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October 23, 2012

Charles asks…

Would you move out of this cat lady’s dirty house?

I rent a couple of bedrooms in a house where this woman used to live alone with her two cats. I pay her a flat monthly rate which is about 40% less than I’d be paying for the least expensive one bedroom apartment in this town, not including utilities.

Well as we know, money might not buy happiness but more money gives you more options. And since I make about $50 less per week than my rent is now, I figure there’s no way I can afford to get an apartment on my own.

Now this woman is very nice and accommodating. She has bought me milk when mine went bad, she provided breakfast for my friends when they stayed over. It’s not like she’s an awful housemate or difficult to live with.

the house was filthy when I moved in. She has hard water and no softener nor filtration system. The shower head was clogged with tons of scale buildup. The tub was dirty. Dust and cobwebs everywhere. There remains a layer of dirt beneath the rug in the bathroom that a vacuum could not suck up. The washing machine just trickles water out and takes forever to fill. The lint trap in her dryer was coated with a thick layer! My clothes came out smelling sour and feeling crunchy.

So I got some CLR, a swiffer 360 duster and went to town. I even bought a filtered shower head so I could actually get clean in the shower! I scrubbed the tub, dusted the cobwebs and continue to wear slippers so I don’t have to worry about my feet getting dirty again as soon as I step out of the shower! She has thanked me profusely for my housework and said it has inspired her to pay better attention to the house and get rid of a number of things.

But wait there’s more!

The whole reason she needs to have a housemate is because she is trying to support herself on a salesperson salary and has had difficulty making her mortgage payment. So really this situation should be mutually beneficial– she needs extra cash and has extra space, I need a place to live but don’t have a lot of money.

This week she asked me to pay my rent early. She’s also saying I owe $50 her for the previous month — something I never agreed to– mind you, this increases my rent to about $100 more than I bring home in one week. And she wants me to pay in cash since a check takes a couple of days to clear.

Another thing. When I was out of town for the weekend, she entered my room without my permission to hang a curtain over my window (something I was fine with since she said she was going to do it for me 2 months ago) and change my sheets (which I don’t mind since doing laundry there is a pain) but I noticed some big changes.

She turned my dresser 90 degrees to face my closet instead of my bed and covered my bookshelf with a translucent sheet. She had previously mentioned I should do these things so that my room could line up with the principles of Feng Shui. I never said I was interested in making those changes in my room and I’m rather offended that she took the liberty to do those things herself.

I have plans to talk to her this weekend. I’m pretty firm on the fact that I will not budge on my preferences. I need to feel clean and healthy. I don’t want her begging for money from me every month. I don’t want her changing things in my room.

Technically now, I’m paid through the next month. Before I moved in I gave her a $150 deposit she said could come off of my last month’s rent which could be anytime. So if I don’t stick it out through the month AFTER next for which I’d pay $150 less, I could pretty much count on kissing my deposit goodbye.

If it were you, would you have already moved out?

Administrator answers:

There is no way I would live with this. Surely you can find a group to share an apartment with.

Paul asks…

Thinking about getting my lady a dog. She never had one as a child but really wants one. What’s a good breed?

She is a girlie girl that lives in a roomy one bedroom apartment. She will be there for at least the next two years. After that she plans to buy a house.
Rayven…………yeah, she can have pets. It’s a big decision and something that I will really sit down and think about.

Administrator answers:

Dogs make horrible gifts, it’s like giving someone a baby. This is a 15 year committment that you are pretty much tying her to. You need to find out what type of dog SHE wants, it’s no good us saying oh Dalmatians are great, Great Dane’s only to find out she wants a lap dog, or buying a lap dog only to find out she wants a jogging companion or getting her a high energy breed when she is lazy and hates to exercise. These are all things that need to be taken into consideration BEFORE you ever commit to a puppy or dog.

Even though you say her complex allows pets how much of a deposit will she need to give to keep a dog? How long will the dog/puppy be left alone all day? Does the complex have a breed restriction, do they have a weight restriction. These are all things you need to consider before going out and getting a rottweiler only to find out the complex only permits dogs up to 25lbs and does not permit Rottweilers.

If she wants a dog then purchase dog items (food bowl, collar, leash, dog bed, housebreaking books, training books, etc.,) and give her a gift certificate for a dog / puppy of her choosing and if she says ok let’s look then be prepared to buy her one.

Until that time DOGS DO NOT MAKE GOOD GIFTS as they are very difficult to return.

ETA: I also agree with Caroline, if you’ve never owned a dog before they can be extremely frustrating and difficult especially when you haven’t the first clue how to train. Get her books to read up. Also dogs are a financial drain, if she’s saving for a house, it’s best to let her attain that goal before spending all her savings on the upkeep of a dog.

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