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December 1, 2012

Mandy asks…

Toxic Black Mold In Illinois?

What are my rights? We rent a three story town house and the basment is flooded with water. There is toxic black mold infesting the walls and laminated basing on the outside. I tried to clean with bleach and the drywall caved in including the baseboard.. The city is condemning the townhouses and the landlord is suing us. What are our rights? Help Please! Thank you!
Landlord had our sump pump working for both townhouses and it burnt out, was never replaced, and we were stuck with 400/mo electric bills. Landlord never addressed and we are all sick with the same symptoms in this house for 6 months! Mold has now really shown through the walls up to 2nd floor.
We have had the city inspector come and he’s ready to condemn. The neighbors have been complaining as a seperate entity as well. this is the 2nd time they’ve been out in two months and the carpet is partially ripped out in the basement. We are countersuing but I’m still scared!

Administrator answers:

You should have called the city while this was occuring. Now that its all said and done, you might be able to counter-sue.

Steven asks…

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Administrator answers:

I hope that this helps you out!
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Ken asks…

I live in illinois can my landlord ask for three months rent in advance?

See i want to rent this townhouse but they require i sign my lease agreement early. They require a security deposit at the signing. So say if I sign my lease January 2011 and in the agreement they say that my lease does not start until august 2011 but they also require me to pay rent for may 2011, June 2011 and July 2011 after i have signed my lease. here is another catch i cant move into my apartment until august 2011……………. My question is: IS THIS LEGAL can they do this. (I have not signed anything yet)

Administrator answers:

Well, if they are holding a unit open for you then you have to pay. But if it is not available until Aug then you would not pay rent, someone else is living there.

Lizzie asks…

People from Florida give me youre opinion!!?

My husband and I want to move to Florida around the Destin area. He is retired from the service. We own our own home in Illinois and at first will rent in florida. The town I live in the rent is only about 400.00 a month for a nice 3 bedroom. I know in florida it will be 800 a month at the minimum for a apartment or small townhouse.
There is nothing to do where we live and are tired of the cold. We enjoy fishing, and swimming and boating.
Yet I am worried if we will be able to afford to live there. I pay nothing here my house is paid for.. but we really do not have much of a quality of life.
I test for the nursing program in florida this month and I am a CNA now.
I had no idea moving out of state was so very stressfull!!! Sometimes I want to and sometimes I am scared to death.
Someone tell me their opinion and you people from Florida let me know if this is a good move.. and if youre quality of living is abundant.

Administrator answers:

I feel its more about contacts if you got a friend or a relative you can trust over there , just try to stay with them for a few months. Don’t take hasty decisions and be patient to get the home with a rent you can afford. I think after retirement you can actually enjoy boating, fishing and swimming here also the beaches. Good choice but be a little patient to see whether you like the heat here or hate the cold more.

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