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July 27, 2012

Mary asks…

Relocating to Miami, FL.. Safest affordable Apartments?


My boyfriend and I will be relocating to Miami, FL around Sept. from northern New England. We arent familiar with the area and arent sure where we will be working. Hes going to Miami Dade College for air traffic control and I’ll eventually be going to grad school (possibly at Nova), so a commutable distance is important. We’re looking for an affordable 1 bedroom apartment (prefferably < $750/month, ideally around $675) thats in a relatively safe area (I don’t want to worry about break ins, walking to my apartment, car getting stolen, etc.) as sometimes he travels on weekends. Ive looked on and other websites and everytime I find something that looks nice (pretty landscaping, pool, fitness center, parking, & decent rent) I go to and the reveiws are awful! Any advice of safe neighborhoods/best places are helpful. How long is the commute from neighboring towns and Homestead, FL? Neighboring towns or neighborhood recommendations are appreciated! Thank

Administrator answers:

I recently relocated to Upstate NY because of the high crime rate and prices in South Florida. I will tell you that with your budget you will have a difficult time finding a luxury apartment in a decent neighborhood. You need to find something in the Homestead area because the commute northward into Kendall and other areas south of downtown Miami will be hell in the morning and at rush hour and you will pay alot more for rent. It took me an hour and a half to travel every morning from The Hammocks in West Kendall to Coral Gables a distance of about 12-14 Miles. There are alot of new apartment complexes going up in the Homestead area. Alot of these are very nice. Check out the Homestead area on Narrow your search down to 10 miles from center and you will find a couple of apts for under $ 700 for a 1 bedroom. Check out Bonita Pointe Apts($678, 1/1) and Tuscany Place ($674, 1/1) both are very close to Miami-Dade College Homestead and are nice communities. Try not to concentrate on ratings so much. Go and visit the apts and meet the staff to make sure they are friendly, professional and attentive to your needs and concerns. Good luck with your search.

Michael asks…

Is there affordable rent for a nice house or apartment in a nice part of town in Miami?

I moved here in Miami in may of 2008 and luckily a family member let me and my spouse stay in their house.Well, I think its time to move on to rent but rent here is like crazy! I’m use to paying 650.00 for a three bedroom and two bath apt.( I lived in Texas for four years)but the only thing 650 can get me is a small room and a closet for a bathroom.Is there any hope of renting or should i suck it up and save to by a house? P.S. I also have a dog too.

Administrator answers:

No dogs allowed

Joseph asks…

Looking for a nice apartment in Miami FL?

I am looking for a nice place to rent, nice area in Miami FL, like in Brickell, Coral Gables, South Beach, etc, that is affordable no more than thousand per month. I appreciate any info

Administrator answers:

Google the Miami Herald, then browse the classifieds

David asks…

Moving to Miami…attending FIU…need help!?

My cousin and I are going to be moving to Miami around the fall of 2011- the spring of 2012. Here we will both be attending FIU. So far, we haven’t done a lot of researching- both her and I are very foreign to the area, but I do realize that Miami is a very BIG city (with many suburbs)! I want to know how safe the FIU area is. How big is its Hispanic population? I’m studying linguistics and foreign languages, and I’m looking forward to immersing myself more into the Hispanic culture/population, given that I’m studying both Portuguese and Spanish. Lastly, we want to rent an apartment, NEAR the school. We’re aware that FIU offers housing, near or on campus, but we’re not too satisfied with their housing. We’re looking for AFFORDABLE housing, within a REASONABLE distance of the school.

*BTW: we’re not certain which campus to choose, of the two. Is the BBC or MMC better? What are the differences between the two? Which area is more populated by Brazilians, particularly? (Please, keep in mind my studies- hence the “21 questions”!)

Any information in regards to any of this is well appreciated!…For me, it’s preferable for native “Miamians” to answer these questions, or people who are well familiar with the area.

Thanks in advance, for any help offered!

God bless you all!!!

Administrator answers:

You will see lots of spanish people for sure.I suggest looking around from craiglist to get some cheap deal on rent.For the campus i think it depend on your degree and major, so find out the information about which campus you gonna attend more and look for a place around there.Some college have a main campus for the first 2 year of college that offer general education classes.
Hope this is helpful and good luck.

Helen asks…

Where do I find a Short Term Stay in Naples, Florida?

I am planing to go in March to go to Naples, to gather Information, about Relocating from Miami to Naples. I need a Short Term Stay, so I can look around, to check for Job Availability, and Apartments for Rent. I try to find affordable Hotels, Motels, and B’s, but nothing came up.Can anybody, who lives in Naples, give me an Advise ? Iam looking for a Place, close to Transportation, and Stores. Also, since I dont drive, in which Part of Naples, should I locate, to be close to Everything ? Iam 50 Years old, and I heared, that Naples, is a nice Place to Live. I have never been there, and dont know nothing about it either, so its a Gamble. In Miami, there are absolut no Jobs for People my Age, and the Cost of Living is Skyrocketting. I belong to the Working Class, and I need to know, if I should give it a Chance, by relocating to Naples !!! I appreciate honest Responses. Thank you !

Administrator answers:

Naples is in like italy or something

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