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November 16, 2012

Helen asks…

I am moving to australia on april 5th I need an apartment in Sydney for rent monthly rent cheap and safe…hel?

okay I am searching for an apartment in AU sydney monthly rental 1 bedroom unfurnished and cheap…do you have any Ideas where should I search?

thank you
Please if you have nothing to say and all you are looking for is points don’t use my question with stupid answers…thank you

Administrator answers:

Please be VERY CAREFUL OF RENT SCAMS in Australia!

Do not make any online bank deposits/direct debit to anyones bank account for a deposit/fee on any rental property you enquire about.

Unfortunately this is something I was nearly stung with, but due to dilligence and my own gut feeling,I opted out of offer and reported persons to AFP (Australian Federal Police).

Remember, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is not!!!!

Donna asks…

What is an average (monthly) rent in Sydney for a apartment/flat?

What are average rents for Sydney, Melbourne per month? Even a ‘rent to share flat’ for an apartment would be a possibility….shares, studios, one bedrooms. Any insights on rents for these areas in Australia? Thanks:)

Administrator answers:

It all depends on the area.

You can search more specifically on this great real estate listing site

u click on rent orrrr u can click on the share tab and u click the map that says nsw and search Sydney and it’d give u a list of prices with pictures and how many bedrooms etc so u know what price ur going to get.
U can get a place if u share with sum1 for roughly $150-$200 a week so about $650-800 a month.

Just some advice the best areas to live in sydney are the more expensive areas wich are north shore or east of sydney where u caan have views of the harbour and water views and close 2 the beach and they are close to the city cbd too.

But if your looking for a cheaper place i suggest the inner west as it is still close the the cbd.

If you dont mind being out a lil bit from the cbd as in you dont need to work in the cbd or go there much.. Roughly about 1 hr from the city cbd u can chose 2 live in the outter suburbs of sydney wich is western sydney, parramatta, liverpool,fairfield and macarthur area. This is the cheapest and you can get bigger houses and land for cheaper prices.

Ken asks…

going to sydney for xmas looking to rent apartment for 2weeks, any help?

Administrator answers:

If you want to get by cheaply, often students go visit their families over Christmas, and are not living in their houses. Sometimes they will look to rent out their room for a little bit so they don’t have to pay it.

Have a look on gumtree or something if you are interested.

Laura asks…

What is the best local bank in Sydney?

I want to open a bank account that makes it easy for me to withdraw money, and rent an apartment in Sydney, it must have a lot of ATMs, least fees and least opening minimum amount (I dont have to deposit a million dollars to open an account, as few as 1000 would be great) and with least penalty… how can i get a list of banks in Sydney in general?
Is it true that withdrawing from ATMs is NOT free in sydney?

Administrator answers:

Australia’s banks are different from American banks. We don’t have local banks but large nationals. The big four, the ANZ, the NAB, Westpac and the Commonwealth have branches and ATMs everywhere. Any of them will suit you. You can use any ATM with your card but you are charged for using an ATM that does not belong to your bank. You will also be charged if the number of ATM transactions exceeds a set limit. There are smaller banks and credit unions that might serve your purposes better but if I were you, I would open an account with one of the Big Four to start with. Once you have settled you can look at other banks and perhaps change your account.

To open an account you will need 100 points of identification.
There is a lot of information about banks and opening accounts here:

Betty asks…

I will be in Sydney for New Years 2011. We are looking for an apartment to rent from 12/28 – 1/2.?

Looking for places to stay in Sydney from 12/28 – 1/2. An apartment is preferred. There are 5 of us. Any availability? Thoughts?

Administrator answers:

You will find it very difficult to find anything close to the city,accommadation for new year is usually booked out 12 months in advance

Sharon asks…

My daughter is planning to go to Sydney, Australia for 6 months?

We would like to know how much a one bedroom apartment rent for and which are the good neighbourhoods with public transit system. At the same time, how easy or difficult it is to find a job?

Administrator answers:

This link shows 1 bed places in Sydney for under $400pw. You can edit the options for more results.


You can also use

Getting work depends on what she is prepared to do, and what wages she expects. I know of new arrivals who have been able to get work quite easily, as they were prepared to do any type of work. But I also know people who could not find work in their own chosen field.

Michael asks…

Australian apartments?

does anyone no any good real estate websites that will show u apartments for rent/sale in sydney..& also can anyone tell we what the average rent is per month for a two bed apartment in sydney

thaaaaaaanks!! :)

Administrator answers:

Check out
Sydney is very expensive
Rentals in Sydney are from about $600-$1000 per week. (approx £250-£400 per week)
Good luck

Susan asks…

Is paramatta (Sydney) is good to live ?

We got PR and planning to move Sydney after October.Is paramatta is safe and good place to live?.If it is good which area is suitable for couple?.Actually we are looking for 2BD apartment or townhouse near station in paramatta or westmead .What is the average rent of 2 BD new apartment/Townhouse in paramatta?.What are the best real state companies we can get rent apartment/Townhouse?.

Administrator answers:

Expect to pay about $375 per week for a 2 bed in Parramatta close to the station, if you want a bit cheaper then try over towards Westmead or up at North Parramatta for low $300′s, as for being safe well I lived there most of my life and never had any major problems but as for crime figures and break/enters and car thefts the area rates as one of the worst in the western suburbs, make sure everything is insured, its great if you enjoy shopping and dont mind heaps of traffic jams and crowds and teenagers and standing in long queues for everything and homeless people everywhere.

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