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January 15, 2013

Donna asks…

Anyone can give me a website for apartemts for rent in Sydney?

Hello, can anyone send me a website for rentals in Sydney please? We are looking into 1 bedroom apartments.
Thanks to all!

Administrator answers:

Http:// and are the two most popular websites for finding properties in Australia. Both these websites have the ability to search for rental listings and even share listing. Most properties advertised there require a 1 year lease agreement minimum plus bond.

There is also if you are looking for something more temporary. The website is used by travelers so its good to find short term leases.

Hope this helps!

Laura asks…

How much for rent in Sydney?

I am a civil engineer, making around $100,000, and I am moving to sydney. Whats should I pay (per week) to rent a small house or nice apartment near the city itself if at all possible? Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

I presume you are talking about a house or apartment in Sydney, NSW, Australia. For $1,200-1,500/month you can get a very nice 1 or 2 bedroom unit in a good neighborhood. Here are some websites that should help with your research:

Michael asks…

What is an average rent for a two bedroom apartment in the inner west of Sydney?

Administrator answers:

Anything between $250 to $600 per week

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