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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In New York City

October 28, 2012

Robert asks…

Can anyone recommend a nice apartment building for a 2 bedroom apartment in New york city?

Administrator answers:

You need to contact a local nyc real esatse agent thta does rentals like the feathered nest

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know of an available 2 bedroom apartment in Gramercy in New York City?

I’m seeking a one bedroom converted into a 2 bedroom apartment in Gramercy for November 1st. Do you have any friedns who are moving out and have a really good deal?

Administrator answers:

Call a relator. Thats the best way to get in early. You better have a ton of cash laying around for rent. Not going to be cheap!

Sandra asks…

sAfE NeW yOrK CiTy ApArTmEnTs?

ok i want to get a 2 bedroom apartment in new york city. I want it to be in th safest area possible, does anyone know were that might be? and i if there is any other place you would recomend.

Administrator answers:

Stick to “rich” areas if you can afford it and you will be safe.

Areas to avoid – Bronx, Jamaica, Washington Heights, St. Albans, Crown Heights

These are places where friends/family have lived and said they would NEVER go back. I have only worked in Jamaica so I can tell you for sure that neighborhood is not the best.

Mandy asks…

What are the standard prices for renting apartments for 2-3 months in New York City?

I am looking to save up some money and rent an apartment either in NY or NJ (with the purpose of commuting to NY) for 2-3 months. What kind of prices should I be expected to pay for a 1 bedroom, basic apartment?

Administrator answers:

Newport /Pavonia would be a good place to rent, its 15 mins from NY using the PATH train. They different have rental towers in Newport and some rooms go from $600 a month to $2000 a month, this including all utilities and being fully furnished.

Hope this helps.

Sandy asks…

how can i find a nice 2 bedroom apartment in New York?

I really would like to have a two bedroom apartment in NewYork City perhaps

Administrator answers:

Run an ad in craigslist New York City in the apartments wanted section. The ad is free and you may get lucky.

Ruth asks…

Where can you find blueprints for new york city apartments?

My building was built in 1930 and I need to acquire the floor plans/ blueprints for my apartment to prove whether it is a 2 or 3 bedroom. I’ve searched the dept of building site but to no avail. Any information is appreciated. Is there any other way to prove in court the size and how many rooms are in your apartment without the blueprints? Thank you

Administrator answers:

You could get a surveyor in to measure the rooms and have him/her sign an affidavit.

Mark asks…

Moving to New York City?

I’m an 18 year old girl, and I want to move to New York City with my best friend. My friend is 19. Together, we make about $150,000 a year. We are looking to buy a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. The neighborhoods we are considering are : Greenwich Village, East Village, Soho, Chelsea, Midtown West and Tirbeca. Is it possible to find a decent apartment in those areas for our price range? ($3,000-$3,500) If so, what are good websites for looking at apartments.?
$100,000 not $150,000. Sorry :/

Administrator answers:

I would suggest you look in a cheaper neighborhood.

While you might find an apartment for that amount, it is not economically feasible for you to spend that much on an apartment! If you spend even 3,000 a month on an apartment, it will be more than a third of your combined salaries after taxes. That is prohibitively expensive and a recipe for debt. And carrying a lot of debt is the reason so many people are in serious economic straits today!

Also, where are two girls who are not even old enough to graduate from college going to get jobs that pull in that much money? That’s almost twice what I make and I’m almost 50 and have one, and now almost two, masters degrees.

Go to school, get a good paying job and set your sights lower to start with. You don’t have to do it all at 18!

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