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August 28, 2013

Susan asks…

What is the best reliable website, fee or no fee, to search and find affordable apartments in nyc?

I want to avoid going to a real estate broker for now but want to use a reliable website that gives up to date information for landlords and has a large clientele of landlords and apartment listings.

Administrator answers:

You should definitely try

For NYC as a whole they have 113,660 rental listings, you can break that down search by borough, beds, baths, max rent, and distance to your job. Once you find that place you want to explore the site then offers direct links and phone number to that particular listing.

Very easy and completely free to use.

Betty asks…

Is it affordable to live in Seattle?

I need to move to a city where colleges are affordable and the crime rate is low. Also with good, decent, affordable apartments. I was thinking of Seattle, and Syracuse but Syracuse is a tad bit expensive.

Any suggestions?
Btw: it has to have good colleges!
May you also suggest sites I may visit that provide statistics on the cost of living of fevery state in America?

Administrator answers:

No! Seattle is expensive and tuition will be too because you’ll have to pay out of state tuition until you establish residency (one year in the state). At UW out of state tuition can cost almost 3 times normal tuition. Rent and housing is very expensive.

Linda asks…

Where in Sacramento are safe, affordable places to rent apartments near the American River College?

My cousin and I are intending on moving out to Sacramento in June and intend on attending the American River College. Any safe, good areas we could rent a one or two bedroom that’s both not too far from school or from shopping?
What are places to avoid in Sacramento? Both places that are unsafe as well as places of complete boredom.
Anywhere near other college or university students would be a plus!

Administrator answers:

Why not Sierra College? American River College is not really in a great area. Sierra College would put you in the Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay area. Plus there is the Galleria Mall. Its a nice area…………

It may be slightly more expensive near Sierra College, but may also be worth it.

Chris asks…

how do i figure out what my rent will be?

my current lease will be up on april 1st and i would like to move to a more affordable apartment…i found these really cute apartments near where i live now and the rent will be based off of my income. how would i go about figuring my rent for each month? will the landlord take a percentage of my income or what? how could i figure out about how much it will be?

Administrator answers:

Ask the landlord. He is the only one that can tell you what he will charge.

Robert asks…

Which area in dubai is the cheapest place to rent an apartment?

What area or district in dubai has the cheap or at least affordable place to rent an apartment, even just two or one bed room will do, which place in dubai?

Administrator answers:

Al Qusais, Al Nahda, Hor Al Anz will be slightly less expensive. But the other two answers are generally right.

Joseph asks…

Are there apartments for rent out there that will take bad credit and pets?

If so, how do you find out about them?

My Husband and I both have extremely bad credit and were trying to leave the place were in now for a smaller/more affordable place. We have no idea where to look for these kind of places. Also, we want them to not be able to have any contact with our previous renter. (Our rental history is great, but we plan on leaving before leading is up.) How do we go about mentioning to a future rental comapny that we have bad credit?

Administrator answers:

You have to contact a realestate!
Don’t talk to them about your credit! If they ask you than you answer or keep looking for another agent!
My realestate agent did not ask me for my credit history!

Richard asks…

Does anyone know of any affordable apartments in downtown dallas?

I’m looking for a two bedroom for under 1000 a month. Also most of the apartments Ive seen downtown are flats or lofts. I’d actually prefer something more traditional.

Administrator answers:

There is a complex called viewpointe apartments right off grawyler it is about 10 miles from the airport. Also if you work up to 10 miles from the complex you get like 15% off rent.

Laura asks…

Moving from one apartment to another?

I want to move from my current apartment to one in the next city. I’ve never lived on my own before so I’m not sure how to time this. I have a month to month lease and gave my current landlord the last
month’s rent. When should I start looking for an apartment? Should I give notice first? Please keep in mind that I live in a big city with high rents (I can only afford so much) and lots of competition for available, nice and affordable apartments. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Start cleaning out closets and cabinets now. You can do a little at a time. Don’t move extra stuff. Get rid of it.

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