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July 25, 2013

David asks…

Help! What’s the worst a real estate can do if we keep a cat on a rental property without permission? (Aust)

Hi all,
My partner and I live with our 1yr old female russian blue cat. We currently rent, and are not interested in buying. We have lived together in a townhouse for two years, with a perfect rental record, and have stable incomes.

NOW- here’s the problem.

The owner has decided he wants to move back in to our current rental property. With only 6wks left, we have been searching in our local area for rental places & have so far been knocked back on 10 applications for no other reason than we own a cat. We are starting to get desperate now, as in 6wks we will be homeless.

Up until this point we have been completely honest and always listed our cat’s details on the application forms however with the response we have gotten thus far, we think perhaps NOT telling about the cat would be a better idea.
I’ve heard many things can happen, from nothing at all to being kicked out and blacklisted. Does anyone know where I can find actual info? Or do you know youself?

Thanks v much!

Administrator answers:

Honestly, as a dedicated owner of 2 kitty cats that have lived in 3 different apartments, I have always applied for the apartment without letting them know about the cat. THEN after they really like me and know I’m going to be a good tenant, I mention to the landlord right when I’m ready to sign the lease that I have old trained kittycats that are used to living in apartments and never go outdoors. I tell them I will be willing to pay a deposit. They have never said “no”. I hope this works for you if you choose to try it. Good luck!!

Sandy asks…

Do you know where i can buy an apartment in woodbridge Va?

do you know where i can buy an apartment or condo or townhouse in woodbridge va (NOT RENT) i need to find a 2 bed one Bath $1,000 – $10,000. i can only seem to find them for rent.

Administrator answers:

Yes you can get an apartment for sale,you can contact my broker to help you find can email me to get more information.

Susan asks…

Who is responsible to go after this bad tenent for the damages?

My townhouse was rented for 2&1/2 years to this tenant through the management company. He was behind on rent for the past two years. Now he is out and have damages and back rent in the amount of over $2500.00. Deposit was only $500.00. Is it the management company’s responsibility to sue this tenant in the small claims? or do i have to take the management company to the court to recover? This is in Texas, and I live out of state.

Administrator answers:

I doubt you could bring the management company to the table for a suite, read your contract but unless they had knowledge of the damage and intentionally hide such knowledge from you hard press to include them

sounds like the tenant is the only one liable, but if you can not find a tenant you are going to have find a legal theory that the management company should be liable for the actions of the tenant when renting in your house

Linda asks…

Is it illegal to solicit sex in exchange for rent?

My friend who is a girl lives in a townhouse with the owner who is a guy. She is a bit late on her rent due to financial difficulties and the guy keeps offering that he’d waive the rent for sex instead. She doesn’t feel safe living there anymore and is trying to get out asap. What can she do in this situation?

Administrator answers:

It’s probably illegal but she would need to be able to provide some type of proof. The best thing is to keep her distance from him until she can find another place to stay, and the sooner the better. Maybe she could put her stuff in storage and stay with a friend or relative.

Daniel asks…

how do I market my house for rent to foreign teachers and or to military personnel?

I have a 4 bedroom townhouse that I would like to rent out. It is located in a very nice area, near many schools and military bases. I would prefer to rent to military families or foreign teachers stationed in the md area

Administrator answers:

Advertise at schools and military bases where these cliets are likely to be found.

Put togerher a program that addresses the specific needs of these renters and sell it as a benefit that schools and military bases should see as the same. Hopefully they plug you if you assemble this well.

I suggest membership in Guerilla Marketing or just browse around on their site for additional ideas.

Try the service-selling site also

Joseph asks…

What are some things to watch out for when renting a house privately?

I have always rented apartments owned by big property management companies. I am looking into renting a house or townhouse later this year but am nervous about renting privately from the owner. What should look for/look out for with the person I would be renting from.

My main concerns are having to move out with little notice and appliances breaking and not getting fixed. Since so many of the houses are for sale or rent I am worried a buyer might come along and we would like to clear out immediately.

Administrator answers:

Good question. You will need to do some research. Whatever property you pick- research it in public records. Clerk of Courts for whatever county you are in type in owners name- make sure there are no liens on the property or les pends, judgments or notice of foreclosure. Also you may want to check the property appraiser site for whatever county you are in as well- usually from this site there is a link to take you to the tax records– you want to make sure the taxes on the property are paid. Also, it is always a good idea to have an attorney go over your lease with you- to ensure that you are being fully protected. Anything that is not in writing can become an issue- it is a good idea to make sure that the lease states CLEARLY- who is responsible for what- from payment of utilities to repairs. To be safe- once you rent a home I would definitely have renters insurance. It could save you a bundle in the event of a disaster or accident.

You are smart to be concerned and cautious. People are in difficult times and there is nothing more frustrating than being served at 6 in the morning with a 30 day notice to leave- because the home no longer belongs to the landlord. An attorney can ensure in the lease that you are protected to the full extent that the law allows.

Mary asks…

what does a two bedroom townhouse in Jacksonville rent for?

It’s in the Southside in an average neighborhood. I want to know how much I should ask for rent.

Administrator answers:

Jacksonville, FL , Jacksonville, NC , Jacksonville, IL, Jacksonville, NY, Jacksonville, OR, Jacksonville, TX

Need to know what state. Please give more info. If you are referring to FL there is a link below.

Ken asks…

What is a good website to search for a house to rent?

I’m looking for a house to rent in Atlanta, GA.
What is a good website to use?
Most websites I use only has apartments, townhouses and condos, and no real houses.

Administrator answers:

Hello – here’s a website that lists house rentals in and around Atlanta, Georgia:

There are some condos mixed in but it’s mostly houses for rent. You can use the map on the right side to find homes in a particular area, and you can contact the landlords through that website.

Hope this helps…good luck!

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