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Your Questions About Cheap Studio Apartments

March 31, 2012

Jenny asks…

I found a cheap apartment ($335) a month ( studio)?

but i forgot to ask them about the bills.
at the apartment i am in now, which i pay ($385) a month, i have to pay for the water and electricity and gas is on them.
but do you think i have to pay for all the bills at the cheaper apartment?
if not what bills do you think i have to pay for?

Administrator answers:

Different apartments you pay different stuff. ASK, first. Also, check out the neighborhood at different times of day and night before moving there. You can check with the utility companies what the average cost is.
Don’t forget the costs and aggravation of moving, too.

Sandra asks…

Booking Holiday in Malia: What does ‘studio sleeps 2 or 3 people really mean’?

Am booking a holiday for myself and 3 friends in Malia for June. We’re looking for cheap self catering and an apartment company describes theirs as being able to:
‘Studios sleep 2 or 3 whilst the 1 bedroom apartments sleep 3 with a single bed in the kitchen area’

What does this mean for cheaper studio option, does it really have 3 beds??

Thankyou for any help/advice you can give :)

Administrator answers:

Studios don’t have a separate bedroom just the one room with 2 beds and a pull out sofa bed, this is the 3rd bed. Hope this helps.

Joseph asks…

How much money should you have saved to move out of the state?

How much money should I save up before I finally decide to move out of here? I live with my grandpa and I want to move to Chicago by myself in my own apartment. A cheap studio apartment. I have 900 dollars saved right now. Is that enough to buy a plane ticket, find a place and start working right away? I don’t have to worry about transportion since I’ll be in a big city. Also, how safe is it for a single 18 year old female to live by herself in the city?

Administrator answers:

No you should have atleast $4,000

Linda asks…

Can I get a studio apartment with bad credit.?

Ok I am trying to get a studio apartment no more then 750, but I checked my credit score and still has not gotten better. I have a credit score under 600, but I can’t wait for it to improve so will anybody rent me a studio I have a good paying job so will that help and I haven’t missed a payment of anykind for about 8 months. And if anybody knows were there are some cheap studios and I mean cheap let me know thank you.

Administrator answers:

The only way you may be able to get one is not only qualify on the income portion (no more than 1/3 of your take home pay), but offer a double security deposit. That shows a landlord you are less of a risk than your credit report shows.

Richard asks…

Which outskirts of london is really cheap to rent a room or 1bed studio /apartment with minimum security ?

Administrator answers:

Barking and Dagenham area is as cheap as anywhere; very multi-racial, as is most of London. I have a student friend who was paying £50 per week for a VERY small room in Woolwich; that is about as cheap as they come. You need to check what is, or is not included
(gas/electricity/water/telephone bills, etc.
Beware of scammers using Gumtree; do not pay any deposit/rent without viewing first!

Maria asks…

Decent Cheap 1 living room or larger Studio apartment 4 rent in Brooklyn?

Im 22 and I rented 2 apartments on my own before. I rented them in Brooklyn 1 in Bensonhurst in a decent area (studio w/ a bedroom fully renovated for $825) and second apartment was 1 bedroom in half basement house for $950 in Marine Park area (which is a very good and expesive area to rent)

My main concern is renting an apartment in Brooklyn, It doesnt matter if its in private house or small or big building, as long as its in Brooklyn in a good neighborhood and the apartment is in good condition.

I understand that I may have gotten lucky twice before. But Im pretty sure there are more beautiful apartments in a low price range. Is there any way of finding them? Where do I look?

Also there are people who live in one apartment for 20 years and have rent control. So they end up paying like $500 for a 2 bedroom, how can I find those people because they do tend to rent out their apartments to someone else for double the profit (which is still a bargain)

Thanks for your help

Administrator answers:

I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore, but we found our place on a bulletin board in a church. Walk around the neighborhoods you like, and check out bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundromats, and churches.

The people who have those rent controlled apartments also have relatives and friends who sublet from them…IF they can sublet. Monica’s apartment on Friends was actually her dead grandmother’s. Maybe you could advertise on Craig’s List or someplace like that for someone with a rent controlled apartment who would like to sublease it. I found it frustrating when we lived in Jackson Heights with 2 kids in 4 rooms that people who didn’t want those big places couldn’t afford to leave them and move to a 1 bedroom or studio.

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