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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans With Basement

January 25, 2013

Donna asks…

What would you do with this house and these family possibilities?

Okay, my husband and I are in the process of buying a house. We do not have children yet, but we plan on having some in the next few years. We are not planning on having more than 2 children and are hoping to space them 2.5 years apart.

The house has 2 bedrooms upstairs and room for a bedroom in the basement but the basement is not yet finished. How would you deal with these possible family outcomes?

1. Girl born first, boy born 2.5 years later.
2. Boy born first, girl born 2.5 years later.
3. First pregnancy results in Boy/Girl twins.
4. First pregnancy is a girl OR a boy, second pregnancy results in boy/girl twins.
5. First pregnancy is a girl, second pregnancy results in boy/boy twins.
6. First pregnancy is a boy, second pregnancy results in girl/girl twins.

What would you do? I’m expecting that there would be at least SOME room sharing for the first few years — I don’t really intend upon assigning a small child to the basement, or having two children under the age of 3 sleep upstairs while their parents are in the basement. What scares me, though, is the possibility of having twins or an unplanned pregnancy (scenarios 4-6 could also apply to having two children and then an unplanned third) — can 3 children share a medium-sized bedroom? For how long? Obviously, it is easier if they are all the same gender, which is why the scenarios I’ve proposed are only applicable to situations where there are multiple genders involved.

What would you do in each scenario?

Administrator answers:

First, I would get pregnant and see what life gives you, because the truth is you can’t plan out life like this. You don’t know what the needs of your particular child or your family will be. And as a parent, you learn to take life as it comes and adapt. So hop in the sack, get knocked up and the rest is history :)

Michael asks…

Family name game (for fun!)..?

1. At 19 years old you fall in love with a nice, handsome guy! After 4 months of dating, you move in together in a cute little house close to the ocean. Perfect Bliss!! He proposes to you on a nightly stroll and you say yes:). You get married quickly after and honey moon somewhere you’ve always wanted to see. What’s your husbands name? Where do you honeymoon?

2. Shortly after your honeymoon, you find out your pregnant.. with twins!! A boy and a girl. You pick your absolutely favourite names and middle names after your grandparents. what are their names?

3. When the twins are only 8 months old, you find out you’re pregnant once again to twins, this time to two girls! you find the most amazing names, aria and ginevra(ginny). But complications during the birth leave you with only one little girl and a broken heart, :( . So to pay tribute to your little girls twin you incorporate her name into (aria or ginny)’s middle name. What is her name?

4. The second twin’s death left you broken hearted and devastated you decided to wait a little while before trying for more kids. So when the twins are 5 and your little girl 4, you and your huby try for another. You give birth to a little boy with bright blue eyes! What is his name?

5. You and your husband have always talked about having a big family, so you try, again, for another. You’re gifted with another little boy with blue eyes. His name?

6. Your cute little beach house is tarting to get cramped with 5 kids. Fortunately, your husband gets a huge promotion and you buy a huge, 8 bedroom(basement with 4 additional bedrooms) house across town. With this big house, your family doesn’t seem as big so, two additions to the family!! Dogs:). What Breeds? What are their names?

7. After getting settled you decide to adopt a little orphaned baby boy from town whose father left before he was born and whose mother died giving birth. He is one and a half when you adopt him. He has dark blue black hair and dark dark blue eyes. He has a big toothy smile that’s almost always on his face. He loves playing with all the kids at the orphanage. He’s perfect for your great big family! What’s his name?

7. Your family is just wonderful!! You and your husband have exactly the life you’ve always wanted, but you want just one more child. But, it’s showing to be difficult getting pregnant this time around. Just as your giving up, you start to notice symptoms, so you take a test (POSITIVE!) and call your doctor immediately. He tells you that you are once again having multiples.. uh-oh! But before your mind can wander toooo much about your previous twin birth, he tells you you’re expecting sextuplets!!! 5 girls and 1 boys.. Wow!! This time around, your pregnancy is uneventful and you now have 6 beautiful children! You think it would be cute if they had the same initials, SR(hubby’s last name). What are their names?

8. With 12 kids, and 2 dogs, your house is crazy but still fairly roomy, so you decide that after 1 year or so you’ll have just one more to finish the family. This however doesn’t go as planned and again you end up expecting multiples just 4 months after the sex’s birth!! Triplets!!! You guys are starting to be like pros when it comes to multiples. This time you are having 2 girls and 1 boy. their first names are states or citys or places. and their middle names are flowers(girls) and a brand name (boy). What are their names?

9. You’re done. With 15 kids, you’ve had enough of giving birth. You and you’re family are great. the perfect life! Once the triplets turn 3 you get some of your closest friends and family who are willing to babysit for a few days, come stay at your big place so you and your husband can go on a european get away, you see tons of amazing city’s and decide to buy a big house there to summer. You buy in your favourite city, so where do you buy?

10. Your life is perfect! You and your husband don’t have any problems and you’re still deeply in love. All your kids are healthy! Your adopted boy loves his new home and family and fits right in. You’re living your dream life, with your husband and your kids and pets. Name all your kids, use their nicknames if they have them.

Have fun!!:)
Star if you want more
Woh!! it is long, isnt it?! i didnt realise.. oops:) well next time i’ll make it shorter. a lot shorter. haha. sorry. you can do it if you’re bored i guess. sorry..

Administrator answers:

1. Owen James. Cape Cod, MA.
2. Scarlett Mae and Colton William
3. Ginevra Aria Jane
4. Aiden Joseph
5. Ash Jeremiah
6. 2 papillons named Cricket and Willow
7. Century Blu
7. Sera Raine, Sienna Renee, Sage Rose, Saffron Rea, Silver Reese, and Salem Robert
8. Carolina Lily, Cali Violet, Austin Hollis(Hollister)
9. Riga, Latvia
10. Scarlett, Ginevra(Ginny), Aiden, Ash, Century, Sera, Sienna, Sage, Saffron, Silver, Salem, Carolina(Lena), Cali, and Austin.

Sandra asks…

What kind of upgrades or additions or work adds the most value to a home?

Going to get my home appraised soon. It’s a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom two story house with no basement and a two car garage. I was wondering what kind of upgrades or additions could I to do add the most value to my home. I’m planning on adding central air. Aside from that what will add the most value for the least amount of work or cost.

Administrator answers:

When you say you are planning to add ‘central air’, I hope you mean air conditioning and NOT warm air central heating, that is notorious for causing chest infections and chesty coughs as it recycles bacteria pumping hot air around the house, better off going for conventional radiators or underfloor heating depending on size of rooms to be heated (check with proffessional fitters).
As you have a double garage, that would be good scope for adding another bedroom(s), it wouldn’t be as cheap an addition as say a conservatory, but always more desirable for future value, whereas a conservatory won’t add much value as house prices are going to be more appraised on their practical size rather than luxury features in the future. Well applied budget decorating and paint in the right places to create a blank canvas for proposed buyers (magnolia or pure brilliant white) to create light and airiness will maintain the value of your house, and make the garden as big as you can by ejecting unneccessary stuff from it and again creating more space with plain, simple layouts.

Joseph asks…

Cost of building a house – question for professional builders?

I’m moving soon to Northern Wisconsin possibly, and I’m trying to figure out if I want to buy, or build. I haven’t considered building until recently (I have found nice houses, but none that I’m “In love” with), and I’m trying to decide if it would be cost effective for me.

I’m looking into a 134′x140′ double lot… at $14,500

At minimum I’m looking for a single level home with:

2 master sized bedrooms
1 guest bedroom
1 small office that can also be used as a spare bedroom
Finished basement.
2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms. one master bath attached to the master bedroom (with spa bath and corner shower), one full bath for the other larger bedroom, possibly a full bath in the basement and a half bath somewhere in there.
Medium sized kitchen that is open to the dining room and living room.
Hardwood floors through out the house with decorative tiling for bathrooms/kitchen
access from the house to the back yard where a dog run can be attached.
high ceilings
spacious entry way
Possibly a sun room.

I understand that you can not give a price based on what I explained since there is so much that goes into building and designing the floor plans..,

but if you can think of a house you possibly worked on that is comparable to what I kind of described… I would appreciate it if you were able to tell me roughly what that house was cost wise to build.

(I can live without the office/bedroom space, the sunroom and the half bath… so maybe what you think it would cost with and without those extras.)
Modular homes I’ve seen when researching them are not that nice. They look nice from the outside, some from the inside even… but they’re not well constructed. They tend to have a lot of problems… I have a friend that lives in a prefabbed house who is unhappy too… no no prefabbed or mod houses. It’s either going to be a regular build, or I’m going to add onto a house I found that I kind of liked, the change it into the house I can love… Of course I have to find someone who does additions that can come with me to the final showing and let me know if that’s even possible.

I just wondered if it would be economical to build the house I’d love, than to buy a house I like and add on.

Administrator answers:

Go to a full service lumber yard in the town your moving to and ask them. They can give you a rough estimate of the cost. I’d go with a standard house plan, if you have to higher a designer the costs skyrocket fast. You may want to consider a modular home to save on costs also.

Mary asks…

Should we have 2 or 3 children?

I have always wanted 3 children. My husband just wants children, he isn’t picky about the number, “as long as we can afford them”.
We recently bought a wonderful house with 3 bedrooms. We are in love with this house and the neighborhood and don’t plan on moving any time soon, if at all. My issue is that there are only 2 bedrooms for the kids. If we have 3 kids, two will have to share. With only 2, no one has to share. We don’t have a basement or bonus room, so the only place for them to “play” will be their bedroom or the family room. What do you think?
Also, is the cost of raising 3 kids significantly more than 2 kids?

Administrator answers:

I think the number of children you have it entirely up to you. You might have one and find that is enough, or find that you want 3. I have twin sons who are 2 1/2 years old. We were actually thinking 2 was good! We were suprised and blessed when we found out a 3rd son is on his way. Each child brings new costs to the household. Clothes for 3 children vs. 2, food costs, diapers, medical ect….With going on my 3rd child, i know this time for sure he will be the last. We want to make sure each child has the attention they deserve and we want to make sure we can properly care for all 3. You guys will know exactly whats right when the time comes! Children are great.
As far as the sharing the room, the only thing i am worried about, my twins share a room because currently, they dont like to be apart, but that means the new baby gets a room all to himself and im worried later on the twins might wonder why little brother gets his own room….guess then it will be time to look for a 4 bedroom! Good luck to you guys! Merry christmas!

James asks…

Building a House near Dallas Texas, Help?

We are going to build a 7 bedroom, 7 full bath, 3 half bath house near Dallas in a town/city called Cedar Hill. What kind of features in a house of this size are expected? We will have 3 fireplaces and one double sided fireplace, a 4-car garage, walkout finished basement and the house will be 7,412 sq ft when it is completed. We live in Idaho right now and don’t know what kind of features are expected in a house of this size in that part of the world. Can anyone help? We plan to have the basics such as tile in the kitchen, dining areas, bathrooms, etc. granite counter tops, central A/C, central Vac, jetted bathtubs and a 20×50 Oasis shaped pool with a spa in the back yard. Are there any other details/features that may help the house be worth more when it is completed? Are there any features I may have missed or something that a lot of houses this size have in the Dallas area? It will be on an acre lot of land as well. I’m not sure if that it enough or too much. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I’m in North Central Texas, but in a smaller home than yours. You have to remember how hot and humid the summers here can be. Winters can be from very mild to a couple inches of snow, a few freezes and (rarely) large hail.

One thing we did and really enjoy, is to have a large covered patio area in back, and covered front porch. We put ceiling fans on the back porch. We use them all the time. They help us cool down and discourage bugs a bit. We also have a gas barbeque out back. Barbecue is really big here, but you probably know that.

You could add a waterfall feature and lights to your pool and jacuzzi area. The nicer homes have those types of features.

You don’t say, but is there a room that would work as a home office? Almost every home has one these days.

As for your lot size I don’t know what to tell you. There are huge homes on tiny, tiny lots; however, the trend seems to be towards a larger lot.

I hope y’all have looked at various housing developments in this area. There are so many. That’s where you’re going to find what are the very latest features available.

Your new house sounds gorgeous. Welcome to Texas!

Donald asks…

Am I paying too much for a two bedroom apt?

My wife and I make a combined total of $4500 per month after taxes, we live in Bronx, NY. We just moved to a two bedroom apt in a very peaceful and quiet rent-stabilized building, lots of trees nearby, by the river for $1475/month (everything included except electricity). Large space with 5 closets; Laundry, elevator, plus maintenance workers. We signed a 2 year lease, otherwise it would have been $1450 for 1 year.

Prior to this, we were living in a 2 bedroom apt in the basement of a private house for $1150 (everything included). The only cons to this place were the space (very small and only two cramped closets) and sometimes there would be bug issues every now and then.

For the new place that we’re at, we plan to stay there for 2 years and by the time the lease is up, shoot for a condo. If we’re not able to get a condo in that timeframe, then perhaps another 2 bedroom for less than $1475. Because I know in 2 years when the lease renews the rent is probably going to go up a little anyway.

Do you think this is too much for a 2 bedroom? Cuz a co-worker of mine said for that amount I should have a 3 bedroom.

Administrator answers:

Yes. You should be buying your own place. Any amount of rent is wasted money.

Paul asks…

Tips for improving a horrible basement?

We own an adorable 2 bedroom home right near a college for the time being while my boyfriend finishes school. The house was built in 1941 and has it’s vices (plaster walls, old steam heating system with equally old furnace & oil tank, etc.) but the absolute worst part is the basement. We are planning on selling late fall/early winter and I was looking for some inexpensive ways to touch up the basement to help with selling. The house will most likely be sold to somebody planning to rent to college students so they are not as fussy, but it would still help to not cringe at the basement.

Basement characteristics:
-Stone foundation which is very crumbly in some places and has several layers of paint on it which is also very crumbly
-Many working bare light bulbs but still dark
-3 small windows with iffy wood framed windows and awful filthy curtains I have never touched
-narrow stairs with rubber no-skid things on them
-occasional water seepage from poorly plumbed faucets outside (if hose is run for significant amount of time)
-a huge white plastic double filthy but working utility sink next to the washer/dryer
-huge wooden workbench

We have dug out and replaced those half-circle guards that go around the basement windows on the outside of the house. Also, it used to flood a LOT more but we re-vamped the gutters on the house which solved that problem.

Administrator answers:

Well, USA today reported that 27% of homeowners won’t buy a fix-it-upper no matter what, so I’d definitely take care of the basement water to start with- if it floods when the hose runs, it’ll flood when there’s a heavy enough rain, and your real estate agent will be required by law to make that known if you work with one.

A mucky, wet basement can lower the value of the home by 10% (normal to 25% (extreme cases). Repairing a basement costs $4,000 – $10,000 (Normally somewhere in the middle of those two numbers), and it can come with a lifetime transferable warranty from many companies, so it’s a good investment to take care of it before you sell.

The company I work for- Basement Systems- usually fixes a basement in a day or two, so it might be a good idea to call them. They do windows too- so they can replace those windows for a few hundred dollars apiece. Our sister company Total Basement Finishing also does basement remodeling, but if you’re going to sell right away, it won’t be cost-effective.

However, there are inexpensive wall coverings that can still do the trick (definitely do not use drywall or mold-resistant “greenboard” drywall- they all rot and are ruined by even a little flooding). In the sources, I’ll put a link into some of the coverings we offer so you can get an idea of what’s out there- like BrightWall and ZenWall. Those should be cost-effective enough to be a good investment. The staircases might be tricky, and you might want to think about just removing the sink and workbench altogether if they look really ugly.

So I feel kind of sheepish recommending my own company’s stuff, but I believe in it too, and you might find it’s worth it.

Susan asks…

Remodeling vs. buying bigger?

We’ve been planning on selling our current home to buy a bigger home. We have a 3 bedroom ranch w/ a full unfinished basement. We want to buy a 2 story home with at least 4 bedrooms & a full basement. We plan on purchasing a home for around $150,000. We paid $80,000 for our home 8 yrs ago. We owe $60,000 on our home now. If we sold our home it would probably be listed for around $80,000. But now we are trying to decide if it would be better to stay in our home & just remodel. We would want to put a second story on this house with 4 bedrooms (1 being the master with a bathroom), & a full bath for the kids to share. Which would be the least expensive option? About how much do you think it would cost to add a second level? How long do you think it would take to get it completed?

Administrator answers:

Here is what you need to consider.

Will the neighborhood hold the value for your renovations. If other homes in the area are priced equally to yours currently then selling could be an issue to recoup your losses. Is your property adequate and the children’s school conveniently located.

Prices vary wildly for this type of an addition they vary area to area and contractor to contractor. You need to get estimates. When getting the estimates you need to get a ballpark on their starting time and expected rate of completion. You need to ask if you have to vacate during part the renovations and if furnishings need to go into storage. Redoing your current house gets you the layout that suits your family. You will need to install a second Heat/Air which is actually good considering you can avail of 2 zone heat/cool. You may need to reloacte the washer and dryer to the second floor. You will also want to ask about finishing the basement you can get this done less expensivly with the contractors and equipment on site then doing it at a later date.

Apparently your considering moving the children upstairs that leaves 3 vacant rooms that may need restructuring. Your exterior will need to look like something when you are done that will require residing and Architectural embellishments. Your new windows will need to blend with the existing. Doing all of this you will want to address the kitchen too.

Can you do all of this for 70K or less? Will it be worth more then the 70K + 80K finished? Again can your neigborhood sustain that price tag? Would buying a smaller home in a neighborhood that can handle that tag be a better option to bridge loan your mortage and reno the new place? This would give the least upset to the family and allow you to do what you want too. Major renovations can take over 6 months of banging and clanging and dust.

Price what suits your needs elsewhere and get estimates from qualified builders. Remember when looking at a new home location and expansion are your priorities. Buying the dog on the block at 90K and expanding on it may get you a far better return. Then make your final choice.

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