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July 21, 2013

Joseph asks…

What type of property is easiest to rent out?

I’m looking to buy an investment property
Generally speaking what is the easiest to find renters for? apartment or house? how many bedrooms baths etc? thanks!

Administrator answers:

It usually depends on the location.

Apartments in the inner city are probably better for renting out. Something aimed at younger single people who don’t want to commit to owning a property is going to have a bigger market.

Basically check out the market. Generally a rental property will rent for less than the cost of your mortage. But in some cities, eg Sydney Australia, the rental market is so tight, that 100 people turn up to rent a place.

At the moment the economy is bad so many people are renting instead of buying. But if you buy a house, you can rent it now, but later you can sell it at a higher price.

Ken asks…

How do I go about moving to Australia?

I’ve decided that after highschool I’m going to live on my own around here for a short while and than move to Australia. I’ll probably be moving to Sydney, but I have no Idea how I should go about doing this. Well I have a slight idea, get a passport, get a visa, get plain tickets. The harder part is going about finding a low rent apartment down there, and some jobs. Anyone got some ideas?

Administrator answers:

If you only have a high school education, you won’t be able to move to Australia. To do that, you’ll need full formal qualifications and experience in a trade or profession in which we need workers. Here is a list of the workers we need:

It’s a bit early to go into detail about finding an apartment etc, but it sounds as if you already know that low rent apartments are hard to come by in Sydney but with a decent job, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Once you have qualifications and experience, you won’t have too much trouble finding a job, but again, that’s a long way in the future.

Once you turn 18, you’ll be able to come for 12 months on a Work and Holiday visa. For that, your high school education will be enough and you can check us out and see if you want to go to the trouble of working towards coming here.


If you still want to come after your working holiday, you could finish your schooling here which will make it somewhat easier to get an immigrant visa.

Thomas asks…

I am contemplating on moving to Sydney, Australia and wondering about a couple of good colleges in the area?

and what is the average apartment price?

Administrator answers:

Sydney is in the high rent district. Expect pocket book shock. Plenty of good educational opportunities.

Helen asks…

What are the best places to stay in around University of Sydney?

Also how much rent should I be paying for a one bedroom, furnished apartment with attached bathroom and kitchen?

Administrator answers:

Newtown and Glebe are the fun, funky suburbs. Erskeneville, Annandale, Mcdonaldtown and Enmore are also OK. Broadway and Chippendale are closer to the city and where you are more likely to get a furnished apartment. If you decide to share try, which also sells cheap furniture.

See for rental prices.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

How much is a small studio apartment in Sydney?

what is the cheapest you can get one for?
and how much do you have to pay to move in? e.g 4 weeks rent, 4 weeks bond?

Administrator answers:

Yeah it’s usually 4 weeks up front.

You can pick up a self-contained studio in Petersham for $280 a week.
A furnished studio in Newtown for $350
A furnished studio in Bondi for $390

John asks…

Moving to Australia and have found anything near Sydney and the other recommended citys is very expensive?

I am trying to figure out what the realistic rent for a two bedroom place to stay in the suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne or adelaide. Also what type of money I could make? just for the questions sake lets say a below average wage.

Thanks a bunch guys!
Well that was good info I did not realize how high the minimum wage was there!
thats great news but if you paycheck was 500 for example how much would you have after taxes and other misc things they take out??? Thanks again!

Administrator answers:

In general keep in mind the further out you are from the centre of a city the cheaper it is to rent. Also you may spend quite a while commuting. In saying that you can get a 3 bedroom house on the outskirts of Sydney for cheaper than an apartment in the city centre. The other responses have provided great websites, just keep in mind most rental quotes are for per week rent unless otherwise stated.

If you want an idea of more specific pay rates and job availablity for your particular career is at least one decent websites, use that in conjunction with the tax rates websites provided above to gain a better understanding. Also medical and dental are not usually considered part of the wage package as it is in the US, mainly because citizens are covered under our free public health program (except dental) and you would most likely need to pay your own private insurance.

Also pay rates can lower in some cities than others, for example you get paid less in Hobart than Sydney, but you also pay less for housing so it can generally balance out.

Just some further information on tax, when you get a pay slip it shows what is called PAYG (Pay As You Go) tax, which is the basic income that all people pay. Also by law your employer must pay 8% of your wage/salary into a superannuation fund. Most other items taken off pay are by choice which can include paying back a government debt (which can also be court ordered), extra into superannuation and even paying back government university fees (which is compulsory repayment if you earn over a certain amount, based on the Consumer Price Index, though you can pay more by choice). One also pays a Medicare levy (as a citizen), which covers the public health system, and if you have private health insurance you maybe eligible for a rebate at tax time. Also our tax year is 1 July – 30 June.

Mandy asks…

Where can I find an apartment in australia?

I am interested in ANY information I can find on moving to Australia including jobs, economy, apartments/houses for rent/sale,etc.
Any information at all will be helpful!!!!!

Administrator answers:

A couple sites from Yahoo! Search:

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