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September 30, 2012

Thomas asks…

Open question to Home Depot employees only.?

I just went for a succesful interview at Home Depot( Woodhaven Blvd,Queens NY Branch),and after the interview i have mixed feelings.I was hoping to get a full time on-going job,but i was told i am been hired on a seasonal basis(Overnight Merchandising) and to my outmost surprise,the interviewer said the starting wage was $9.00 an hour though i may be working night shift.There is this other big supermarket(shoprite) in my vicinity that want to hire me( NOT SEASONAL) to be part of their overnight stocking team.Now my question is,is there a probability that after working this summer in HD,i may be granted a future full time job in Home Depot? 2.How likely does HD employ their seasonal workers(summer workers) into the company after their time is up. 3.Should i go in for the unconditional job in Shoprite($8.75) and let the seasonal job in HD go? 4.Do you guys think its fair to pay $9.00/hr to a night shift worker,especially in an expensive-living state like NY? 5.Does HD have shift differential wages for night workers,and how much is it in your store? 6.If i go in for this seasonal job in HD,how can i land a future job(everlasting) in his store after my term has ended? 7.How many of you guys started as seasonal workers and latter gained full time workers after the season?Help,i need guidance.

Administrator answers:

Well i worked at home depot in oregon, former employee in 2007. Does that count? Night crew definately gets paid more, at least a $1.00 more, I think I started out at $9.50-ish for being a daytime/evening cashier. I started out part time, I believe everyone starts out part time. Once you’ve been there maybe 6 months, they start considering you for full time, especially if they have positions they need to fill. BUT they HAVE to like you, you have to have a good personality and be a hard worker. I believe night crew here was all full-time. Now that you mention it, if you are just seasonal and not part-time ( there is a difference) I would go with shoprite, especially if shoprite has benefits. HD used to turn part time into full time with little problem but they are having financial issues obviously now and they have changed, so i would not bank on them. Construction is slow but people willl ALWAYS need groceries at shop rite.
Think about benefits too if you need them. Are you interested in 401k? Health insurance? HD had health insurance but it was so expensive. Worst come to fruition, I would ask your hiring manager straight up how likely it is you will become FT at HD,and she’ll prolly say, “I can’t guarantee anything.” and there you go and thats your answer. Good luck.

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