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January 31, 2013

Maria asks…

what is it like to live in new york city?

Does all the hustle and bustle get old and annoying? Would it be best to save alot before I go? Or should I find a job there right off the bat? How does it compare to England?
All-in all what’s it like?

Administrator answers:

Things are going to be cheaper here if you’re coming from London. Thanks to the weak dollar and strong pound, your money will go much further. Instead of 10 pounds for contact lens solutions, it’s only about 10 USD here. I’ve had a lot of colleagues from our UK branch come to NYC and buy as much as they can carry back home because it’s so much cheaper here.

Some differences.

The pubs here don’t close at 11pm, they close at 4am.
The subway runs 24/7.
Taxis don’t cost a fortune to take you 10 blocks.
We don’t have CCTV cameras everywhere although that might change.
Our buildings aren’t limited to 5 floors by law.
We get snow here and it doesn’t bother us.
There isn’t a constant haze over the city.
Our ethnic sections (chinatown, little italty), are 10 times bigger than London’s.

Before doing anything else, if you can afford to take a short vacation here before moving, that would be ideal. It’s a fun city with a lot to do but can be overwhelming if you’ve never been here.

You also need to keep in mind that landlords do not like renting to unemployed people with no money. So if you want to be able to rent an apartment like the rest of us, make sure you either have money saved up or a job lined up here. Landlords generally want to see you make 40x the rent in annual salary and studios in Manhattan are around 1,500 USD / month. The outer boroughs are more forgiving and sometimes you can work out a deal with the landlords directly.

If you’re already thinking about living abroad, I think you’ll have a lot of fun here.

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