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January 24, 2013

George asks…

How Can I Rent again with an Eviction on my Record?

My girlfriend isn’t sure, but she is afraid to ask. She left prior to being served papers and thus it really may just be a break of the lease; however, she left the townhouse is move-in condition and was never contacted by the realtor. How can I help her to understand if she is ok to move into another property?
What kind of paperwork will she need in order to rent again?

Administrator answers:

Generally future landlords just want to be assured someone who has broken a lease won’t run out on them too. This can usually be accomplished by paying a higher than normal deposit or perhaps paying rent a couple months in advance. If you can prove good credit in other areas and can explain extraordinary circumstances with why you ran out on the lease before, it is a bonus. The worst case scenario would be to get a parent to personally guarantee the lease such that they would be on the hook if you ran out on the lease.

Still, you are right, you never know the situation until you first try.

Mark asks…

What information should I give for a credit check to rent house?

I am filling an application for renting a townhouse and it asks for social #, current owner’s info., employer’s info., Well those I think is ok. But it also asks for driver license, checking and savings bank account info. Should I give it to them? Please help me soon. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

It is all standard info for a rental.

If the application asks for the info and you do not give it, the landlord or manager can deny your application for being incomplete.

John asks…

Just got approved to rent a townhouse need to sell home?

We just got approved to rent a townhouse and next week my mom goes to sign the lease. Tomorrow she’s contacting the realty agency to talk about selling our home. She’s worried about having to pay mortgage on our home and pay rent on the townhome. She wants to know what she should tell the realtor because right now she’s thinking of going into foreclosure.
What exactly should she do, should she just go into foreclosure, what should she tell the realtor? She doesn’t want to have to pay rent and a mortgage.

Administrator answers:

If you can not pay for the home mortgage you definitely won’t be able to pay both mortgage and rent. Don’t expect the house to sell very soon in this poor housing market. Your mom may want to consider turning the home back to the lender”in lieu of foreclosure” as it will cost the lender less and take less time to conclude. She can talk with the Realtor about it.

Daniel asks…

How do you rent an apartment/townhouse with fair to poor credit?

In Northern Virginia the median monthly rent is $1500. In order to rent one needs good credit, but if not one must pay the final 6 months upfront (1500×6)=7500 + deposit (1500)= 9000 How do I come up with 9000 and pay rent? (and we cannot move cities in the amount of time before this rental needs to be made) thanks.

Administrator answers:

You simply need to look beyond the few places you’re looking. Not all landlords check credit. You might try answering ads in the paper. Sometimes, individual property owners who own just a single condo or house will be willing to rent out their property without a credit check.

Maria asks…

Accommodations for a group of 6 in Toronto?

I’m planning a trip to Toronto with 6 girlfriends. Is there any place that can accommodate us where we could all stay together instead of having to split up into multiple rooms? We went to Montreal last year and stayed at a B&B where the owner set us all up in the finished basement with extra beds and mattresses. It was great, like a slumber party. If there’s any place like that in Toronto, or if any there are any townhouses I could rent for a weekend, please let me know!

Administrator answers:

You can take over a room that accomodates 6 people for yourselves in a student backpackers hostel.

There’s but they usually require a minimum of a week’s stay.

Helen asks…

How much does it cost contractors to build a typical two story townhouse duplex?

To pay good contractors to do it I should say. Anybody have any examples? I am thinking of buying a junky 1 story duplex house that’s close to a school to tear it down and build this type of structure and sell both units. Or maybe sell one and rent the other.
Portland, OR
I wouldn’t do it right away. I’m just thinking about the process. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You want to tear down a duplex to build a house,you had better check with the Planning and Development Department in the city in which you want to build your house. You should check and see if the zoning is correct for you to build on this lot.

That would have a lot to do with where you reside and type of home you want to build.

If you are in California it will cost a lost more to build a house here as oppose to Mississippi.

The other thing is the details you want to put into the building of the house, the number of square feet, material, such as the windows, flooring, and doors you use to build the house.

Then there is the cost of permits, labor,if the project is completed on time or runs over thus added cost.

Do you want Italian Marble as oppose to something you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes hardware?

You might consider remodeling the duplex as oppose to tearing down the complete structure and starting over. In some cities a remodel means that one of the wall from the current structure must remain to call it a remodel.

This could cost less as oppose to tearing down the complete structure. Most constructions companies will not tell you this but it is worth looking into.

If you are simply looking at this project from a stand point of an investment you might consider simply leaving the structure as is and doing what is necessary to make the place live able. Of course you should up grade any plumbing as well as electrical items that are more than 20-30 years. The roof is another item you might want to consider also. This will save you a tremendous amount of money but the return on your investment will be a lot better than completely rebuilding the entire structure or a complete remodeling job with one wall.

The bottom line is you must draw up plans, then have a construction company give you an estimate.

Once your plans have been completed you must get them approved by the city’s Planning and Zoning Department.

There is a square footage amount that construction people use, but that number escapes me now. Like so many dollars per square foot.
Call a local construction company to secure this figure as it might differ in all states.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Steven asks…

What is a good website that I can used to find out where I can get a house or townhouse for rent?

apartments/ townhouse ect for rent

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

What’s the max someone can charge upfront for home rental in PA?

I went to look at a 3 bedroom townhouse that was for rent. The guy is charging 1395/mo and wanted a deposit of 1500. He mentioned that depending on my credit the deposit could go up even more. He also said that he wanted 1st and last months rent on top of the security deposit. To me that sounds like it’s higher than he should be asking legally.

Administrator answers:

There is no legal “maximum” that can be asked for.

Asking for first and last months rent, and an additional security deposit based on credit worthiness, is actually pretty common. I ask the same thing, although I will waive things on a situational basis. Paying the first month up front prior to moving in is logical, as is the last month (as to prevent people from trying to “live off their security deposit” instead of paying the last month’s rent). A security deposit is for damage to the property above and beyond the normal wear and tear, and the logic is that a credit risk may also be a property risk. Security deposits also must be kept in interest bearing accounts while some states do not require rent to be kept that way.

If the amount is too high, seek a different property. The nicer the property, the higher the deposits (wouldn’t you, if you were renting a nice place?). However, you may see that most places ask for the same funds. Being a landlord is a risk, and many try their best to cover their bases. If the amount of money is daunting, pick a different area.

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