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May 26, 2013

Linda asks…

I have property I would like to advertise to military personnel. Where can I do it for free?

I have a 3 bdrm/2bth 2 story townhouse in Rancho Del Rey for rent @ $1675/month.

Administrator answers:

My friend i have the perfect website for you. It includes over 1000 places to advertise for free. Including search engine submission, free directories, free classifieds, free ppc campaigns, free viral marketing and all other sorts. It should keep you going for quite a while!


there is one link on there that is aimed at military personal bout 5 pages in or so and has marked next to it. Great if your aiming at the military

Robert asks…

is there a condo unit in espanya preferably near ust fully furnised for rent?

i just graduated highschool,
and i live in olongapo,
and im planning to persue college in manila,
so i need somewhere to stay,
for rent, condo-unit, semi furnished or much preferably fully-furnished, preferably near UST,
thanks lots guys!
p.s give full details
thanks again!

Administrator answers:

For condos in metro manila

Thomas asks…

Are there sites to find townhomes for rent, in Toronto?

My parents and I would like to move to Toronto. I looked online to find townhomes for rent. All I see is apartments and condo’s. Are there sites which are geared for townhomes, and they allow small pets. If anyone knows any sites, I would really appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

Go to Once there you have to click on Ontario ( there is a map) and then follow the directions of rthe town you want and once on the page,you can check mark for rent and then on type of house , you check mark townhouse etc , TRY & LEAVE THE NUMBER OF BEDROOMS ETC ALL UNCHECKED AS THIS WILL GIVE U MORE OPTIONS, the rent side has min and max – Its the best site for Canadians

Sharon asks…

Trying to find a resonably priced suite or apt to rent for bachelorette party in philadelphia, pa?

Having a bachlorette party in philadelphia, pa. Would like for everyone to be able to stay in one place together. Looking to rent a hotel suite, or apt/townhouse for the night. Any ideas. Also looking for a resonable price.

Administrator answers:

I use them all the time. I’ve stayed at the Lowes Hotel in Philadelphia. It’s VERY nice, and affordable.

James asks…

Why is my ad for a condo rental not showing up?

I placed a “featured ad” ($54.95) for my condo for rent 2 days ago.
My credit card has been charged but the ad still is not showing up on Yahoo-RealEstate-Rentals.
The details used in the ad are as follows,
Saint Petersburg, FL
Beds – 2
Baths – 2
Using this criteria does not return my ad in the search results!
I emailed Yahoo 4 times so far to fix the problem but they have not responded!
Can anybody help?
Is there a Customer Service phone number where I can talk to a ‘live person’?

Administrator answers:

John, I found your listing and it is featured. I admit I had a little trouble finding it originally, but I think that was because it isn’t located “in the city” but within 10 miles of it.

Betty asks…

What is a good website to find homes for rent in San Jose?

I’m looking to rent a home (no apartment, townhouse or condo) in the San Jose area. I’ve tried,, craigslist, and but have only found about 3 homes for rent under $2000. Is there some local listing site I’m not looking at?

Thanks for any recommendations!

Administrator answers:

To be blunt, you will NOT find many homes for rent under 2K in the SJ area. In SF Bay area, even APARTMENTS go for $1500 (2 BD 1 BT) or higher, and that’s like a 20+year old one. Finding a HOME to rent in SJ for 2K? Try $2500 to start.

You can’t find it because they are VERY rare, not because there’s a secret list somewhere you haven’t found.

Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days
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Mandy asks…

Looking for a townhouse/condo to rent in Quezon City?

We are a family of three and we are planning to move into a townhouse or condo for rent in Quezon city. For a townhouse/ house, we would like to rent somewhere in sta. mesa heights or several meters from this area / capitol homes/ east fairview…as long as the area is secured. Budget is 10-15k with 2br. If you are renting out your place or knows anyone who needs a tenant, please reply to this post with photos. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried a letting agency already

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