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Your Questions About Woodhaven Queens

June 11, 2012

Donna asks…

how do i get fromthe queens mall to 102 st ozone park (A train) by bus??

im going to hang out with friends… gonna go to manhattan and from there to the queens mall on the R train to woodhaven…..after that (seeing as how i live in ozone park queens 104 by the A train) i was wondering what bus i could take to go from the mall to ozone please!!!

Administrator answers:

You can take the Q53 or Q11 towards Rockaway Park…It lets you off at Cross Bay Blvd and Liberty Ave. Then you’d have to walk to 102nd.

Lizzie asks…

where can i find a gynecologist in new york ?

where can i find a gynecologist in new york? In woodhaven or queens. It most be good. one that is open even on saturdays or sundays. And how much they charge for first time visit? thank u.

Administrator answers:


Nancy asks…

The G train didnt stop at Woodhaven Blvd this weekend?

I couldve sworn that the G train went to Woodhaven Blvd only on the weekends. I took the train today (to go to the Queens Center Mall) .. what a TOTAL waste of time. G Train stopped at the regular last stop (Court Square) and basically ruined my whole day. Is it always like this?

Administrator answers:

The only time that the G will run out to the 71 Ave/Continental Avenue terminal is on late nites during weekend.

This weekend, due to construction work, the MTA is having the R run local and the E running express. At night, they decided to extend the G out past Court Square.

However, what really baffles me is that Manhattan bound E trains are running over the F from 36th st. To 21st St/ Queensbridge. So, instead of extending the G out past Court Square, the MTA figured its “better” to have people wait for a shuttle bus so they can get to Court Square.

And even when the E and R run normal on weekends, the MTA comes up with a million excuses to have the G end at Court Square.

What you should do is that if you take the G to Queens on weekends, do not assume that the G is going to go past Court Square. You’ll be better off that way.

Laura asks…

how far is newark airport from queens,NY?

to woodhaven station and what is the closest airport to queens
beside JFK

Administrator answers:


Richard asks…

Flip tax on a New York City Co-Op apartment?

Hi. I am in the process of buying a co-op apartment in Woodhaven, Queens, New York. It is considered as 56 shares and the board requires a $300/share (comes out to around $17,000) flip tax to be paid to them when the apartment is sold.
I’ve never heard of a flip tax before and wanted to know if this applies to all co-ops, some, most…? Is this somethign that I should get into or does it make the place harder to sell down the road and not worthwhile?

Side note, the the apartment is selling for $145,000 with a monthly maintenance of $565 (includes utilities).

I plan to live there no longer than 10 years… I need advice is this is somethign that I should do or amybe not?

Administrator answers:

Consider the 17k as part of the purchase price; though this part will actually benefit you because it will be used by the Co-op for co-op expenditures.

David asks…

where is atlas mall? Is it better than Queens mall?

Is it better than Queens Center mall?
like is it bigger, cleaner, nicer?

and where is it.
what bus takes to Atlas Mall?
from woodhaven Blvd

anyone help?

Administrator answers:


It’s a beautiful mall

The bus route is also on that site

Susan asks…

Where can i go to get a belly piercing ?

Does Pagoda do it ? Claires ?
I live in Woodhaven New York , and the nearest mall is Queens Center , sooo any ideas ?

Administrator answers:

Piercing or Tattoo shop. You can use Google map to find a location.

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