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Your Questions About Two Bedroom Apartment Plans

June 8, 2013

Sandra asks…

What would be the average move in cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

My friend and i are almost 18 years old and plan to move out in may. We need to know about how much money we should save to get a two bedroom one bathroom apartment.

Administrator answers:

Don’t you think that depends on WHERE this apartment is? Do you think the cost of an apartment in Los Angeles and Kansas City are anywhere near the same price??

John asks…

I have a question about renting an apartment?

Ok me and my boyfriend live in College Station, TX..home of Texas A&M University. As you can imagine, searching for an apartment is HELL here, especially since school is starting again so soon. My boyfriend has been wanting a one bedroom apartment so that me and him can have some alone time together..but he has been unable to find an available one. I’ve seen alot of people trying to sublease two bedroom apartments. For example, someone has a two bedroom apartment and the rent is $774. Does this mean that my boyfriend can have both rooms and be alone there for only $774, or would he have to pay double since no one else would be living in the other room? Are people even allowed to live in two bedroom apartments alone without ever planning on getting a roommate??

Please help, I’m clueless on all this apartment stuff as you can tell

Administrator answers:

If they are advertising the apartment as a two bedroom for $774 then that is probably what you are getting. If you can get a two bedroom for that price I would take the two bedroom, because a one bedroom is probably not much difference in the price. Just think, friends could stay over without sleeping on the couch. And if the boyfriend snores too much you will have a room to move to also. Besides, it is false advertisement to say 2 for $774 and only give you one for the price.

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