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June 9, 2012

Daniel asks…

Are all apartments for rent in sydney unfurnished??

I am relocating to sydney fora year and am searchign the net for apartments… seems they are all unfurnished on the sites of visited… this typical?
If so how easy is it to rent furnitre and is it expensive??
any ideas anyone?

Administrator answers:

Go to

all the real estates hook up to this site – so a one stop shop,
put in your criteria and hit search!

Good luck


Helen asks…

homes and flats/apartments for sale/rent in sydney nsw…?

hi people i would really appreciate yr help on this matter…

my dad needs a house that is for sale in sydney nsw seven hills or black town…

the house is a want so if u cant find 1 it is ok..


if he cant find an house he said that a temporary flat for rent is fine

so can sum 1 please giv me sumtin ( perhaps a link or so…)

on houses for sale
or flats/apartments for rent ( i would really like it if the rent house is actually comfortable to live in as the rent we are in right now is very uhhhhh BAD!!!!)

the price of the house is… say about $200 000 – $320 000 or $350 000 at max… preferably a double story house with a pool or a big single story house..

thanks to every one who as tried to help and my family will really appriciate all yr efforts..

thank you very much!!! =]=]=]

Administrator answers:

I would try Craigslist. You can search what you want by what you can afford. Good luck to you. Here is the link

Betty asks…

Which are the best neighborhoods to rent an apartment in Sydney?

I am going to be in Sydney for a couple of months and i would like to know if anyone knows the best places to rent an apartment.

What about places such as:
Woolloomooloo, Surry Hills, in Sydney city, what about places like Bond street. York Street

Administrator answers:

It’s really going to depend on what you are looking for. Will you be working in the city centre? Woolloomooloo and Surrey Hills are fine, or perhaps the Newtown area which is a groovy area full of university students. These are very urban areas.

If you’d like a bit more peace and open space then somewhere on the north side of the harbour would be nice, eg Neutral Bay, Balmain, Manly. Transport is readily available.

I presume you’ll be looking for a furnished apartement for a short term rental. You’ll probably need to find a serviced apartment in this case.

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