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November 2, 2012

Chris asks…

Are there any affordable apartments to rent in Hawaii?

I’m looking to relocate in a few years. I live in Chicago now and I’ve hated it for the past decade. Hawaii is my dream place to live, but I know it may not be realistic with how expensive it is. I do have other places I am seriously considering but Hawaii is the dream. I would only be able to afford a place that’s under a $1,000 a month. I’m also not that familiar with all the islands and neighborhoods there. Crime is also an issue for me. I live in an area of Chicago that is really bad(people here call it “bum town” and “crazy town”) and would love to live somewhere that I can take a walk and not worry about being stabbed. So if any one can help me out with some info, I would greatly appreciate it:)
I presently live in crime village because I’m paying off debt, finishing school, and saving up money. I’m also not planning to move until I’m financially more prepared and done with school. I am also not an idiot.

Administrator answers:

For a cheap place that has very little crime I would stay on the mainland. Pick a place near someplace that you have some experience with. Check out crime rates and prices. If you can not afford a better area of Chicago then you can not afford anything in Hawaii.

Donna asks…

Where can i find an apartment with affordable rent and a good location?

I am looking to move out and am looking for an apartment to rent, can someone please tell me where i can find an apartment or studio?

Administrator answers:

Yes a city would help, but u can try searching online. Go to U will have to select ur state, the next step is another selection; the selection of ur city. Then last is the main page and select “housing.” the site is very simple and easy to understand. Hope it helps

Sandra asks…

Where can I find an affordable apartment for rent in Miami Lakes, FL?

Administrator answers:

I used to live in Miami Lakes and I loved it. I took a job up north and had to move. Miami Lakes is (in my opinion ) one of the nicer areas in Miami,so if you choose to live there you will be paying a little more. The Meadow Walk and New Barn Apts are a little more economical than some of the other apts there. The rent in those places includes cable, water. That’s one thing to consider. You might also be able to find some good deals in Celebration Pointe and Cypress Village. Those are privatly owned condos that are sometimes rented out. Check the newspapers, Apt Magazine or just drive around Miami Lakes. Good Luck.

Mary asks…

Where can I find good and affordable apartments in Herndon VA?

I am expecting to move to Herndon VA within the next year. I am going to start looking for housing. I have visited many websites such as,, craigslist, etc. and I don’t get that many results.

I know there are tons of apartment complexes and communities there, but I can not find any online.

Anything would be great!

Administrator answers:

Hi there,one link as them all,good luck.


regards pops

Ruth asks…

Are their any affordable apartments, or rooms in a town house for rent in downtown Denver, Colorado?

I am planning on attending metropolitan state college of Denver next year and my friend is planning on attending the aveda school on 16th street mall in Denver Colorado. We need an affordable apartment or townhouse to stay in. We can each contribute about $400 a month. Is there any helpful website, land lord or Realtor recommendations?

Administrator answers:

Look at Craigslist

Linda asks…

Any affordable apartments in Brevard County, Florida that I can rent for 2 – 3 months?

My boyfriend plans to visit from Germany, we are both 18, soon 19. My mom, for whatever reason she holds, will not let him stay in our house for that time, and so I wanted to know if I could find an affordable, decent apartment in Brevard County, Florida to be leased for 2 to 3 months.

Thank you so much for your help!

Administrator answers:

This question has gone four days without an answer. You are in the Melbourne, FL area on the atlantic coast. I am betting that there are hundreds of furnished efficiency apartments in the area that will offer short term leases or rent by the week. In your type of area, many of these places are found in older motels and rooming houses. Best advice is to watch the classified ads for “furnished apartments” or “efficiency apartments” in your local newspaper. I’ll bet you won’t have any trouble at all finding what you are looking for.

Good luck with your search for an apartment.

Robert asks…

We’re looking for an affordable house/apartment for rent within Bacolod City, any reccommendations?

A house/apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet/bath, with living and dinning area and kitchen and carport in a secure/safe vicinity. With a monthly rent of Php 5K maximum.

Administrator answers:

U should get something for that amount, google it, sure would be interesting to know

Richard asks…

hello does anyone a site that shows affordable apartments or rooms in Santa Barbara, CA!?

im looking for a site that shows affordable rent for an apartment or room/shared in SANTA BARBARA, CA.if u live there then you know how expensive it can be as high as $5, looking for 300 with this might be impossible but it wouldnt hurt asking right?im a college student in SB and i need housing.

Administrator answers:

Craig’s List. Click here:

I did some searching for you, the cheapest I found long term was $550. You can view some under $600 here:

Good luck.

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