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Your Questions About Two Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans

July 24, 2012

Carol asks…

The apartment I got does NOT match the floor plan I was shown?

I moved into a new apartment yesterday. Its one of the student communities where you rent it by bedroom so you don’t have to worry about your roommates not paying their part. I took a tour and everything well before my move in date. The guy giving the tour told us all the bedrooms were the same size and everybody has a walk-in closet. I chose the 4-bedroom floorplan because the rooms are less expensive. The 4-bedroom apartments weren’t available for tour because they had occupants in all of them. The floorplan in the brochure and online shows all the rooms being about the same size and all with a walk in closet. It also shows the bathroom having two sinks (which is a big deal because there are only 2 bathrooms in the 4 bedroom apartment). So here are my problems:

1. The bedroom they put my in was tiny! nothing like the floorplan at all.
2. The closet is not walk-in. Its one of those long skinny ones where you cant really get to the clothes on either end because they put a normal door on it instead of a sliding door.
**They did offer to move me into the other vacant room, which was exactly like the bedrooms shown on the floor plan. However, I couldn’t get keys until the next day because they scheduled me to move in on a Sunday.
3. The 2nd bathroom was locked when I moved in because it wasn’t part of the lease because they apartment only had 2 tenants. The bathroom also couldn’t be unlock until the next day.
4. The electricity was OFF in my assigned bedroom! off, can you believe that?? (by the way, everything is included in rent, even electricity)
5. When I finally got the bathroom unlocked the next day… only one sink. and its not like a nice sink with lots of counter space. there is literally zero counter space. no space for toothbrushes, its going to be a tight squeeze to get some hand soap to stay on the ledge.

Overall, this apartment is not what they “sold” me. I plan on having a conversation with the leasing manager, but if that does not go well, is there a way I can get out of my lease without penalty?
to “the kid”

I had no problem waiting the day for the new room, but waiting over 24-hours for a bathroom is a bit ridiculous.

Its not just the bedroom that didn’t match the floorplan. Its also the bathroom. You are obviously a boy, but if you know any women you should know counter space in the bathroom is a must. And two women sharing a sink never goes well.

I do believe I have the right to be upset. These apartments are pretty nice, and quite expensive. I had my move-in date set up for a month and talked to two separate people the week before. They should have been ready for me.

Administrator answers:

I can see why you’re upset, but they offered you the chance to move to a different room that meets your expectations. There’s not much more you can expect them to do. If you want them to let you out of your lease then you can ask, but legally speaking they don’t have to.

Helen asks…

Can I change my apartment floor plan?

Hi, I live in a 50 square meter (538.195 square foot) apartment. I’m planning to have a family and am wondering how I could change the floorplan to make more bedrooms, etc?

I have a few questions about this:

1. Is there a special job title for someone who could come to my apartment, then make a new floor plan based on my needs, etc? Or is it just an architect?

2. Is there software to do this online or that can be purchased somewhere?

3. Any suggestions? This may be stupid, but I’m just going to describe my apartment‘s current layout (no access to a scanner/drawing software) and see if anyone has any good ideas: The front door opens onto a high-ceilinged hallway that runs the length of the apartment. Immediately on your left is the toilet, which is a very small square room with a random long bit behind the toilet that is about 1 foot wide and 5 feet deep. There is a small window at the end of this random bit. The next room on the left side is the kitchen, a room of about triple the size of the toilet in all dimensions. There is a large window. After this, still on the left side of the apartment, is the bathroom (this is a European-style apartment, so toilet and bathroom are separate). The bathroom is maybe half the size of the kitchen, give or take, with a bathtub, sink, and a big window. At the end of the hallway is a closet space/washer-dryer space. This is about 5 feet wide, 8 feet deep, with a high ceiling as in the rest of the apartment. Then, on the right side of the apartment are two large rooms, each with an almost floor-to ceiling window taking up about 2/3 of each far wall.

Sorry because I’m sure that description is a bit confusing, and I wish I had a floor plan I could scan here, but if you have a general idea, and it helps, I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have.

Okay, that’s all. Sorry for the complicated questions, but I’d really appreciate any helpful answers. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If you OWN the apartment, just call a general contractor, or 3.

If you rent, just call the landlord.

Sharon asks…

is this a good size apartment for two people and is it overpriced?

the bedroom is 14×10 walk in closets
living room is 16’3×10’6 open floor plan
dining room 8’6×7’0
me and my girlfriend are looking at a one bedroom apartment in va the rent is 512.

Administrator answers:

It is impossible for anyone who isn’t familiar with your specific area to determine if this apartment represented a good deal. Generally anything that has a separate formal dining room is likely to large enough for two people who sleep in the same bed. I suggest you keep shopping and compare other places to this one to determine if it is a good deal on your own.

Joseph asks…

Linear Algebra… Please Help..!?

Hello All,

I got this Linear Algebra problem and i’m not getting anywhere in solving it.. if anyone could please help…

A large apartment building is to be built using modular construction techniques. The arrangement of apartments on any single floor is to be chosen from one of three basic plans. A floor built according to Plan A has 18 apartments, including 3 three-bedroom units, 7 two-bedroom units, and 8 one-bedroom units. Plan B yields 4 three-bedroom units, 4 two-bedroom units, and 8 one-bedroom units. Each floor of Plan C provides 5 three-bedroom units, 3 two-bedroom units, and 9 one-bedroom units. Suppose the building contains a total of x1 floors of Plan A, x2 floors of plan B, and x3 floors of Plan C

(a) What interpretation can be given to the vector x1 [3; 7; 8]?

(b) Is it possible to design a building with exactly 66 three-bedroom units, 74 two-bedroom units, and 136 one-bedroom units? If it is, state how many floors of each type must be included?

(c) Write a formal linear combination of vectors that expresses the total number of three, two, and one-bedroom apartments contained in the building?

Any Help is appreciated

Thank You…!

Administrator answers:

(a) What interpretation can be given to the vector x1 [3; 7; 8]?

Let x1 to be x1 floors of Plan A. Then, this means that there are around 3 floors.

(b) Yes, possibly by taking one of the vectors and determine the common factors.

Sandra asks…

Cost of second floor apartment in east Patel nagar?

I am planning to buy a apartment in east patel nagar, in new delhi. Can you give me an estimate how much it will cost for an apartment . I need 900 sq foot, with 3 bedroom and two baths. First floor or second floor. Can you give me price for both

Administrator answers:

Anywhere between 60 to 90 lacs depending on location, how the interiors have been done, fittings, flooring etc…..

Steven asks…

Which Apartment would you choose?

I am 26 y.o female who has never live alone. So I’m having problems deciding where I want to live. There are two complexes that have the same floor plan that I like. One is $749 a month all fees waived and I get a free 32” plasma panasonic tv to keep for moving in and it’s on the 2nd floor. The other is $649 but I have to pay $100 security deposit and it’s on the first floor. Both apartments has two patio doors, one in the bedroom and the other is in the living room. My issue is one is $100 cheaper but it’s on the lst floor(so safety is kinda an issue) and the other is on the 2nd floor but it’s more expensive. However, both neighborhoods are pretty safe but nothings guaranteed. So which apartment would you choose if you were me and if you were/are a female? Thanks

Administrator answers:

I would choose the 2nd floor option. I would be too paranoid having two doors to my patio on the bottom floor, especially in my bedroom!

Honestly, you have to decide if $100 more in rent is worth it for the peace of mind being on the second floor. If not then go with the cheaper apartment. It would be worth it for me but it’s completely up to you since you would be living there. I currently live in a second floor apartment and the stairs aren’t a big issue if you’re concerned about it. The third floor is where the stairs become a huge inconvenience. Even if you need to carry laundry up and down the stairs one flight isn’t too big of a deal. You get used to it.

Obviously the TV is a nice bonus but don’t let that make your choice. Decide on the price you would be more comfortable with as well as location within the building. You should also try looking up both complexes on (if you’re in the USA) to see how they match up. You can get a feel for how happy the tenants are with the office staff, maintenance staff, grounds, construction, noise and overall living experience. Take all of that into consideration and pick the right one for you!

I hope that helps.

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