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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans One Story

August 26, 2013

Thomas asks…

How much will it cost to build 2 new 3 bedroom semi detatched houses?

I have some land in which i want to build two 3 bedroom semi detatched houses. but need a quick quote to see if it is financialy possible for me and make a profit. I need building costs per sq feet etc or good contact to advise before i jump into it. Please help…. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Overall costs – bricks and mortar, £80,000
Heating. Plumbing etc £20000
Finishing costs, kitchen, windows, paths, driveways etc £30000
Allow another £20000 for ‘other’ eventualities.

Don’t forget architects, surveyors, planning, solicitors etc. Etc.

Very, very, rough costs but I reckon you’re covered with these, if you’ve got the land and it’s in a good area you are sitting on a gold mine!! Good luck – if you are sub-contracting the work ask for previous work completed – you’ll be amazed at the stories that come out from previous customers (good and bad and some very amusing!!) Honest recommendatios are essential.

Carol asks…

What is the average cost of building a garage?

My husband and I bought our home from my mother-in-law about 2 years ago. The house is a small two story built in the late 1800s with 1 bath (on the main floor) & 3 bedrooms (two of which are very small). We purchased it for about 1/3 of it’s actual worth. We have a lot of renovations in mind but what I’d really like to do is add a basic attached two car garage with a master suite upstairs including a master bath. We have both family and friends that are in the roofing and siding business as well as carpentry so there will be a fair amount of “sweat equity”involved. I would love any advice as far as estimates go. We plan on staying here since this house was built by the family so I’d really like to make it exactly what we need & want. Eventually I would also like to add a little terrace to that upstairs master suite as well. Thanks for reading!
There are no restrictions as to what can be done (except our budget of course).

Administrator answers:

Marty is in the ballpark for basic garages.

Is that house on any historic registers? If it is, you may be constrained as to what you can do to it…similarly you may be constrained as to the type of garage that can be built…check with your local historical society.

These groups/authorities get very particular about modifications you can do.

If there are restrictions, they can greatly affect your cost factor.

Your local building permit office may require you to upgrade plumbing & wiring to meet current code…this can easily add $8,000-$15,000 to any project you want to undertake

Good luck…

William asks…

What does it cost to build a house?

I’ve got a piece of land and I’m looking to build a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house…maybe 1200 square feet – nothing huge, just a neat little house. Probably 2 stories, with a deck. Any ideas? Or where can I look?

Administrator answers:

Check out the Family Handyman website. It has what you are looking for. Pick out a home plan, plug in a zip code, and it gives you a cost to build in your area. All for FREE! That is the best part. Good Luck!

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