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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments In Staten Island Ny

January 20, 2013

Sharon asks…

What are some tips on getting your life started in New York City?

I just need to know things such as where I can find an affordable apartment, but fairly nice and in a safe neighborhood (preferably in Manhattan); how to get started on my writing career; etc. All helpful tips and pointers are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Well I live in NY and its a very expensive place to live in. And the apartments in Manhattan are also very very very expensive. I suggest if you are planning to live here move to staten island or queens less expensive and good neighborhoods.

Lisa asks…

what area in nyc is the best place to live?

I am 21/f and moving to NYC in January. I am currently living in PA and I have been planning this move and saving up my money for a while. I will be attending school at LIU and working on my 2nd bachelors.

Anyway, I am looking for apartments right now online and I am planning on looking at them sometiem in October. I am confused about the areas of NY and I’m not sure which are the safest or most convenient. Could you give me any tips?

In Manhattan…..I want to be close to 34th street….so which area is that?

Here are some choices….

Battery Park
Chinatown / Little Italy
East Harlem
East Village
Financial District
Greenwich Village
Harlem / Morningside
Inwood / Wash Hts
Lower East Side
Midtown East
Midtown West
Murray Hill
Nolita / Bowery
Union Square
Upper East Side
Upper West Side
West Village
Queens – not sure of areas
Long/Staten Island
Any tips or advice?
I am going to C.W. Post campus, I can pay around $1500 a month. I can take a car or leave it behind…doesn’t really matter. I am looking more for a convenient location that is safe as well.
Also, I will only be there January to about June.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know how much of a budget you’re working with, but a lot of those places you listed are quite expensive. In fact, most every place in Manhattan is pretty expensive these days, the least expensive parts being Inwood, but that is quite far from 34th st. Which LIU campus will you be attending? That should factor into your decision-making as well.

Brooklyn is definitely much more affordable than Manhattan and if you’re attending the Brooklyn campus of LIU, then you could probably find something pretty affordable in that area. Just remember that Manhattan is a farily large place, and these neighborhoods aren’t that close together.

Lizzie asks…

Which place is better to live in?

Is Portland, OR or Staten Island, NY better to live in?
I’m currently near Springfield, MO but I hate it here. When I go to college I can either live with my mom’s cousin in Staten Island, who has a very nice house and I wouldn’t have to pay rent, or I could live on my own in a one-bedroom apartment in Portland, OR. I personally love Portland but I’m wondering if NYC is better. I love New York but I’m not sure if I would want to live there. I’m also trying to get in a band and it seems Portland has more musicians in it and Portland is much more laid-back, which I like. I don’t like the weather in New York and I’m not sure I could get a job (I don’t want people to think I’m lazy because I’m unemployed.) Which is better? Also, if you can, suggest other cities that I might like that are affordable.

Administrator answers:

You seem to really like Portland, so go to Portland…

Joseph asks…

What is a safe, child friendly, affordable area of Brooklyn, NY to live?

My husband is looking into taking a job in Brooklyn Heights, and we are just beginning to look at apartments. We have a 1 year old daughter and a dog. Could anyone give me some advice on what parts of Brooklyn would be safe a child friendly? That is really our main concern. I have looked into the Park Slope area, which looks great, but also very expensive. We are moving from upstate NY.
What about Staten Island? Is the commute to Brooklyn easy? What should we expect to pay for a 2 bedroom in either area? I have looked on craigslist, but not sure where else to start…
Thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

Contrary to popular culture, Brooklyn is no longer the crime ridden slum that it was portrayed to be in the movies in the early 90s. Although there are still so areas that can be dangerous, i.e. Bed-Stuy, for the most part if you stay away from the housing projects, you should be relatively safe. Some growing and upcoming neighborhoods in Brookyln are Williamsburg, Park Slope, Sunset Park, and Fort Greene. All great places to raise a family.
Staten Island is another borough and can be a good source of family friendly and cheaper housing. However, there is a pretty long commute which can be pretty expensive with rising gas prices and bridge tolls. You might want to consider neighborhoods in Queens which is just a short drive from Brooklyn such as Middle Village, Maspeth, Forest Hills, or Flushing.

George asks…

Assistance with a place to live in New York?

I am currently a 26 year old college student at Fashion Institute renting a room in Washington Heights (172nd st and Fort Washington Ave NY) and I currently pay 600.

My husband is back in Virginia and we pay 1000 for a 4 bdr house. We have two miniature Italian Greyhounds. He will be moving up here to work at Fort Hamilton Army base in Brooklyn.

I’m not trying to pay more than I’m paying now for living combined (1600). I will rent out my house in VA and move but I’m not sure where. I’ve been thinking of living in a multifamily home or renting a house somewhere affordable. An apartment may be too small.

I liked areas like Long Island City where there’s reliable transportation (I also have 2 cars in VA by the way), nice and quiet, uncongested, and close to the city. Any other place like that? I’m open to New Jersey also and I’ll go as far New Rochelle…

Please help.

Administrator answers:

Based on where you two will be working/going to school, my concern would be how far you would really want to live from those two places. NJ and New Rochelle are fine places to live, but the commutes will be killer. I doubt you would want to commute an hour plus each way every day, and the farther away you live the more you’re at the mercy of bad traffic or inconvenient bus/train schedules.

I might reconsider renting an apartment – maybe you could find a spacious enough floor-through in a house, in which case Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, might be an idea. From there it’s a short drive to the base, and it isn’t too long by R train into Manhattan and maybe a transfer to the #1 to FIT.

There may be rentals of entire houses, like row houses, in Bklyn, but they are likely to be more expensive that $1600. If you weren’t having to commute to FIT, i would almost say look for a house on Staten Island.

Paul asks…

2 month trip to NYC… All kind of advice solicited please?

Dear all, I am an Indian traveling to NY for a couple of months on a business trip. I have experienced NY through Hollywood, especially through Woody Allen and am looking forward to my upcoming sojourn in what I know to be a fantastic city already. I am looking for people, preferably New Yorkers, who can give me their perspective on the city and how they see it as well as help me out with some questions about the where, how and wow in the city :) If anyone is interested in helping me with that, I would welcome and appreciate it. Looking forward to making some good acquaintances and seeing New York from both sides!! I will be put up in a service apartment in 56th Street

Some of the questions that are running through my mind are
1. What are the top things to experience in NYC and the most affordable way to do that?
2. How do I go around. I am deliberating buying an unlimited 30day MetroCard to go around. Will this serve the purpose?
3. How does tipping work there?
4. I’ll be there through October and November. What kind of clothes would ‘fit’ that time?

Thanks !! Looking forward to seeing you New York

Administrator answers:

Taking your questions out of order: 2) A 30 day Metrocard will do very well. If you are here for two months, you’ll want to buy a second one as the first expires.
3) Tipping is a minimum of 15% at restaurants, and should actually be a bit more. The only other regular place to tip would be a taxi
4) October is usually fairly warm, and historically is the driest month of the year. Novermber can get very chilly.
1) This is arranged by area to cut down on time wasted in travel.
Lower Manhattan–World Trade Center site; ferry to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty (same boat, one price, get off at one or both and explore, take a later boat onward; start early as long waiting lines form); Wall Street and stock exchange; Chinatown (eat at Wo Hop, downstairs is better)
Greenwich Village
Midtown: United Nations (gift shop has stuff from over 100 countries and no sales tax, which is 8.25% in NYC); Empire State Building; Times Square (interesting ethnic restaurants on side streets), Rockefeller Center; Fifth Avenue shopping from 48 to 59 Sreets
Central Park, with the Museum of Natural History/Rose Space Center on the west side, and Metropolitan Museum of Art on the east
Far uptown: The Cloisters (most beautiful spot in NYC and an interesting museum)
Brooklyn: NY Aquarium; Coney Island (partially shut down by November, but still worth a visit)
Queens: Bowne House (a stop on the Underground Railroad); Queens Zoo, with an aviary where you can walk at treetop level to see the birds
Staten Island: Richmond Town Restoration (restored colonial village); Snug Harbor Cultural Center; Alice Austin House (she was one of the first women professional photographer; her home has a spectacular view of the harbor and a display of much of her work).

Maria asks…

Moving to New York, Need some help/advice?

Currently I am going to SVSU in Michigan. A few friends and I have decided to move to New York. Mostly because one of my friends is going to an art school there. I want to go into Graphic Design and I am wondering what colleges in New York there are for this.

I don’t exactly know distances in New York (based on taking public transportation) so we were thinking of getting an apartment on the island but it may be too costly, yet we don’t want to be too far from school. Are there other nice places to live that aren’t too expensive? The schools is SVA (School of visual arts) located 209 East 23 Street, NY, NY 10010-3994


Administrator answers:

SVA is great for graphic design. Also look into FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and Parsons Design School and of course NYU under the college of Tisch School for the Arts. There are alot of apartments for dormings around the city so you can look at those too and just ask the schools if they have a dorm. Th island, you mean staten island? I think it’s too much hassle fo ryou guys to keep traveling up and down the city through ferries back and forth. Cars I suggest not. No parking in Manhattan at all. Definitely use the subway. Queens and Brooklyn are affordable especially that you guys are going to be roomates it should be easy!

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