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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans With Basement

October 30, 2012

Lisa asks…

I want to redecorate my entire 3 brm house with basement and garage. I need help making some decisions …..?

first my bedroom, should I make it a 30s 40s theme since i have a huge poster of that naval troop kissing that nurse back in the 40s when our troops returned home? my new bed has no frame should i make it black or white and should it be 30s 40s metal antiqued frame or should it be a gothic poster bed frame with some sort of material hanging? now i do have a vanity from the early 50s with a gigantic mirror and plan to get an antique shrank *for those who don’t know a shrank it’s where you would hang gowns and such if u had no closet i forget the american term sorry. what kind of rug for a room that is antiqued? this is the room I will begin with so I will only ask about it first.
That was an interesting site but I don’t want help doing it I just want suggestions of beautiful things to put into the rooms each room will have a theme. 20s-50s is my bedroom theme, asia, morocco, etc.. is my living room theme, italy is my kitchen theme, antique beauty is my dinging room theme and my daughters room is for her to decorate as she wishes. my 3rd brm is becoming a work room and decorated with anything freakishly kewl like fairies, gnomes, vampyres, paintings etc……. and the garage is a work space so I want to find a way to seal it up. i have a huge enclosed back porch but its all screens so boooooooohisssssss or that would be my work, gardening room. oh well, i have the basement which i actually hate so i probably will just keep stuff junked down there. so start opinions and advice that’s all i want. send me kewl sites for stuff from those ideas or give me ideas of your own. :) every answer counts and every answer helps. ty

Administrator answers:

I would definitely go to the pro’s on this one.. can help.. You can find anyone to do any kind of job for you

Laura asks…

Help me out with my house plans?

I live in a 3 bdr 1 ba basement and this summer we are planning to build the top level. This is a pic of my thoughts:

what do you think? What would you change? blue = windows, yellow = doors, black circle = small woodstove

One of the bedrooms in my basement will be for storage, so we will end up with 2 downstairs and 3 upstairs.
We already have a large family room in the basement as well…..upstairs sitting room will be more formal….

Administrator answers:

I just can’t picture how you live in a basement with no house above it?? How does that even work?

Personally, like the other poster, you need more windows. The house is going to look strange from the outside (and not to mention dark!) with so little windows.

I have a large entryway, so that part doesn’t really bother me much

Sandy asks…

what is the average apartment rent in baltimore?

i just looked on craigslist at apartments, and its saying you can rent a 3 bedroom house with a basement for $900, that sounds WAY to good to be true, I am moving cross country to live in maryland and i need a realistic price so i can plan out how much money i need to save, thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Many area’s of Baltimore City are full of crime and are very tough to live. If you pay $900 for a 3BR, its likely in a poor area.

Maryland is a pretty wealthy state, but the in the middle is Baltimore city which is failing. Most people who have decent incomes live in the suburbs where rent would be much higher.

Mary asks…

What is the best way to add room to my house?

I bought a house to fix up and sell, but it is very small. I was wondering what the best approach is to add room and add value to it. It has 2 medium size bedrooms, a fairly large attic that seems to have been made into a bedroom since there are bookshelves installed in the walls. There is also an unfinished basement. There is also an odd “bedroom” next to the other two. I believe it was a nursey as it had disney wallpaper. It is way too small to be a normal bedroom and possibly too small for a decent sized desk to make it into an office. What is my best option here? Take out the walls of the tiny bedroom and add space to the bathroom? Take out the wall to the small bedroom and make a master suite with a private bath? Make it a huge walk-in closet for the master suite? What would give me more cash? And does adding a bedroom in the attic really count as a 3rd bedroom? Would an open floor-plan downstairs create the illusion of more space?

Administrator answers:

Add a room

John asks…

What would be the estimated cost to build this house?

Here’s the link to the house plan and everything:

I would also like to add a basement, I would like a game room under what would be the living room and a sitting area under where the foyer is. Also, an indoor pool under the garage area, a home gym under the dining room area, and an indoor basketball court under the kitchen/family room area.

I would first like to know if it is architecturally possible and what it would cost about to build

Also, I would like to build it in the san diego area if that helps with calculating the costs. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Get back with me when you have the cash & a doctors note say your mentally ok We do not give free estimates……Ball Park Est. 250,000…….close est.$300,000 plz. Send check or money order

Ken asks…

Can a CA landlord evict me because of mold making 1/3 of the house inhabitable which was rented, now vacant.?

I rented a home last August that is a house with a completely seperate apartment in the basement with another tenant. The landlord did tell us that the apartment was an unpermitted space and that she was concerned that the planning department was going to find out that she was renting it out when even though she was clear that it was not to be occupied unless it was by a family member. The apartment has a seperate entrance, no shared access, washer/dryer, stove, refrigerator, big kitchen, big living room, full bathroom, big bathroom, etc.. very nice.
The man that I am on the lease with lived in the home prior to my move in. The landlord did not inform me of the fact that he was way behind on his rent already. He assured me that he would be on time paying. I had no way of knowing his history, he was a friend of a friend, we were never a couple. He paid one month out of the ten months that we have resided here. I paid his portion more often that not. I also paid all of the utilities all of the time. The rent is $1750.00 per month. The breakdown is I pay $1050. a month, the man who rented the apartment was suppose to pay $700 per month. This has been acknowledges in several communications with the landlord, in the context of that I owe $1100. per month.
In October I was in a car accident where I sustained a serious head injury. I have been keeping up on my rent by seeking out help from the Salvation Army until I can be approved by Federal Disability. My landlord mentioned that the method of payment was a concern because it was from the Salvation Army not from a traditional job.
Regarding the past due balance. The other tenant did not move out until the end of January, there was mold in the closet and bedroom, horribly. I could not immediately rent the apartment because of the mold issue. Now, I feel like my hands are tied because of the threat of eviction & I need to have it rented to afford the monthly rent. She has sent me e-mails saying she is going to hold the other tenant responsible for the past rent he owes, then sends me e-mails saying that she is holding me responsible for the money. The contradict on another.
She has also refused to to do any types of repairs on the house. The dishwasher has never worked, the built in microwave, the house is infested with ants, one of the bathroom tubs won’t drain, the paint on the outside of the house and of course there is the issue of the mold.
I don’t have the money to catch up and is it right or legal to charge me for a 1/3 of the house that has been unusable. Now I that it is repaired (two weeks ago) it would be irresponsible for me to get someone in the apartment if I may be evicted.
I do have to deal with my brain injury. I may have to have surgery. I have no family, I have children, no financial resources. Basically, I will be homeless if I have to move out. The landlord will keep my deposit if I move out to cover the rent she claims I still own.
I am scared and I need to deal with my health. That is a matter of life and death. I don’t have the resources to even move my things out of the house & store them.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Some of the answers thus far have seemed rather rude and harsh. I would appreciate it if those who feel so surperior that they have to respond in this way save their comments. I do have a serious, life threatening medical condition and I am not trying to shirk my responsibilities. I am only trying to get answers. It is difficult for me to get places like the law library. Yes, now I do see that I mispelled uninhabitable. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Your question is a bit scattered.

From what I gathered you are not paying full rent, or plan to not pay full rent and think maybe you are eviction proof, for whatever reason.

You are not eviction proof and you can be evicted for non-payment if rent is not paid in full.

You can not use any of the BS you are whining about to live for free, as the fact that you are not wanting to move out is legal proof you approve of the condition.

As far as the past due rent, each renter is 100% responsible for that. Since it was apparently not paid in full while you have lived there you can be evicted for not paying that too.

She can not afford to support you, so she is going too have to evict you, you are not leaving her any reasonable options.

David asks…

How to rearrange house for new baby?

We have a 3 bedroom house. 1 – parents, 1 – 2 year old, and 1 – spare bedroom.
The spare bedroom is big enough for the bed, and almost all the baby things… don’t really see a problem as far as space is concerned…
I want to leave the spare bed in there so that daddy or I can rest next to baby (depending whos turn it is) and get up without waking the other parent. Especially since I’ll be breastfeeding… we can just do our own thing in there and not wake daddy.

But what happens for those first couple weeks when my mom, his mom, my sisters, or aunts want to stay over night and help us out? Where do they sleep now? Even if I did sleep in with my husband, they can’t be in there with the baby?

Should the spare bed go into my 2.5 year olds room? My family won’t mind, but will that disrupt the my son’s situation or make it more fun?

Maybe we should just skip ettiquete and normalcy and just put the spare bed in the dining room for those first couple weeks when we have helpful visitors – but it can’t really stay there for long…

I guess I’m asking what is a good short term plan, and what is a good long term plan?

*The best case scenario is we somehow win the lottery and finally fix up the basement that has 2 extra bedrooms down there. Then those would obviously be spare bedrooms.

Administrator answers:

I like the dining room idea… Ha! Your company cant just sleep on the couch? They shouldn’t stay too long.

Nancy asks…

How much would it cost to have an architect draw a house plan?

I am thinking about buying a stock house plan from an online house plan site. they charge 800-900 dollars for a reproducible set of house plans. My husband thinks that this is expensive and thinks that we will be able to get an architect to design a plan for 500 dollars. The house we want to build is a farmhouse 2500 sq. feet, two stories, 3 bedrooms (plus bonus room), 2.5 bathrooms, 24 x 24 garage with workshop, full unfinished basement, wrap around porch. So what is the going rate for house plans. Has anyone out there built from stock plans? Any advice would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You CAN get them for @ 500. A general contractor can usually get you a better deal mainly because they come back over and over again. If you are going to spend $1000 on reproducible prints, you might as well sit down with an architect and customize them.

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