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July 14, 2013

Ken asks…

how can i find an afordable apartment to rent in saint marrten?

i am looking for a apartment to rent in saint marrten but all i can find is a lot of expensive places i am about to travel with my two kids and i need something affordable for now until i get a job.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on the area you want to live. Call this number maybe they have an apartment available or you can work something out. It is in the Cole Bay area. I am going to give it to you with the area code 011-599-557-5760 if that don’t work try this 011-5995-557-5760. Good Luck!!!

Ruth asks…

Where to live in Copenhagen and how to find an apartment?

I am going to Copenhagen as an exchange student for one semester and I am looking for accommodation. What are the best and most affordable districts to live for students? Do you know about any serious webpages where people offer apartments for rent? What are the normal contract conditions and what should I pay attention to? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Save yourself time and energy. Search for an apartment locator in Copenhagen and give he/she your requirements and how much you can afford. Within minutes, you will receive a list of accommodations matching your requirements.

Sharon asks…

Anyone live in the Hillwood Villas apartments in Knoxville, TN?

I’m looking at moving in there but I want to see a few opinions first. I’m looking for cheap rent in the Knoxville area. Any suggestions? I’m not having the best of luck finding affordable apartments with decent reviews in Knoxville – Sevierville area.

Administrator answers:

Ignore the bizsol person.

Paul asks…

Is chicago overall a decent city for a young adult finding a career and starting a new life?

I currently live in New York and I’m actually tired of living in this over priced city. Are there affordable apartments or condos in chicago? At least good quality places to live in relatively safe places

Administrator answers:

I just moved downtown Chicago from Manhattan. I love Chicago and I live in Liberty Tower. Which is 2 blocks from the Chicago Stock exchange. In teh heart of the financial district. You can get a 1 bedroom condo downtown for 250 which seems like a lot but if you are from new york like me that is NOTHING. TRUST me if you want a bang for your buck move here to chicago. I used to live in harlen bear city college over on hamilton heights..I paid wayy too much for rent my rent was $1350 for a studio..I lived on 144th and hamilton terrace…good luck

Helen asks…

Whats the best major city for a High School graduate to live?

Most important aspect is cost of living and low cost apartment rent, next is ability to utilize public transportation and also one with lots of activities to do.

Administrator answers:

You’d definitely find affordable apartments & plenty of activities as well as public transportation in the Midwest; Indianapolis, Indiana would be a great start for you.

Besides, you’ll be 2 hours away from the Windy City, Chicago, IL.

Mandy asks…

How much do apartments cost in London?

Me and my sister are wanting to live in London, England for a little while, then go to Tokyo in about a year or two after. And ive searched allllll day and i cant find an affordable apartment! jeez i just needa know awesome looking yet AFFORDABLE apartments :) thanks!

Administrator answers:

Affordable and London do not go hand in hand. If you do find something ‘affordable’ in central London it’s either in a terrible neighborhood or its a scam.

To cut down on the costs of housing either find a flat with several flatmates or find a flat outside of London and commute into the city.

Your best option however is to just go to a different city in the UK if money is an issue. As you are not coming to UK for a particular job, or to go to a particular university you can certainly live in other cities. The further north in England you go, the more affordable it will be.

Also, keep in mind that if you are not a UK or EU country citizen then you cannot just come to the UK to work. You can come as a tourist for up to 6 months and rent a place (if the landlord will allow you, most won’t if you can’t demonstrate that you have an income) but you cannot just go out looking for a job. It is illegal, and getting a work permit is not possible for short-term unskilled labor. You will need to save THOUSANDS to be able to support yourself in the UK for 6 months without a job. When you arrive, you may be asked where you are staying and what you’ll be doing while in the UK. If you have no money, and no place to stay then you may be sent back home as you will be highly suspicious as someone looking for illegal work.

Nancy asks…

Who can help me find an apartment?

I am new to the city and have had absolutly no luck in the past month looking for a safe, affordable apartment. It’s exasperating when I really do not know where to look. Are there people you can “hire” or pay to help find an apartment for the price/location you’re looking for? I know they have realtors for homes, but what about for apartments? Thanks in advance, everyone!

Administrator answers:

Yes realtors will help you find apartments and they will charge the landlord so don’t even pay.
What city are you looking in? I have few properties to rent out. But its in Southern California.

John asks…

How does Year-Round Rental contracts work?

I got a seasonal job by the ocean this summer. The only problem I’m having is trying to find an apartment to rent. The only affordable apartments are year round rentals but I’ll only have a job till october. I haven’t called any of these listings yet, but am I required to rent it for a year or will they work with me so I can rent it for like 4 months?

Administrator answers:

All you can do is ask. Some will do a 6 month lease. No regular rental will do a 4 month lease. They will sometimes do a month to month lease though.

Each landlord is different and all you can do is ask.

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