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Your Questions About 2 Bedroom Apartments

May 17, 2012

David asks…

Who would I report this problem too? Too many people in 2 bedroom apartments?

I live in an apartment complex, all are 2 bedroom apartments. Many of these have 10-15 people living in them and are way overcrowded, I know this is against the state laws, but who would I call to notify someone. Overcrowding is unsafe, and I feel bad for the children stuck in these places. Apartment management knows of the problem but, the manager is Mexican and 100 percent of the overcrowded apartments are filled with those of Mexican descent so she will not do anything. It is driving me crazy having to live like this, my lease will be up soon and I am getting out but, I feel that the laws are being broken and they have ruined my home and I want to make things right for my neighbors who cant move right now.
Matisystu-either you live like this or you obviously don’t understand what it is like to live under these conditions.

Administrator answers:

Contact the Housing Authority, Health Department, Fire Department and Local Authorites (city council).
Go to a city council meeting and make sure you get it put on the agenda ahead of time. They will speak on this subject and come up with a plan to stop the problem. They can look at their ordinaces and see if any adress this problem or they can make a new ordinace.

This is happening all over the USA right now. As Mexicans flood the country, they need places to live that they can afford.
Many families get together and share all the costs under one roof. They is how they make ends meet with their low salaries. And it is still better than life in Mexico.
But the wear and tear it does on these apartments is tremedous. A two bedroom apartment is made for 6 tops.
If you put in more you are going against city codes. Imagine the wear and tear on plumbing, cabinets, carpets, yards and such with so many bodies sharing one space. Using showers, appliances, sewer, and wearing tracks in the carpets.
I am a property owner and investor. I own rentals and have had the most damages from Mexicans who crowd the homes.
I spent $30,000 doing repairs to a two bedroom condo when it was stuffed with 4 families (16 people or more). They put up wood partitions to separate bedrooms for privacy damaging walls and floors. The carpets were shot, the appliances shot and much mold and damage from water. They never report anything now working for fear of getting deported. So if plumbing stops up and toilets dont work they find other ways. I am tired of the repairs while out society tells me I can not descriminate when I rent.
Go get them out. You will be doing the owner a favor.

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