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February 11, 2013

John asks…

Which is okay from Harlem, Wash Heights, Inwood?

Hi, I’m on the west end of the US and have been looking at apartments in and around NYC and these neighborhoods are affordable for me but I’m wondering how dangerous they are for a single white woman?
I’m in a bad neighborhood in Vegas right now so I’m used to dealing with some amount of ghetto-ness. :P

Administrator answers:

Ive lived first in central harlem (west 130th street) and can tell you the neighborhood as a whole in seeing drastic improvements. However, if you are not black, you will get some flak until you establish yourself in the neighborhood and meet neighbors as well as show you are not some pretentious, rich, white woman who is only there to “see some exotic culture”… me, you will be hazed for a month or so until neighbors get to know your face…but the buildings ARE being fixed up, especially the old brownstones that everybody wants.

I now live on the border of Washington Heights and Inwood ( i live at w.195 street) and can tell you that these neighborhoods have a unique beauty that complements each other. Washington Heights has such a storied history, but since the 1980′s, it has largely become NYC’s domincan enclave. From my experiences, Dominicans are very friendly people who are just trying to achieve the american dream as anyone else. You will meet some resistance as you would in Harlem, but no where near to the extent. Same thing applies, make yourself established and everyone will like you. There is the language barrier though, so knowing some spanish is very essential.

As far as safety, all three are about equal, although i would say Inwood would be the safest. Washington Heigts from about 168street to 200th street (dyckman) is really getting fixed up as many natives have realized the potential of uptown versus downtown. There are beautiful parks and spectacular views as this part of manhattan is very hilly. Inwood is the last and most northern neighborhood in Manhattan, but commuting is a breeze! It is a very narrow piece of geography in manhattan, but it is served by many buses and 2 subway lines (the express A and the local 1 trains). The express will get you downtown in 30 minutes give or take and that is a pretty good commute if you ask me.

These three neighborhoods are the only place in Manhattan one can afford to live if they are working class as everywhere else requires you to be moderately wealthy and well off. But they are great places to live with sense of community and history and everyday i live there i see it getting better.

As a newbie though, and if you choose to live in either the heights or inwood, i would look for apartments west of broadway or maybe a little bit east. The farther east you go, it gets more and more dominican and harder to exist as you must be either dominican or know very good spanish…also you get close to south bronx and that area still leaves much to be desired

if you need to anything more about these places, message me, i know alot more! Good luck!

David asks…

.How can I find an affordable apartment in Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

The obituaries kiddo.. No joke. I had a friend that was sick for a while and he had a great apartment .. People were outside his place waiting for him to die ( he did’nt ). Queens is cleap and the bronx is very cleap haha but you need a amoured car to get to work.

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