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June 25, 2013

Ruth asks…

I guess I just need opinions on custody after divorcing?

My ex husband and I wrote out a very detailed custody arrangement in our divorce decree. He has primary physical custody and I pay child support. We divorced in New York State, he was stationed in Georgia, and now 2 years later I plan to move to Michigan. He is telling me that because I will be moving out of the state that our divorce was settled in, basically none of what we wrote will apply.

Here is the paragraph in the divorce decree: Custody: The Plaintiff-father and the Defendant-mother shall maintain joint legal custody if the minor children. The Plaintiff-father shall be designated as the parent with primary physical placement of the cildren until such time that the Defendant-mother can show at least sic (6) months of steady income, provide a 3 bedroom house/apartment suitable for primary placement and maintain a vehicle for transportation of minor children. Upon provision of proof of the above, and submission of a detailed budget (including prospective child support receipt as income) which shows Defendant-mother’s ability to meet all obligations of her and the children, the Plaintiff will transfer primary physical placement of the minor children to the Defendant-mother.

We go into lots more detail regarding visitation and medical insurance and whatnot. I currently reside in NYC, I have everything I need except for the apartment, which is just too much money here. So I decided to move back home and buy a house, but now he is saying that he doesn’t have to do any of the things we agreed to because we will both live in separate states. I’ve called the county where we got the divorce, and family court who never answers their phone, and my Aunt’s lawyer in Michigan won’t be back in the office for another hour and I am going nuts!

Here are some of the text messages:

Me: It’s in writing that they be transferred when I have a 3 bedroom apartment or house, a vehicle, and a job for 6 months, so what’s the problem?

Him: That was in NY. Do the kid live in New York or Michigan? No they don’t so their custody falls under the state they reside in aka Georgia. Is that too hard to follow?

Me: The divorce decree will be honored by all states. What’s the use of a decree if you can escape it by moving out of state?

Him: Do you really need me to break this all down for you? Divorce court and custody courts are 2 different realms. You are probably going to want child support right? Well when you file in Michigan they will want proof of custody. If you show the decree it will say I have custody. And custody can’t be changed in Michigan because it is not the kids legal state of residence, Georgia is. So we would need either a new agreement made in Michigan between the two of us agreeing or battle it out in court.

Does he have a point? What was the use of going through all of that decision making when we wrote out how we wanted to divide custody if it’s all for nothing anyway? Thanks so much if you made it this far.

Administrator answers:

I thought this stuff was honored in all fifty states. Moving doesn’t void your decree and custody agreement!

Richard asks…

4 people 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment?

My girlfriend, two friends (bf and gf) and I want to move in together. my girlfriend lives in an apartment with her dad right now and the rent is $540 a month. I figure gas and electric will be around $100, another $100 for cable and internet. We all have our own cell phones so we don’t need a house phone. How much would be a reasonable amount to spend of food for all four of us for a month? Is there anything else i am forgetting, besides house hold items (cook ware, toiletries, etc…). Ive calculated it to be approx. $1200 a month for everything, but planning on it being approx $1500. are these reasonable prices for a 2 bed room apartment with 4 people living in it? We all are ready to get out of our house.
I didn’t think about the food thing. That will help. None of us drink. So that’s not a problem. I am however worried about my two friends breaking up, but I don’t think it will happen soon. We all can afford it, I was just seeing if that’s the price we should br prepared for. And we already have a few months worth saved up so we should be fine.

Administrator answers:

Do you want to spend your whole life on rent ? I think you would have to try to buy your own home. ,The homes in Vancouver are very cheap.

Laura asks…

im 17 pregnant and looking for work?

im 17 years old and im having an un expected pregnancy… my mom is planning on moving into a two bedroom apartment from our 5 bedroom house, personally its too small and i think its time for me to get on my feet and out on my own. i want to work but i dont want to do heavy work because i have a difficult pregnancy and i was already told to be on bed rest for a few weeks. im currently visiting my dads house in saint louis missouri while my mom stays in texas, i love my hometown(saint louis) and i want to start work and get a place, but no one will hire and me and i dont want tanf because i want to work hard and do this on my own to show my family that i can change even though i made the mistake of getting pregnant .im 4 months

Administrator answers:

I’m 15 will be 16 in October, and I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I work at a daycare from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and make about $300 a week. Its not that hard i work with only babies 0-12 months. It’s also really good practice. I would try applying for a daycare. Congrats! And sorry to hear about the problems with your pregnancy.

Joseph asks…

Should I allow his ex gf to be our house guest?

my husband is from germany he has a very good friend (they use to date) who is also married to an american. Her husband has been sent to iraq and she would like to come visit us before she has to return to germany. I think that it will be great for my husband I know that he gets home sick and misses his friends and family and on that aspect i am all for the idea. On the other hand we have a very small one bedroom apartment. We recently bought the apartment building and have discussed keeping an apartment available for his friends and family when they visit. However at this point all the apartments are filled and I refuse to evict someone just so his friend can stay for a week or two. I don’t like house guests I find them irritating and annoying no matter who they r. also, I am still a bit threatened by the relationship they use to have I knew both of them at the time of their relationship and like everyone else I was absolutely in shock when they weren’t the two that ended up together. any advice on how to handle the situation appropriately? I am also upset she wanted to come over christmas it is r first married christmas together and we have plans already i felt it was rude. now she wants to come over new years yet we have plans for that. I bought tickets to a club 500 miles away that has his favorite german band there. I can’t get another ticket at this point. Should I allow her to come and give her my ticket? I don’t care for the band or the music I just thought it’d b something fun for my husband and I to share. Am I being a bad wife by not allowing her to come?
I agree with all of you. I just feel badly that he gave up his family and friends to live here w/ me so I could be close to mine. And I always told him they could visit whenever they wanted. But at the same time I didn’t really mean his ex.

Administrator answers:

No, you are not being a bad wife. She could come visit, but she wouldn’t be staying in my home. Also, if you already have plans, you shouldn’t feel obligated to change them for somebody just because they are pushy. I can’t believe you would consider giving up your ticket to this club and letting this girl go 500 miles away with your husband. That is crazy talk!

Susan asks…

Where is the best place to live in New York?

I am planning to move from England to New York for a four to five year stretch in two/three years time with my Boyfriend.
We’d like to hear suggestions on where to go with prices and maybe an opinion about the place.
Preferably i would like a two bedroom place, we’re not fussy on apartment/ house/ flat as this is all new to us.
Any information on how to go about moving over from England would be great help as well.
Thanks and Best Wishes :)

Administrator answers:

It all depends on your budget and your tastes. My favorite Nhoods are the upper west side, and Chelsea in Manhattan. A two bedroom in those areas will run a minimum of $2500/month. I currently live in Wash Heights. I prefer to live in Manhattan because its the most urban of all the boroughs. If you like something more laid back, then Greenpoint Brooklyn is nice.

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