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Your Questions About 3 Bedroom House Plans With Basement

July 22, 2013

Sandy asks…

My now ex-roommate won’t stop harassing me for money since a tragic house fire. What to do? Please help!?

I live in a rowhome and my neighbor beside me had a house fire on Sunday, 8/7. Unfortunately her entire house was destroyed and she had not renewed her homeowners policy. I do have homeowners insurance (Allstate) and they have been extremely slow helping me offering no cash assistance up front and said an adjuster won’t be out until 8/22 to look at damages. According to the restoration company (and my own gut feeling), the house is unliveable due to smoke damage. The restoration company told the insurance company walls will have to be ripped out and all contents will have to be repaired or replaced due to heavy smoke damage.

My rommate (now ex-roommate as of 8/7) rents the bedroom in the basement. There was a bedroom, full bathroom, family room and kitchenette down there. Some of the heaviest smoke damage occurred in the basement. I immediately notified him of the fire, offered to assist him with cleaning services for his clothes, and gave him $100 on the spot for the inconvenience. At that time, on 8/7, I had no idea what kind of work needed done on my home. After the restoration company came back on the night of 8/9, and notified me of the extensive work to perform, I notified my roommate he would be getting a refund for the remainder of his August rent and his security deposit. I asked for him to give me until the morning of 8/11 to get him the exact number and to meet on Friday 8/12 with the money.

Well my roommate has been harassing me nonstop. I mean, 10 phone calls in 15 minutes during a business meeting I had along with some text messages. I have gone over with him the situation…my family (fiancee, 3 dogs, and my 3 year old) lost everything and currently have nothing and no family to stay with. I told him that is why I asked him to wait until the end of the week to work with me because this week has been very chaotic with the insurance company, deciding to use a public adjuster or not, and the restoration company. He says okay, but then he keeps calling and texting and won’t leave me alone. I finally explained it is harassment, stop calling and texting me. I finally lost it on the phone this morning. I basically said if he wants to be ignorant and not understand where I’m coming from, then I will be ignorant and not understand where he is coming from. After explaining numerous times the game plan for the week, he just won’t stop calling at this point. I told him if he keeps pursuing me I will call the cops, if he comes to the house the cops will be called (even though I offered to help w/ the cleaning of his items, he declined and moved them out last night).

What do I do? I mean, isn’t my timeframe of less than a week since the fire reasonable? Afterall, he has family throughout the city to stay with and I gave him $100 up front. That’s all I had on me. My family is struggling because we had to buy everything over (from food to clothes to toothbrushes to dog food to everything). He says he doesn’t care about my situation, he only cares about his money. What to do??? He had a month to month room rental agreement.
And if it matters, his room rental agreement states he has to obtain his own renters insurance.

Administrator answers:

Tell him to f**k off, that’s what you do. Ignore phone calls and texts.

You don’t owe him anythign for his stuff, that’s what renter’s insurance is for (and it was stated in the lease). So all you owe him is the prorated rent an deposit.

Lizzie asks…

What would be the estimated cost to build this house and are this add-ons architecturally possible?

I would like to add a basement with the following rooms to this house:

1.) Sitting area under the foyer
2.) Game room under the living room
3.) Indoor pool under the garage
4.) Home gym under the dining room
5.) Indoor basketball court under the family room/kitchen area

My questions are as follows:

1. What would be the estimated cost to build this home with all of the things I would like to add if were built in the southern california area ( Los Angeles, San diego, Long Beach etc.)
2.) Is it possible to add the basement to begin with? Like will it be structurally stable?

Administrator answers:

There shouldn’t be any problem adding a basement, the house has to be on some sort of foundation anyway, probably any qualified architect could design one, but it will likely cost as much or more for the custom design of the basement as for the stock plans for all of the rest of the house.

I don’t really know what current construction costs are, but I’d guess in the ball park of a million. In southern California I’d bet the piece of dirt you build it on will cost more than the house itself.

Chris asks…

Which house should I buy?

House #1
Almost 1300 square feet. 3 bedrooms one bath. This is the set up. There are 2 entrances. The main entrance is into the kithchen, long and narrow, no table can fit in here. The bathroom is off of the kitchen with the washer and dryer enclosed in the closet. Off of the kitchen is a stairwell. Upstairs is a small enclosure which is used as an office. Then across from that is a room used as a bedroom. Back downstairs is a dining room area open to the living room, which has a fireplace. Off of the living room is 2 bedrooms. There is also a little sitting area off the living room which is where the other entrance is. This house has a above ground pool with a deck and a small back and side yard. The house has not been renovated in years but is only in need of some minor repairs at this point. The house however is across from some rental properties that are not to appealing. The taxes are also a little high.

House #2
Almost 900 square feet. This house has double the property and less taxes by about 1,000. It is in a nicer area but is almost 30,000 more. It has a new septic and has been renovated but could still use some more repairs as some things have been left outdated. The house has new siding and a hotwater heater. The washer and dryer are in the basement which can only be accessed from the outside of the house. This house has an open floor plan but is smaller. You walk into the main area which is the living room with a area for dinning and then an open kitchen, also small like the other. This kitchen has a door leading out to the back patio which is stone. Back inside there are 3 bedrooms and a bath off of the main area. So this house has the back patio and a side yard.

So which to buy.

The cheaper house with the higher taxes for half the property. Needs some renovations, cosmetic but has a pool, fireplace, and upstairs which is almost an additional 400 square feet more than the other. Not so sure about the neighbors in the rentals accross the way.

Or the smaller house with more property and less taxes that has some new and expensive updates but is 30,000 more?

Let me know your opinion and why.

Administrator answers:

If you dont want to keep looking get the one with the most land you can always add on to the house.

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