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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In Boston

August 13, 2012

Sandra asks…

Is it illegal to have 3 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Boston, MA?

Administrator answers:

Of course not, unless the lease specifically limits the number of tenants.

Chris asks…

do moderatly priced 2 bedroom apartments exsist in Boston, MA?

Administrator answers:


Boston is the most expensive city to live in the United States!

Thomas asks…

Cheap 2-3 bedroom apartment in Boston needed?

im moving from Orlando to Boston and im looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment min< 1,000 max, 1,400


Administrator answers:

I love in the Spring Hill neighborhood in Somerville. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the Porter Square T-Stop on the Red Line (it is a fast subway line that runs through Harvard Square and into the heart of Boston). I work downtown and my commute takes thirty minutes door-to-door. My wife and i rent a three bedroom apartment for $1350/month. It’s a beautiful old building, but the kitchen is basic and there is no laundry in the building (utilities not included). That is VERY REASONABLE for the Boston area. In fact three apartments in the building just turned over a couple months ago, so these types of deals are fairly available in this area. It is walking distance to many good bars and restaurants in Cambridge, and a 20 minute walk to all the fun times in Davis Square. Other than that it’s pretty quiet . It’s kind of a secret area, and not exactly in the heart of things, but it’s a very good value. You are unlikely to find a 2-3 bed anywhere close to Boston for $1000. Most 2-3 beds run from $1500-$3000.

Ken asks…

What is the average price for apartments in Boston?

What is the average price for a studio apartment or a 2 bedroom apartment (to be shared with a roommate) in Boston? I’m talking about the Back Bay, Fenway, Allston area.

Administrator answers:

2 bedroom i have seen 2300 and up

Carol asks…

I need a 2 bedroom apartment in Boston for under $1200.?

Administrator answers:

Impossible, unless you want to live in Roxbury. My advice to you is find a one bedroom split and turn it into a 2bdrm.

James asks…

How much does a 2 bedroom apartment pays in utilities (heat, hot water and gas) in Boston during the winter?

Administrator answers:

For a 2-bed apartment, expect to pay between $600-1800/person for a place (so about $1200-3600 for the entire place) depending on where you live. If heat/hw is included, I’d say an average 2-bed is $1800, but that’s an average and you can pay a lot more or a lot less.

For utilities alone, paying for all of them, you might total $200-400/mo but it totally depends on the place and the efficiency of the heating system.

Maria asks…

I am looking for an apartment in Boston,near Northeastern University. Any place you suggest?

I am looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in Boston, I prefer 2 bathrooms, but I should be fine with one. Do you know any good place near Northeastern University, with a reasonable price?

Administrator answers:

I am not sure what you consider “reasonable”. You are probably well aware that Boston’s rental market tends to be steep. One option you may wish to consider is an apartment building called “The Greenhouse” at 150 Huntington Avenue. I believe their 2bedroom/2bath apartments are around $2400/month. No fee, they have rental agents on site.


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