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Your Questions About Studio Apartments

August 31, 2012

Sandra asks…

Can dogs live comfortably in studio apartments?

Are there some smaller dog breeds that would adjust to a small studio apartment, or is it just
unwise to do so?

Administrator answers:

It is not the size of the shelter, it is the exercise a person can provide … I live in a studio apartment and have for many years, always had a dog/s and it works out fine … In my opinion dogs that live in apartments get walked significantly more than dogs with backyards … I live in a very large building with big and small dogs and all dogs get along fine …

John asks…

How much are studio apartments in Toronto?

I’m from the United States and am on Federal Employee Disability and Social Security Disability. I am unable to work at this time. This may be permanent. I checked with the Federal Employee disability office and told them I am thinking about moving to Canada. They said I could still receive my disability payments in your country.

My question is this: I am looking for a small apartment – either a studio or a tiny one-bedroom, hopefully with utilities included. How much would the rent be? Eventually, I would like to apply for dual citizenship in Canada and am wondering if I would be eligible for rent subsidies if there are any available? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I think you need to look into whether or not you are even eligible to apply for permanent resident status in Canada before you begin investigating the cost of housing. Since you are unemployed and may never be employable you may not meet the minimum requirements. My understanding is that you need to complete at least two years of employment to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Accommodations for what you are wanting would be in the $600- $800 range which does not include all utilities. [some perhaps but not all]. Basement suites in someone’s home could run a little less, but not much less.

Chris asks…

Will rescues allow single people living in studio apartments or rooms to adopt one or two cats together?

will they allow a person who lives in a studio apartment or a room to adopt one or two cats?
What do shelters and rescues check for when putting up cats for adoption?

Administrator answers:

I’m in the UK, but would guess your rescue shelters are similar in their policies. Cats Protection will let people in studio flats adopt. I live in a very small studio and have a 16.5 year old from them (2 years ago). I have a cat flap and private garden too though.

They will probably home check and recommend a particular type of cat, though I’d suggest only having one. Cats are generally solitary creatures and a studio doesn’t afford them any chance of getting away from each other.

My sister used to live in a studio with two cats and they got very stressed and spent a lot of tie away from home or hiding in the airing cupboard. Now she lives in a two bedroom flat they are much happier as they have a room each!

The main thing adoption centres will be looking for is a responsible person who is dedicate and serious about caring for the cat/s and can afford to give them the care they need.

Good luck.

Susan asks…

Which area in manhattan has the best studio apartments?

I’m doing some apt. searching and I’m considering the upper west. I’m curious though. Which area tends to have the best quality of the studio apartments?

only manhattan please.

Administrator answers:

The newer buildings on the far east side seem to have a lot of studio lines, the older buildings in general have fewer. I much prefer the UWS to anything on the east side, so I suggest that you keep looking up there.

Robert asks…

anybody know the location of the Andreas Studio Apartments in Gouve, Crete?

i know this is a long shot, but i’ve booked a holiday to the Andreas Studio Apartments in Gouve, Crete.

i’ve found Gouve, Crete on google earth, but not the exact apartments. does anybody know the exact co-ordinates to it?

Administrator answers:


Nancy asks…

Are studio apartments roomy enough for one individual?

I’m a single 18 year old guy and I’m moving out, I have the money for a studio apartment, but have concerns based on size and comfort. Anyone who can speak from experience? Opinions? Or would a 1 BD work better? I would just have to get a better job, which is hard right now.

Administrator answers:

Chrisss aka Alex you have been reported and I have your new name now, not like you can just change it without someone knowing. Why did you change it? Are you afraid because of the crap you spewed at me and your afraid you’ll get into trouble? Ha! We’ll see…

William asks…

What are some good websites for looking for studio apartments in Boston or its surrounding suburbs?

Also, if an apt is “available now” can you pay what’s required and move in when you want? Like if a studio is available now, do any tenants let you pay then move in this summer or does it have to be right away?

Administrator answers:

Most will want you to move in now if it says its available now. I’d call local realators directly and ask about listings in your price range that are available when you need them. Fairfield Realty was mine, and they have a lot of cheap places in the Back Bay area. Or craigslist, always worked for me too. Just keep contacting people, most rentals only become known 2-3 months before they open up, so it’s often a last minute situation. That’s why working with a realtor is helpful, cause they know morw of what will be opening up in the future. If they let you pay in advance, but you didn’t want the place for a few months, they miss out on that rent, so usually thats not the way it works. You can always post an add looking for a studio on craigslist now and keep it up and see if anyone contacts you directly too. Good luck!

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