA, you may have misunderstood what a ‘suburb’ is in the context of an Australian city. Many of what we call suburbs are what would be called a neighbourhood or a district or perhaps a borough in a US city. Places like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have a smallish Central Business District (CBD) which is perhaps only a km or so square and that is surrounded by inner suburbs within up to about 4 or 5 km of the CBD. Beyond the inner suburbs are the outer suburbs which can be up to 15 or perhaps 20 km from the CBD but both the inner and outer suburbs are all part of what we call the city of Brisbane or Melbourne or whatever. What you’re looking for is a place in either the CBD or an inner suburb.

In Brisbane, apart from apartments in the CBD itself, there are inner suburbs such as Southbank and West End (directly across the river from the CBD), Bulimba (to the east), Paddington (west), Kangaroo Point (south), Fortitude Valley (north).

Melbourne has its CBD and its inner suburbs are places like Docklands, Southbank, Carlton, South Yarra, East Melbourne and Richmond.

The Gold Coast isn’t anything like any of our other cities. It’s a tourist city that stretches in a fairly narrow strip along the coast from Southport in the north to Coolangatta on the New South Wales border to the south. Surfers Paradise is the heart of the Gold Coast.

All of the suburbs I’ve named would be great for a couple of twenty-somethings and all are within easy reach of the central city with good public transport.

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