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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments In Philadelphia

May 26, 2013

Linda asks…

do you know of any cheap apartment buildings in downtown philadelphia?

My partner and I are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in a nice, friendly area in philadelphia (ie: Fairmount, Center City, etc.). Unfortunately we are on a budget and can only afford at max. $1200 although could go higher if utilities and other amentities are included.

Administrator answers:

That shouldn’t be too hard at all actually. Have you looked on craigslist?

Here’s a search limited to $1200:

Fairmount, something older in Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Graduate Hospital area, Brewerytown, etc. Should all be good enough. Check out in here too for general neighborhood questions…


William asks…

Moving in with 2 People – Background approval/deny questions?

I am currently planning on moving together with 2 people in a 3 bedroom apartment in Philadelphia (University City) and I worried that I may be denied due to my past eviction.

13 months ago, I was evicted from a single studio (by myself) due to missed rent payments and afterwards spent the rest of those months until now living with a friend. This report also currently shows on my credit. My criminal record is clean.

The 2 other people I am moving in with have both a clean tenant credit and criminal records.

The application for this apartment consists of a background check, employement/income, current and previous addresses, references, bank info, and move in info. They’re also asking for a $1000 deposit and 1st month’s rent($850) to move in as well as a $45 fee for each person.

My biggest concern is, since all 3 our backgrounds will be checked, would the fact that 2/3 of us have good records improve our approval status or does that not matter and my record would deny us all?

I appreciate any examples and answers, even international answers :)
Let me know if more you need more information.

Administrator answers:

This is really sad. If one was a defaulter once, does it mean he will be a defaulter for ever?

Let the other two take guarantee for your payment to solve the issues.

Jenny asks…

What’s the average utilities cost for a 2 bedroom apt in Philadelphia?

My friend and I are college student in Philadelphia and we are searching for an apartment together. Some apartments aren’t including utilities in the price, and in order to know what we can afford we need to get an idea of how much we’d spend on utilities. Any tips on anything for this would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

It depends on several things:

- What type of heating is it? (Gas, Electric or Oil) Electric is the least expensive (Peco has a different rate plan for electric heating). Oil is the most expensive.

- How is the water heated? (Gas or Electric)

- How old is the building? (e.g. Windows well insulated?)

- Do you have/use A/C?

- Do you cook alot (Gas or Electric)?

- How big is the apt?

- How often are you home? (you’ll use more utilities when home, than away)

- How high do keep the thermostat in the winter? How low in the summer?

With all those variables, it’s almost impossible to predict what a utility cost will be. For my own apt, I usually spend about $200 per month on Electric (everything is electric in my apt) in the Winter and about $140 when using the A/C and around $80 at other times.

Some energy saving tips:

- In winter: It’s cheaper to maintain a temperature than re-heat. If you normally keep your apt at 70 degrees, just turn the heat down a few degrees, but not off. It uses more energy to heat a cold apt, than it does to maintain a temperature.

- In winter: If your windows are not sealed, that can send your heating bill skyrocketing. A simple and effective solution is to buy some rolls of plastic from Home Depot (cheap) and plastic over the windows for the winter, that will provide a descent barrier to the cold. Install weather stripping and a door sweep on your door, to keep cold air from coming in around the door.

- All times: If your water heater is electric (not a good option for gas), turn it off. There’s no reason to keep your water at 140 degrees 24/7 if you don’t have to. It only takes 15 minues for an electric water heater to heat up 40 gals of water.

- All times: Make sure your toilets aren’t running, faucets aren’t dripping, etc… Water is really expensive in Philadelphia, because they bundle it with sewer charges. Dripping faucet and running toilets can waste thousands of gallons a water in a month and run up a very high bill.

Donald asks…

I am a Philadelphia childcare provider I want to start overnight care in my home Where and how do I advertise?

I live in the University CIty area, and I have a 2 bedroom apartment, so I would only want 1 or 2 small children. I think people may be apprehensive, so I just wanted to get a general feel of what the general public, and perhaps some parents, would feel is the most effective way for me to advertise.

Administrator answers:

Check out the places that are open all night. Hospitals, factories, etc. Call the HR dept of these places and ask if you can put up a flyer or something in the hall or lobby area. Personally, I am a single mom and I work in a hospital. I am lucky that I have not had to work an overnight yet, but I will be in big trouble if I do because I would not have anywhere for my son to go. I think you will have no problem getting this started especially if there are not many overnight day care centers in your area. Good luck

Richard asks…

Philadelphia, PA or Boston, MA? Which is a better town to live in?

Im considering moving to either Boston, MA or Philadelphia, PA. Which city is better to have a family in, job market, and housing cost? Like what does a 2 Bedroom apartment go for in either city? Right now im in San Diego, Ca and want to move because its too expensive to live here. Advice please?

Administrator answers:

I lived in Maryland and have been to Philly a few times. I went to college in Maine and went to Boston a few times. I can say that I liked Boston so much more. Boston is an easy city to drive in and the T is very easy to learn. I always seem to get lost when I go to Philly…always having to go through NJ to get home. Boston also has less crime than Philly. However, there are some really nice towns outside of Philly. Philly is also not that far from Baltimore or DC.

Susan asks…

Safe areas in philadelphia?

I am looking to rent a 2-bedroom apartment or house in the northern part, or just north of, philadelphia. Anyone know of some safe areas?

Administrator answers:

Try West Oak Lane or Cheltenham.
Elkins Park or Melrose Park.

Abington or Jenkintown are a little drive (20-30 min)
but more like little villages with good green space.

Go to the end of North Broad Street and keep driving.

Ken asks…

850 for a 2 bedroom outside of philadelphia. too much or just right?

so far, im looking in craigslist and thtat seems to be the ongoing rate. anything cheaper and you may run into some probems. (rodents, cracks in walls, stuff like that). only problem is that im worried if this is gonna hurt my pockets. right now, my main bills are 1)car note- 360. 2)insurance- 277. 3) student loan- 325. 4)cell phone. 120. i can always change that. it would be me and my fiancee living together. we dont have any credit cards. so any bills are paid off our own income. other bills include cable, utitlies, car gas, 2 kids, ages 4 and 16 months. and thats about it. right now we pay 525 for rent. but the apartment has issues, mainly rodents, cracks in the walls, oven doesnt work. should we go for the 850 apartment. or look around some more.

Administrator answers:

Well, that’s probably what you would expect to pay. I can’t really tell you if it would be a good move or not, because you don’t say what your household income is, what your fiance’s bills are, whether you pay for day care for your kids, etc. If you have plenty of money left over paying 525 a month, maybe you’d be ok with 850. But if you’re just making it, or cutting it close, stay where you are for now.

Sandy asks…

17 y/o trying to get emancipated in Philadelphia Pa . For family reasons . PLEASE HELP .?

Okay , I live with my sister (31 y/o) because my mother passed away in 2003 and my father is always working and has no room for a teenager. My sister has 2 kids of her own (9 & 13 y/o) . she has medical problems such as anxiety , anti-depressant , and stress related things that come from our mothers death and money issues etc. My father is a major support in both of our lives, but I just can not stay with him. My dad lives in a one bedroom apartment and can not afford a bigger place to let me come stay with him. My sister and I have problems like if things don’t go her way and she need someone to let her anger out on it’s usually me. She doesn’t hurt me physically but mentally and emotionally . To the point as tho I feel like i can’t take it no more, as if I’m going crazy or something . I just recently , like last week , had an anxiety/panic attack and doctors think its stress from home maybe. I really don’t know all I know is that I really want to be on my own. I am good with taking care of myself, since i have been doing so since my mother died. I am still in school, i have no criminal records, i don’t drink nor smoke, but I don’t have a job, this is what i think will throw me off from being able to get emancipated .

In other words my question really is ,
- Is this a good enough reason to get emancipated ?
- Will they allow me to get emancipated ?
- What do i need to have in order to get emancipated ?

- Still in school
- No job
- No criminal records

Administrator answers:

I lost my mother at 15 and at 16 went to live with my sister for one year. She is 12 years older than me. It was very difficult especially that we were grieving differently. My father is a great man and supportive but emotionally never wanted to talk about it. I did return to live with me dad. I am 34 today and my sister and I still argue and disagree a lot. I know she loves me and wants the best for me but we just live life differently and have clashing personalities. I had to realize we need to learn to communicate in order to understand each other. What I hear from your story is you are both still grieving your mother and need to talk to someone. I also think if you love your family you should try to talk to them before getting emancipated.
Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss – I recommend this book
Good Luck
My prayers are with you!

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