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August 18, 2013

Charles asks…

What do you know about Stow and Tallmadge Ohio?

I’m 24 and will be going to Kent State. I don’t want to live in Kent though. Are Stow and Tallmadge nice to live in? Nice neighborhoods? I’m looking for a small town type place with good jobs, a feeling of safety even at night, places to go shopping nearby, places to eat nearby. Also, if you know what the cost of living is and if there are any affordable houses or apartment to rent. Just pretty much any information you can give me.
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Stow is nice. There is a lot of good shopping there and it is closer to the mall (Chapel Hill). There are not as many apts there as there are in Kent. One of my friends lived in a good (and cheap) apt off of Fishcreek, you may want to check that area out. It is walking distance to a few stores and a McDonald’s. There are a lot of places to eat in Stow. If you like Mexican, you have to check out El Campisino. There is also a Applebee’s and a small Italian place in the strip near Applebee’s across from the Target. There are many other places to eat.

I don’t know much about Tallmadge.

When I went to Kent I lived in Kent Villiage. It is 2 miles from campus and still has the student feel. But it is far enough from campus that you don’t hear the stupid stuff happening at night. It is walking distance to School (2 miles) and to Drug Mart and Acme.

Do not live at College Towers, enough said.

Carol asks…

Help with search results online Apartment?

I’m looking for an apartment and have been. Craigslist is my go to site to check first but I need to expand my search since craigslist doesn’t always have every listing on it. I’ve done search onlines like cheap apartments in dadada or affordable apartments. Lot’s of sites are bs and no good. My apartment I find to be pretty bad. If I could have some suggestions for how to look for an apartment better or sites that are trusted that YOU have looked on please let me know. Also money wish I’m looking for really cheap I’ll go no higher then 650 can’t afford to.

Administrator answers:

Check out RENT.COM

Richard asks…

where can i find an affordable apartment anywhere i dont care where it is i live in miami i earn 10 bucks?

an hour and cant afford like 700 or 900 dollars a month in rent i need help or suggestions!

Administrator answers:

The albert lea apartments in albert lea minnesota they r nice and cheep my dad lives there and i think it is nice

Ken asks…

Where in the bay area is it a good place to live and go to school?

Im going to school part time for now but im thinking of moving to the bay area and go to school full tme plus have a part time job. Where is it a good location to move in the bay area? Affordable apartments for two people and just a nice place for young people?

Administrator answers:

The bay area is a huge place.
Depends on where you want to go to school. There are community colleges in pretty much any city.
Marin county…which i dont recommend, because it is the most expensive county…but it has college of marin…it is harder to find jobs in marin as well unless you have a very stable career.
San Francisco i say would be the best, its a huge city, perfect for young people, there are PLENTY of apartments for rent, there are plenty of places to get jobs at.
Theres san francisco state university, university of california san francisco, golden gate university, san francisco city college (community college) anyway, there are just so many things and places in san francisco.
But if sf isnt the state for you, go on this page, look at the jobs, and rent for the different areas in the bay and see whats best. Http://

Daniel asks…

Where are the best affordable apartment for a recent college graduate to Live in Las Vegas?

I’m a recent college graduate who plans to work on the strip in one of the hotels. I’m not to familiar with the area and would like to know about the areas around the strip that are suitable for a young single guy trying to start a living in the Vegas area? I heard Henderson is a great location but are there any other location around the strip that are affortable in terms of apartments? Also would there be anytype of apartments that you would suggest?

Administrator answers:

They are building a lot of new apartment complexes south of the main hotel cluster on LV Blvd S. There are already quite a few nice ones there but they are still building away. When I was there in December I took a look at several, the average 1br runs around $600.

These complexes are only 2-3 miles south of Mandalay Bay, and very handy because of both LV Blvd S and the intersection of I-15 and I-215 which would allow you to avoid traffic.

The apartments in this area would be really nice if you want to use public transportation. The CAT(bus) #117 makes a loop of this area, a 30 day bus pass only runs $40 and you can use it to go anywhere in the valley..

If you’re going to work in the casino end of the business, and you don’t have a job lined up already. IMHO two great companies to get a start with are Harrah’s and Station. Harrah’s has a program to hire new graduates and train them in gaming. I have never worked for station but I do hear good things about them.

You can go a very long way in the gaming industry, the sky is the limit.

I know a guy who was in your situation, he went to dealers school for one day. He was in need of a job, any job, he somehow managed to talk the Gold Spike into giving him a shot. The GS is the absolute bottom of the barrel, he was young, good looking and hungry. When I met him, he was the manager of casino operations for a Hilton hotel.

Try these >or pick up a copy of the sunday Las Vegas Review Journal at a local book store

Good Luck

Betty asks…

Single mom with 2 young kids moving to Florida in the fall?

Hi, Im a single mom moving to fl in october, with 2 young kids. Im going to transfer my job, to either st. pete, clearwater, or tampa. I would like to know which is the best city as far as raising a family, crime statistics, and jobs. Also can you refer me to any good affordable apartment complexes in the cities.

Administrator answers:

- North Tampa huh……….ok: Apartments to rent – Look on Van Dyke Road off of Dale Mabry for Lake Carlton Arms. (Carrollwood, although it is in the city of Lutz) They are a HUUUUUGE complex – but very safe! They have a security guard 24/7/365. They pay water and basic cable (20 channels). It is near the Veterans Expressway and Dale Mabry Hwy. Those two roads can get you almost anywhere on the west side.

There is another Carlton Arms on Fletcher Avenue – Carlton Arms North – same setup (Mahaffey communities).

There are many things to do in the north Tampa area.

Citrus Park Mall area is ok – getting a little $$$ though….

DO NOT – repeat – DO NOT go below Waters Avenue for a place to live. DO NOT live on Florida or Nebraska Ave!!

DO NOT go to University Square Mall after dark if you are worried about safety. Stay at Citrus Park, or venture down to Westshore or International Mall.

New Tampa/Tampa Palms are nice and safe – $$$$ like Citrus Park area. There are things to do there as well.

Temple Terrace would be okay – but check things out there – some of that part is questionable.

Lutz and Land O’Lakes (suburbs) are fine places to live and they are not far from anything. They are north of Tampa.

Need any further info – do not hesitate to ask – I have been a Tampa resident for 26 years and live alone and feel safe at the Carltons!! I can come home late at 1am from a friends house and know I won’t have a problem getting to my apartment.

Mary asks…

What is the difference between renting an apartment and renting a townhouse?

I’ve been noticing that many townhouses seem to be more affordable to rent than an apartment, and they also have more square feet. Why?

Administrator answers:

Most apartment buildings provide one level living, where as a Townhouse may provide two levels and sometimes three if it has a basement. Townhouse feel more like a home and some have small yards for the kids, if you have them. You have a front step, that you don’t in an apartment… So you decide which one you’d like.

John asks…

General Info on making a new start in Phoenix, AZ?

Hi everyone! I am a 32 year old who is considering moving to Phoenix after living my whole life in Upstate NY. Just a few things: 1. I never finished college and while I’ve remained consistently employed, my work background is all over the map. How attainable is work in Phoenix, particularly with my education handicap? I know that the city is growing by leaps and bounds and that unemployment is around 3% (being from NY, that’s an incredible statistic!) so I have high hopes! 2. Any tips on what towns offer affordable apartments? From the preliminary research I’ve done, it looks like $800 is the starting point for basic dwellings.

Any comments, insight, toughlove would be appreciated! THanks!

Administrator answers:

Great question! My finace and I moved here from Michigan a little over a year ago, and we love it! We are in our twenties, so our major puch to move so far from our families was work, which we had no trouble finding once we got here. We both work for American Express, a really great company. Neither of us have a completed degree, and my finace didn’t even have much computer skills. They pay well and offer good benefits. We live in North Phoenix, not too over populated yet, and the traffic is not nearly as bad as down town. We rent a modest sized apartment, about 1000 sq ft for about $830 a month.

The biggest shock for me when I got here was how clean the city was. I know there is air polution, but I don’t see it as bad as the previous person mentioned. Compared to Michigan, the roads are wonderful, and you can see your tax dollars being put to good use.

Jobs are plentiful, you just want to make sure the companies you apply with do not employ illegal workers, that can really drive down your wages. With most companies who employ illegals, they usually won’t offer any benefits.

I have never been to New York, although I would love to visit someday, but I’m sure you will notice a considerable difference in almost every aspect of life here compared to living in the east. One thing to do your reasearch on is the heat. If you don’t handle it well, this may not be the place for you. If you love hiking, sight seeing and camping, Arizona offers it all. Another great thing about living in Phoenix is that the landscape is always changing. You can drive two hours north of Phoenix to Flagstaff to get relief from the summer heat and enjoy the green that you will surely miss from home. We recently took a trip back to Michigan and was shocked by all the green everywhere. You really take it for granted when the city you live in is completly brown!

All in all, for the reasons you mentioned above, I think you would love it here. Great opportunities, beautiful landscape, and wonderful people. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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