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January 1, 2013

Laura asks…

How is it to live in a townhouse with a Home Owners Association?

I’ve only lived in apartments or houses, and am going to rent a townhouse. Is it bettet then a apartment or are there a lot of rules

Administrator answers:

You usually have a lot more room in a townhouse, and less neighbors, so yes, it’s better. But the townhouse owners sometimes look down on the renters, and blame every scrap of litter on them (for example). Read the rules as you will have to abide by them.

Robert asks…

We are renting a townhouse and the property management dropped the prices but we are paying more!?

So the townhouse we are renting got a new property management company and they are renting the townhouses for a lot less than what we are paying! We are paying $819 for a 2 bed 2 bath which is ridiculous but they don’t require deposits, so anyway the new price of our townhouse that they are renting them for is $750!! Which we could afford rather than what we are right now on top of utilities. Can I do something about this?? Our lease is up in 6 more months and we signed a year lease.

Administrator answers:

It is perfectly legal to rent to others for more or less than existing tenants are paying, they base rents on the rental market after doing surveys in the area. You would not want them to raise your rent if rents go up during your lease-right?
You are in the middle of a lease, but may be able to negotiate the lower rent for extending the lease an extra year to make it worth the manager to work with you. They know you will move to another location for better rent if they don’t work with you- and every time a unit vacates it costs them money to get it ready for rental again, so there is incentive for them to compromise with you. Good luck!

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