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September 13, 2012

Chris asks…

How can I move out of the US to a new country?

I’m 20yrs old and I currently live in Iowa. It’s always been a dream of mine to move somewhere nice (i hate the weather here). I really want to move to Australia but I couldn’t find a visa for me. I have little work experience and have only completed one term at a community college. I do have money saved up from previous jobs (movie theater, wal-mart, telemarketing, ect) and I have been scouting apartments in and around Sydney. So should I start looking for somewhere else to move since I don’t have a skilled trade and am no longer in school? I know it’s bad that I don’t but money has never really been a huge desire of mine, I kinda more of a simple person (not simple minded). If all I had to live in was a shack but it was somewhere with nice weather and friendly people I would be alright with that. I think I might start looking into New Zealand, I hear it is nice also. So let me hear your comments, tips and/or advice is greatly appreciated. If any one knows of any other countries that are nice and easy to move to please list those as well. All I am looking for is nice climate and friendly people. (livable conditions of course lol). There’s nothing left for me here and I want to see what the world has to offer :D

Administrator answers:

Some countries require a visa to enter. It will be for tourism, to attend school or to immigrate and live. If you move to a country to live you may have to get a work permit/visa as well. You must check with each foreign country and they have embassies and consulates around the U.S., especially in Washington, D.C. Call, email or write them. Make sure you complete all the required paperwork and while in that country you comply with all their requirements and laws. Tourist (or visitor) visas are usually easy to get. Again, some countries do not even require a visa to visit for a short period. Student and immigration visas, to include work permits, take more paperwork and time.

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