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August 30, 2013

Ken asks…

Girlfriend screamed in the middle of the night? How to comfort her?

Ok so im 19, and my gfs life kind of sucked. Heres whats happend
She was born in russia, her two little sisters, aunt, mom, and dad moved to america in an extremely shitty apartment, in the hood area of NYC. Her mom died in a car accident when she was 2, her dad was an alcoholic. He beat my gf, sent her to school with a fat lip and black eye, told her she was ugly an worthless and told her to go fuck herself. She had to cook all the meals, and do everything for her dad and would beat her up with a wooden stick. When she was 12, he died, and she lived with her abusive aunt that taunted her, beat her, and locked her in closets without food for days. My gf was depressed and a complete loner at school, she became a party animal by the time she was 14, and had sex with a crap load of people. She then got raped, and was severely beaten to death. We started dating when we were 15. So ill spare the details, but when we were 17, she dumped me when i needed her the most (knee down left leg amputation i had to get from protecting her), but around this time she injured her back badly ad couldnt swim competitively, her scholarship was revoked, her two sisters died from drug use and her aunt kicked her out of the house. She worked 70 hours a week to pay for yale. Later we got back together..
So i know shes probaby having nightmares about these things so how do i effectively comfort her?

Administrator answers:

Just ask her to try to forget the past. Tell her to focus on the present and plan her future because her life isn’t based on the past. Hopefully she gets over her problems. Tell her that youre there for her. Tell her that you will show her what love is. Tell her to let go of the past and focus on you two. Tell her that she needs to be happy for once.

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