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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans One Story

September 17, 2012

Susan asks…

I am looking for a 4/2, one or two story house floor plan!…?

I would like for all the bedrooms to be at the same end of the house (as I have 3 young children). I also like the look of an open floor plan, but would kind of like to have a formal dining room (not a necessity, though). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

Administrator answers:

Check out the website listed below. It has so many great house plans and you can use the advanced search to find homes with the features you really want like number of bedrooms and levels. There are several differ plan styles to choose from and you can even search a specific square footage range to find the right size house for you. Also, you will find all sorts of helpful articles in the resource section to help you choose a plan that works for your family. Our friends purchased home plans from this site and had all sorts of good things to say. We have found some home plans on this site too (but haven’t made our final decision yet.) When we’ve had questions about a particular design or building in general we have gotten great customer service. Here is a link to the home page and the resources.

Good luck!


Chris asks…

How much do I charge to clean a 2 story 4,00 sq foot house??

Hello thank you for listening.sorry if so long…I ve been working on my own cleaning business for 2 years now, and its finally doing good, it has taken time, but its working out well.. I have 5 regulars, and a new one. My question is this..I don’t charge by the hour, if I did I feel 20 an hour would be about the pay. I charge by the house and I know I am cheap…I would rather keep a regular client than loose most of the houses I charge flat 75.00 and that works so far…but this new house is a 2 story 4,336 square foot home, the upstairs is 3 bedrooms all carpet, 2 bath upstairs and a huge play room, I cleaned her entire house 1 day took me 5 hours, I charged her 100 dollars, she didn’t seem happy I thought 100 was cheap and I should have charged more..she wants me twice a month, so today when I came she said how about you just do the upstairs today, so I did, the kids toys all over the floor got picked up and put away by me, I also made 1 bed, dusted from roof down to blinds. I said since your house is so big, why don’t I one week do upstairs only and then the following week do the downstairs? when I was done upstarts she asked me to do her windows inside and out, so I did..and then she said here is 40.00 for today took me about 3 hours, come to find out we were in high school together, so I said we need more time to figure out a fare rate we both feel good not next week but the following I plan to go do her has a huge kitchen all big tiles, breakfast nook, big dining room , living room all tile..then a laundry room, tiled and a bathroom and tub they keep puppy in, and there master bedroom and bathroom had a huge double tiled shower all glass..and a sunken tub kids use most,and double vanity sinks..then a wooden floor toddler bed and room that is the house..its huge, and she has kids so its messy and 3 indoor outdoor dogs..lots of hair and finger prints to get up…she asked me if I charged by the hour or if I charged by the sq footage or what? I said I charge by the job and after I finish I usually know…how much..everyone wants something cheap and how should I charge this woman?? she is nice and helps while I’m there, also cleaning along with me..she had a lady do her place that drifted off, she said sometimes she would ask for special stuff like clean out fridge or something like that. I am willing to work with her…but I must figure out my pricing for people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her house is huge and is time con I would like to type up a special plan for her house..with more exact info..

for example I had one lady referred to me a lake house I cleaned for her twice she loved it I charged her 75.00 as well the last time she asked if I could change the beds..after I did 3 sets of bunk beds almost fell a few times and bumped My head..I wrote her a nice note saying, each set of bunk beds will be an additional charge of 5.00 per bed..that was my last summer cleaning, I’m sure when they use lake house again this summer she will call me..

so I know there has to be certain circumstances for each person..I am also a single mom raising my son and I work hard labor and deserve to be paid decent!! so thanks so much your opinion really matters to me..Sunni In Texas

Administrator answers:

Typically with the people i know who have done housecleaning charge by the hour typically $20 which is cheap..

Sandra asks…

I babysit for two girls, ages 3 &9…I caught the 9 yr old messing with my 6 yrdaughter last night in my house?

I explained to the girl that what she was caught doing was NOT normal friend on friend experimentation. That what she was doing to my daughter was actual felonious child molestation. I also explained that her behavior tells me that she is being molested mimicking her abusers actions. I am not so close to this family to tell her parents. I would like this girl to tell her mother. When I talked to her last night for an hour I did get out of her that the perp lives with her. She said “it’s not my dad, it’s not my mom”…I couldn’t remember that she has a grandpa living with her who enjoys the company of 19 yr old hookers! His bedroom is next to hers on their second story house. I feel he is the most likely suspect however she is not telling me the perps name. So it could be her father, mother OR pap. I’ve been through this situation with my 18 yr old son at the age of 6 with his father (was a cop at the time) and he did not get punished nor did he lose his visitation. In fact, the perp was able to talk the judge into giving him temp cust to give him a chance to prove I was brain washing my son. I won…9 months he spent with his abuser, 9 months being badly beaten and sexual inappropriatness but my son was worse off by me telling on his dad than if I had just moved away. Now I do not wish to destroy this family since the girl will NOT talk. With out a witness, there is NO case. I’m not sure if I can get the name out of her in coming months…in the mean time I feel she will continue to be abused. I also feel that if I do call the police (her father is best friends with the small town dept since he is on the fire dept) and I do NOT believe he is the perp! (but what if I’m wrong? or what if it IS the pap and the parents do NOTHING, the police do NOTHING…) most important…the girl says it was all a lie…?! I feel I have NO other choice but to babysit and NOT take my kids over here with me. Today the 9 yr old girl was pretending to be a doctor and for some dang reason she kept wanting to give “shots UP the butt hole”…?! I feel this is NOT normal…! I’m stumped…is she being molested or is SHE the perp?! My oldest daughter told me she caught the girl messing with my youngest just this past summer while SHE was babysitting! If she is NOT being molested then she is definately a perp! If she denys any one messing with her…then what?! Last night i had her open up, today she is shut tighter than a coffin! I want to keep her safe but at the same time I MUST keep my own kids safe! AND I need this job…with out it…I will lose my house! I want to talk to this girl and show her how important it is for me to know if she is the perp or the victim making more victims…i’m lost here! I guess I will be looking for a new job!! In the mean time I’ve gone over some ways for her to cope and we have a plan to buy a door bell that will be in her room and my own. If there is a perp and he comes into her room she is to push the doorbell which will ring in MY house just across the street. I will run over imeidiately and stop it! Her parents will then KNOW the truth!

Administrator answers:

Please, please, please contact the authorities! If you are worried enough about this girl to put a doorbell in her house that rings in yours, shouldn’t that be enough of a reason to get someone else involved? If you suspect she is being abused you have a LEGAL obligation to contact the appropriate authorities to have this investigated properly. I don’t know you, obviously, but you sound like a caring person if you are trying to help this little girl. Please, please don’t just let her continue to suffer – what if she can’t get to the doorbell?? I’m speaking from personal experience…if she is willing to open up enough to tell you the things that she’s shared so far, please don’t stand by and allow this monster another chance to hurt her!

When I was younger, I tried to tell people about what was happening to me, but no one ever did anything to help me, even though they knew what was going on. After a while, I just gave up trying and even seriously thought of suicide because I couldn’t take it anymore. I went through a lot of depression and still have trouble trusting people. Please don’t take her silence to mean that she’s lying – she’s probably just afraid of being hurt more, but don’t give up on her.

Again, please, please, please help this girl! Trust your gut instinct…this behaviour is NOT normal. This goes waaayy beyond being curious about their bodies – someone has hurt this girl in one way or another for her to have knowledge of this kind of behaviour. This is not something that she would come up with out of her own imagination.

I pray that you make the right decision for this little girl’s sake.

Charles asks…

Still haven’t found a dog?

We are moving to Dallas to a 4 bedroom one story house with an average size backyard. We are planning to get our dog just before we move, which is the end of december. We are willing to get up to a medium sized dog with minor shedding. Here are the breeds my mom decided NOT to get;

1. Dauchsund
2. Beagle
3. Chihuahua
4. Any large dog

So do you guys have any suggestions?
Here’s the breeds I decidednotto get:
1. Fluffy Poodles
2. Bichon Frises
3. Dogs that have hair I absolutely have to take care of


Administrator answers:

Have you considered a greyhound? Retired racing greys make great pets. They have very fine hair and not much of it with very minimal shedding. As far as grooming requirements, they only need to be bathed about once a year. Very low maitenence dogs.

They are also, contrary to what you might think, very lazy dogs. They rarely bark and come already partially trained. They weigh in usually between 40-80lbs. While very tall, they are really skinny.

Very easy to take care of, gentle temperments.

Also, there’s a great number of them that need rescuing!

There’s lots of information available on the net. Just type “greyhound rescue” in your search menu for a rescue near you.

Good luck, whatever your decision!

Betty asks…

Need advice on a budget for buying land?

Let’s say I was approved for a $400,000 new construction loan and wanted to buy as much land as possible. The house I plan to build would be a one-story 3-4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms. How much should I look to buy land for? Should I use a 50/50 formula where I find land for $200,000 and have the house built for $200,000?

I can’t find more advice on on how much to put aside for land.

Administrator answers:

People today think that they could build a house for the same cost as a house they would get that’s already built and that’s totally false. Contractors buy in bulk, they get discounts, but the cost of labor today and the costs of buying those materials has gone up considerably, plus there is a glut of foreclosed homes on the market that would take many years to bring that glut down, so with prices so low for homes now and the rate of interest low I don’t understand at all why someone would want to build their own home.

Seems to me when a contractor builds a home he first has to buy the land, so isn’t it all in one package when you go to get the construction loan? The reason you can’t find more advice is because it’s so rare now that people are building their own home. Why not just find a home you want and find the land you want and build a basement on the land and then move the home to your land? Why wouldn’t that be cheaper to do?

Mandy asks…

hey a little help with these home descriptions?

Hey everyone I am writing this book and trying to get a feel for the way i would like the 2 main homes to look. I have 2 choices for the first house and one for the second.My only issue is that I have fallen under a fit of writer’s block so if I could get some help with a description from all of you out there, I would be so thankful. Some of the description will be in the book but only a brief bit, the rest will be for my own benefit. Um, I will not use word for word and may tweak a bit. I found the homes online that I would like to model them after so I will attach the links at the bottom. But as I said, I wont use word for word and may tweak a bit but the other perspectives could really help. ok thanks so much everyone :)

Home #1: Choice A.)
Choice B.)

Home #2:–garage-stalls-by-monster-house-plans-plan40-285.html

Administrator answers:

The first one is a two storied gabled house with a wrap-around porch and attached garage. The top story has two gabled casement windows. It’s painted uhhhh putty?, maybe with, sage green trim. The pitch of the roof is steep and the roof has gray shingles.

The second is an two-storied octagonal house with covered wrap-around porch and a massive chimney and two casement windows per side, both stories. The roof in the drawing is shingled in brown (though cedar shake would be an interesting choice for the design). If you bought this house, you’d spend a lot of money heating it (too many windows) and have a hard time with furniture placement, btw.

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