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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments For Rent In Manhattan

January 29, 2013

Charles asks…

I am looking for a place to live in New York?

I live in Dayton ohio and am trying to find affordable housing in new york and I just don’t know where to start. I know that new york rent is pricier than most places but I still don’t know where I should look because I want to attend a school that is on 14th st, Manhattan and I was wondering if I should look for a place kind of further away from there because I have no problem riding the subway to get around I just dont want to pay 4 grand a month for an apartment any help would be greatly appreciated I’m trying to branch out into the city life I hate ohio. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

If you’re just starting out and want to save some money, I would avoid living in Manhattan. There are very nice parts in Queens and Brooklyn that are cheaper and they offer quick subway service to 14 Street in Manhattan.

Paul asks…

I make over 60K in nyc.. and I can’t afford even a studio apartment?

I live in NYC. I make $63,000 per year and I can’t afford a studio apartment (!). I have been with roomies for 10 years and i can’t handle it anymore. I’ve even been looking in brooklyn but that is getting like manhattan. Can i get on any middle-income rent lists? What can I do to find an affordable place here? thanks.

Administrator answers:

Where in NYC do you live? If you’re making 63K, you should be fine. But we don’t know your finances. Do you have a combined income with a spouse? Do you live with a roommate/ Do you have children. If you’re a single women with no children who doesn’t own a car, you could probably afford a studio or one bedroom in Manhattan. It might tight, but if your salary continues to gradually go up and you have money in the bank in case something happens you should be alright.

I’m guessing you moved to New York from somewhere else just like any other young people so this is a scenario you should have prepared yourself for. Looking in Brooklyn or the other boroughs is a decent option. Manhattan’s very expensive though.

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