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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In Dallas Tx

January 24, 2013

John asks…

Dallas area section 8 housing?

Ive found many lists of Dallas apartments that accepts section 8 but IDK which ones are nice housing in nice areas, I couldn’t find websites of many of the apartments, which lead me to believe that they are probably not good areas. Could someone provide a list of the nice section 8 housing please, Im also interested in renting a 2 bedroom house in a nice area as well. Ive been online looking for many days and your help is appreciated. BTW if it matters I am educated and prefer something nice for my son and myself until I secure a full time position thanks. I provided a list of apartments below, please tell me if you know about any of these apartments

DALLAS, TX 75228-5269
Phone: 214/324-1479

DALLAS, TX 75216-2700
Phone: 214/375-2577

7200 ELAM RD
DALLAS, TX 75217-6016
Phone: 214/398-1485

DALLAS, TX 75212-4400
Phone: 214/638-4177

DALLAS, TX 75241-4200
Phone: 214/376-4383

4306 Olde Forge Rd
Dallas, TX 75211-8131
Phone: 214/339-2263

DALLAS, TX 75231-7813
Phone: 214/361-8837

7203 S LOOP 12
DALLAS, TX 75217-6013
Phone: 214/398-1479

DALLAS, TX 75217-3796
Phone: 972/286-7493

12303 Plano RD
DALLAS, TX 75243-9114
Phone: 972/690-9082

2600 Arroyo Ave
DALLAS, TX 75219-1864
Phone: 214/526-3461
Rebbecca kiss my ass, bitch, im educated probably more educated than you, wtf is wrong with you?
did you forget were in a mfing recession until you r in someone else’s shoes keep your’ mf ing mouth shut!! dont sit to high and mighty in a seat of judgement when you dont know shit!!! remember the higher you go means the harder you can fall!

Administrator answers:

You really need to ask your case worker. You keep posting here. Your case worker has a list of units you qualify for that are vacant. They can provide you far more help then we can.

Thomas asks…

early 20s, where to live in Dallas, TX?

My sister and I are in our early 20′s and will be living in Dallas (or the Dallas area) for 4 months.
We are after somewhere that has access to the DART as more than likely we wont have a car.
Ideally we would like a (furnished) apartment in a good complex, in particular, somewhere where lots of other young people live so that way we have the opportunity to meet people our own age.
So if you could, please tell me what cities/suburbs to be looking at… and if you could, a nice complex that you think would suit us.
We are after a 2 (maybe 3) bedroom place preferably under $2000 (including utilities and furnished)… but even better would be around $1800 :)

Administrator answers:

Uptown is definitely where you want to be to meet others your age. You’d have access to DART, it’s a pedestrian friendly area with cafes, clubs, coffee shops, parks, shops, most anything you’d need nearby, and may be less than your price range, but they don’t come furnished. You’d have to rent furniture separately and utilities are never included. But this location would be perfect so check it out.

Sandy asks…

Utility in dallas – forth worth,TX?

How much is the utility in Dallas – Forth worth? to be more specific ill be moving to a 2 bedrooms 1 bath apartment from Puerto Rico and it will be 2 adults and 1 kid. average rental apartment and i need to know it is better to get an apartment with all the utility paid or not? and which price is a fair price in Dallas-forth worth close to the airport? my husband will be working on the airport and i will be at Walmart with a 3 years old littler girl.

Administrator answers:

You could live in Irving, it is close to the airport and there is a large Walmart at LBJ and MacArthur in North Irving.
Most apartments now require the renters to pay their utility expenses.
You can get a nice apt. For around $800 and up in the area.
In the summer your electric bill can be expensive since you will want to use the air conditioner most of the time.
There are lots of apts. In the area so you can find something you like that is close to your work.

Nancy asks…

Where can I find information on the maximum occupancy of an apartment?

I work for a nonprofit agency that provides housing. It’s my understanding that we can put 2 people in each bedroom and one person in a living room or den.
A coworker and I have different ideas as to this information? The HUD website is hard to navigate for this sort of thing.
Does anyone know where I can easily access this information. I’m in Dallas, TX.

Administrator answers:

You understood wrong. There is no way in hell it is legal to sleep in the living room or den.

It is 2 heart beats per bedroom, with most states not counting children under 12 months old. I believe Texas allows children under 24 months old to sleep in their parents room.

Ruth asks…

Missing an item in my apartment for months now, suspect maintenance…?

We moved into an apartment in Texas December 2010, it is now June 2011.

My wife and I are Otaku, so our apartment is decked out in wall scrolls, figurines, and 3 bookcases filled with anime DVDs. In our bedroom, we have a bookcase with a set of reader digest condensed novels from the 60′s through the 80′s. On the bottom shelf of that bookcase, there are several magazines. Sandwiched between the magazines and the side of the shelf, we placed a sleeve containing 15 fan artwork of various popular anime characters. Bleach, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Inuyasha, Death Note etc..

Several months ago (February) we cleaned out some of our books and donated them when we purchased a coffee table. We placed several magazines inside the drawers of the coffee table, at which time we saw the sleeve, pulled out the artwork, and placed it back in the same location.

We just got back from A-kon 22 in Dallas TX. We purchased several more fan artwork pieces and decided to put them in a nice binder with the 15 that were on the shelf. We went to get the sleeve and it was missing. We have now spent 4 hours turning our one bedroom apartment upside down and can not find the sleeve anywhere. We have emptied out all our drawers, filing cabinets, and bookshelves and it is no where to be found.

This leaves us with 3 possible conclusions.

1. We moved it and we have yet to find it. I don’t believe this to be the case since we spent so much time looking for the artwork. While we may not pull it out a lot, we didn’t want it damaged so there are only so many places you can put something that is on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

2. The sleeve got stuck to something else and was tossed out. Again, not very likely due to the weight of 15 prints in a single sleeve.

3. Maintenance took it. I’ve had maintenance out 4 times since I moved in. This didn’t make much sense to me a first when the wife suggested it. Our apartment is decked out in anime stuff, ceiling to floor. There are better targets in the apartment if someone wanted to steal something. We have a 6 foot bookcase with 3k worth of figurines and 3 6 foot bookcases with about 5k of DVDs, as well as PS3 with about 700 dollars in games. Most likely, someone would have gotten away with any of those things and we wouldn’t have noticed for a while. The sleeve was poking out from behind the magazines so it may have presented a tempting target hidden away like it was. I dunno, maybe his kid is into anime or something. The artwork isn’t worth anything, however, it can not be replaced. Like I think, this theory seems far out. Until I remember something that happened the day before the convention…

We wake up late because we both work night shift. On Thursday, I awoke to a knock on the door about 10am. There was 2 knocks and the lock started turning immediately after. We have 2 deadbolts, one can only be locked from inside. I answered the door and it was maintenance. He said he was here about the caulking. I asked him to wait a second and asked my wife if she put in a request. She told me it had been done already. So, I opened the door back up and told him that it had been done. He looked directly at his work request and said, “Oh, it looks like it was completed in April sorry about that.” and he left. Remember this is now June, so I just filed it away in the back of my mind as something strange.

In light of this missing artwork, I now see it as him casing my apartment and coming back for more stuff. I don’t know what to think.

So, to summarize, I have had a missing sleeve of artwork that I haven’t seen in 5 months and a strange visit from maintenance that can’t be explained. I will toss the apartment again before I take any further action.

My question is, has anyone out there seen anything like this before and has proven to been maintenance that stole something hidden away like that?

Administrator answers:

So these fans aren’t worth anything, you had other valuables in plain sight, and you think that someone took the time to steal something that no one would really want?

Even if a kid were into anime, anime “fans” aren’t something worth stealing, especially if they have no value.

I get your point about someone not taking something obviously noticeable, but I also doubt that anyone is going to take the time to come in “case” the place, and then take garbage.

It’s been 5 months, Sure, you can “take further action”, but with no proof and the stolen items being worthless, your complaint isn’t going to get you anywhere. Maintenance isn’t gong to be fired over baseless allegations and the police aren’t going to follow up on anything.

I’m really sorry that these items are missing. If you feel like maintenance is “casing” your place set up a hidden camera and record anyone that enters. If you can prove that they are stealing, THEN you will have grounds to make an accusation and to take action.

Helen asks…

Apartment charge in couple month/ debt collection?

Hi everyone,

Please help me with suggestions. I live in Dallas TX, I lived in apartments with roommate. My roommate lost the job and moved out and I changed to 1 bedroom in the same complex and still living there and just signed 3 year of lease. When 2 years ago I was moving out everything went fine. In 3-4 months I receive a calls from collection, which were telling me that I own money to apartment for the two bedroom. I disagree to pay as they charged me for some stuff which we couldn’t have (like a pets treatment on carpet and we didn’t have any pets even visiting us. So I went to office and at that time apartment was bough by another company and they changed name and couldn’t find anything about debt. I’m calling previous apartment owners and they don’t have any debt for me either( and saying that everything transfer to the new owner with property etc.). So I send letter to collection trying to take it off my credit history by the help of internet of needed text. They reply within a month (as they suppose to) with old bill which they received from previous apartments. The problem nobody accept collection is saying that I own. What to do? Reply to them with request for the recent bill/conformation from customer? They stopped calling right after I start calling and sending mails, which makes me wonder too.

Any suggestion or steps what to do are really appreciated. Good luck to everybody and less bad things in your life. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I don’t really have an answer, but you haven’t gotten responses so far and felt the need. Sounds like you’ve gone above and beyond to try to correct this situation already. My guess is somewhere along the way your name was associated with this bill that really belongs to another apartment – otherwise the complex would have notified you (especially since you’re still living there). Is there anything in the bill that is incorrect, that you can contest? The old owners sold the whole she-bang to the new one’s, so it’s their responsibility to back up the debt…and contact the old owners if needed.

I hope someone else comes along with great advice. If not, try the credit section of YA (under Business & Finance). Maybe try a title like: Collection Agency validated debt, but original debtee (apartment) does not agree.

Betty asks…

your Bills in Dallas area?

Hey there I am relocating to Frisco, TX from Los Angeles, CA and was wondering what energy, water and gas bills look like for a 2 bedroom apartment I would really appreciate if you tell me the square footage of your home as well as how many people live there along with how much you pay. Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

My home is 2300 sq. Ft.
My electric bill in the summer is usually around $300, the water bill is around $100, and the gas bill is nothing in the summer, but around $300 in the winter.
Your bills are based on usage of course, so there is a lot involved not just the size or number of people living with you.
If you have electric heating your bill is going to be very high in the winter.
Gas is much cheaper for heating.
I have lived in homes where my electric bill in the summer for AC was more than twice the amounts I pay now.

Ken asks…

want to get my own place?

i live in Dallas TX so good apartments out here are like $550-700 a month. i have a son and fiance so a 1 bedroom (maybe a 2 bedroom) would me good. any advice? also is it good to just move in? or should we save a amount of money. we have been buying things like towels bed-sets kitchen stuff etc…its also cute stuff at rent a center that i have seen so furniture will be easy to get
this will be our 1st time living out our parents place…we lived together before (my moms house) so that want be a problem i heard its better when you have your own

Administrator answers:

You can’t legally live in a 1 bedroom with 3 people, you have to rent a 2 bedroom place.

If you have a family of your own you should not wait to move out, you should not be living in another adults home.

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