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June 30, 2013

Chris asks…

How much time does an apartment viewing appointment take?

I want to schedule multiple appointments in a day. The apartments are all close together. How much time should I allow from one appt to the next?

Administrator answers:

You basically determine how much time to spend in each apartment. If you don’t like it when you walk in the door, simply say that this will not work but thanks for your time and move on. Be careful you don’t schedule too many in one day tho b/c they will tend to blend together and you won’t be able to keep all the details straight. I would suggest taking a pad and pencil along and make notes of the good things and the bad things for each address for review when you are finished looking

Michael asks…

How much do apartments go for in the Austin Texas area?

How much do apartments go for in the Austin Texas area?

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to be more specific. They go from $500-$8000 a month

This site will show most apartments and you can see what is in your price range

Susan asks…

Does anyone have information on the Trinity Palms apartments off of Forest Ln in Dallas TX?

I’m looking for a cheap and decent apartment to move into and would like information on these and the surrounding apartments on Forest.
I appreciate the links to ratings but I have already searched for those myself and I understand the part of town it is in. I know crime is high; specifically theft as I have checked the DPD crime map for that area. I’m really looking for general information from someone who has lived there or around there or someone who knows of someone that has.


Administrator answers:

My friend found about this the hard way …. Agreed to lease without thinking much. Horrible experience … He was scared the whole month he lived there .. For his luck, the apartment he rented had issues and he could get out of the lease agreement and move to another. He said if he had found out about the reviews before, he may not have done it.

Find another alternative place …. Use free apartment locators that charge nothing …. Little more security as well. Apartments little away from Dallas are in general more safer and cheaper as well. You can find an apartment closer to bus service etc.

Prestonbridge apartments is very good, donno whether it will suit you or not.

Donald asks…

When should you start viewing apartments?

I’m planning on moving in early December, but I want to start saving and buying common neccessities now. Is it too early to start going to view apartments now? What is the general procedure for situations like this?

Administrator answers:

You should start viewing now to see what is out there and at what prices. You want to be somewhat familliar with the rental real estate market so you don’t get ripped off and also know what to look for in gettin the best apartment for your money.

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