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June 10, 2012

Ruth asks…

Does anyone live or know of a Sydney City Apartments that allow small dogs?

There are alot of Sydney CBD apartments. If anyone lives or knows of someone who owns a small pet, could you please list out the apartment complex name? Please. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Hi there… Perhaps a free Australian online classified such as Cracker’s pet section may be able to help you answer your question. Here’s the direct link where you can post a free ad:

Donald asks…

Whats a good site for short stay apartments in Sydney?

We’re looking for a one bedroom apartment for a couple of weeks to use as a base in Sydney while we look for a permanent place to live. We’re moving over there from the UK in April. We don’t want anything fancy, just a reasonable one bed with cooking facilities and easy access to the main areas

Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Well you won’t find rents in central Sydney like the city. But if you looking in the Sourthern Courier and Western Courier i am pretty sure you will find something. The best place for a permeant place to live would be in Mascot, Rosebary, Green Square and Alexandria. Since it has close public transport, very close to the city and has shopping centers near by. There are also schools but you won’t be need them…

Richard asks…

I’m an American interested in living in Sydney. Are there apartments that you pay monthly in the bondi beach a?

I want to become a biologist in sydney. Can i live in an apartment that you pay monthly and what are the prices?

Administrator answers:

I would suggest you inquire as to the qualifications required to migrate into Australia. You just can not show up at the airport and stay–it does not work this way.
What you might want to do is look into obtaining a Working Holiday Visa–this would enable you to come over for a 12 month stay- move around the country, if you choose, and see what your options might be.
You have already been given the web site so I will not repeat.
Good luck.

Jenny asks…

what good neighborhoods in sydney for apartments?

Havent been to sydeny before, dont know what to expect, I’m looking for family sized apartments for rent, probably non-furnished. I don’t want one too close to nature, at least not a place surrounded by wildlike, maybe something urban or semi-urban would be more preferable.

Administrator answers:

If it is an unfurnished place you would have to sign a 6 month lease. Perhaps you could try a Western suburb to begin with as it has good links (roads, trains) and generally affordable. The suburb of Parramatta for example has places with one bedroom (Wentworthville) for $250 a week. Or in Auburn a spacious 2 bed unit you can get for $320 on the ground floor.

Sandra asks…

How do I find furnished apartments in Sydney for a period of 4 months?

I am migrating to Australia and would like a furnished apartment untill I can decide on a place to settledown.
Preferable locations for the furnished apartments are :

Administrator answers:

Not sure of anywhere specific but take a look at these websites – i’m sure you’ll find something here.

Not sure how much you know about sydney and the areas you’re looking into but other possible nearby locations which are on the train line include:

Summer Hill

or if you want a bit of nightlife try Newtown – there’s some great restraunts and pubs. :)

good luck :)

Robert asks…

Anyone stayed at the Meriton World Tower apartments, Sydney, Australia?

What are the two bedroom apartments like, and what apartments offer the best views? Are all the two bedroom apartments created equally, or are there some better than others? What should I ask for at check in?

Administrator answers:

Mate I live in the same street they are on and can see them from my balcony. There is a three level shopping mall under them I’d and the cinema district around the corner. I’d go a few levels up to cut out street noise and choose a north facing unit for all the city views.

Helen asks…

for those who rented holiday apartments in sydney?

any recommendations? i’ll be staying with a friend for a wk in april and our budget is probably below 700aud PER WEEK. not really interested in dorms, prefer apartments.

Administrator answers:

Don’t see you getting an apartment for 700 per week

Joseph asks…

One bedroom apartments around the University of Sydney?


I am accepted to the PhD program in Economics with the University of Sydney and I want to find out where to look for one bedroom apartment (not so expensive) around the area of the University. Any ideas? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You are going to be hard pressed to find something – the majority of accommodation around the uni are townhouses (2-4 bedroom around $500-600 per week). The University is on the edge of the city – surrounded on one side by shops and offices. There is Unilodge which is nearby – bedsit acommodation for uni students but I understand that that is rather expensive . Its where the asian students normally stay. The University is on a major rail and bus hub so a cheaper option would be to look around the major flat areas (Parramatta, Harris Park, Westmead, Auburn or other areas around 20-30 minutes by train).

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