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Your Questions About Corona Queens Weather

July 31, 2012

Robert asks…

just got a email from has any one heard of it?

i just received a email and i am not sure if it is a scam

it says this

Hi Carolyn,

I recently received your attached resume (Carolyn-Bartlett-Resume.doc) for position our firm had been assisting to place. This position was filled, however your resume appears to be a good match for some of the employers who frequently use our firm’s recruiting services in or near Corona.

If you are still actively looking for a new job, click this link. If you are looking for a site specific to Retail, try here. Remember that it is important to keep your online resume up to date.

Best of luck,

Jenni Sims
HR Director

P.S. I checked the weather and saw it is only 50°F in Corona… Kinda cool! It is a awesome (for us) 63°F here at our office in Hicksville NY right now.

P.P.S. What do Catherine the Great, Queen Elizabeth II, and Tony Danza have in common? Today is their birthday!

what do you think i should do
thanks every one very helpful i spammed it and then deleted it was not sure what to do eventhough it was obvious since i did not contact them

Administrator answers:

First, did you send them your resume, probably not, it looks like a pure scam to me. If you click any links it might be a virus, it could also be a hacker and when you click the links you will loose your account. Any thing that you don’t recognize the address of, you should not open them. Just mark them spam/delete them without opening them. That is just too phony, especially with the weather report going on. And the birthday updates. That’s not professional.

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