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January 26, 2013

Ken asks…

Housing in NYC!!!!!!!!!?


I just got accepted to Fordham University in New York and I now need to find a place to stay. Since I believe most of my classes will be at the Rose Hill campus I was wondering whether I should find an area in NYC and commute to school or live in the Bronx, I’ve heard many things about the Bronx some good and some bad. I want it to be affordable yet an enjoyable area, I am transferring from Rutgers Newark where I was miserable having to live there. Any advice from someone familiar with the area will be great!



Administrator answers:

“I was wondering whether I should find an area in NYC and commute to school or live in the Bronx”

This part makes no sense. You should probably learn a little bit about NYC before you move here. The Bronx is in NYC so the “or” distinction doesn’t make sense.

Unless you have a lot of money, or have roommates who are willing to help split the rent, it’s going to be tough finding an apartment anywhere nice in the city. You might as well move to a decent area in the Bronx and commute or somewhere far uptown in Manhattan (which is like being in the Bronx with higher prices) and commute.

Mark asks…

Thinking of moving to New york for a few months. Advice?

I work full time (40+ hours/w) currently in California. I’m still somewhat young (19) and I have saved up a lot of money over the past year of working (5 grand). I have been looking at some rental listings (new york, you have the best rent control) and I got recommended either the Bronx or Queens by a friend who has lived in New York before. By the time I do decide to go move to New York it will probably be in the middle of fall or the beginning of winter (by then ill probably have 8+ grand saved up). I wanna move there for about 3-4 months to see if I’d consider moving there.

Most of the places I’ve seen in the Bronx listings are really affordable to me. They range from $150/w to $500 a month. Their minimums on how long I can stay there are even very flexible. (

I will also be trying to find a part-time job in the meantime so I can still be earning some sort of income while I’m there.

Is there any other advice on this?

Administrator answers:

Ok 1st the apartment , try , &
Your friend is right about Queens . If you look in the Long Island City/Astoria area places are cheaper than Manhattan.(not saying much with that). Try also Kew gardens , Bayside ,Flushing , Woodhaven , Rego Park,or Forest Hills. Those places you found are most likely a room to rent you would have to share bathroom ,kitchen ,etc. Be careful with those may be trying to cheat you.

For jobs
New York Midtown
245 Park Avenue, 25th Floor
New York, NY 10167 -2501
Phone: 212.983.1800

or www.

for fun search under( best of) for fun.
Clubs , restaurants , etc.
&www. to help get around.

Also think about NJ may be a little cheaper

Good luck be careful.
NY is a good place but like anywhere else you should watch your back.

Jenny asks…

How much money do I need to start a life in New York ?

So.. I am from Bulgaria ( Europe ) and I plan in the next couple of years to move in New York. And I plan to stay and live and work there. But I have no idea how much money I’ll need to start a life there.. You know.. for food, a place to live in and start a job… ? I think to rent an small apartment or something in the beginning.. and.. start a well paid job.. But I need some info from American’s and specially New Yorkers.. :-) Is it very expensive… ( food/small place to live/find a job ) ??? And what is your advise to me.. What exactly should I do??
Thanks! :-)

Administrator answers:

Is living in NYC expensive??? YES! Rent is high, food is high, gas is high, taxes are high, mass transit can get costly if you ride it often, driving is expensive, entertainment is expensive, clothing is expensive, even a box of cigarettes is 8 dollars! This is the “capital of the world” and it costs a lot to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Even though it is expensive, you can lower your costs a bit by thinking outside of what your idea of NYC is. How expensive living here will depend on where in New York City do you want to live. Do you want to live in Manhattan, close to Manhattan, in the outer boros (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn,Staten Island), close to mass transit etc…

The outer boros may be a great option but they are gentrifying fast and former “BAD” neighborhoods are now seeing apartments rent for as much as 1300 a month. Even small studio apartments will be expensive. Trust me I live in the Bronx and it’s getting costly…FAST! BTW the Bronx is not that bad!

NYC is also experiencing an influx of people moving here and not enough space to live. Affordable housing is hard to find and government housing has a long wait list. Not to mention that even if you do find an apartment, a detailed credit check will be done on you and contracts (rent lease) are short term and once they expire, your rent may go up even higher.

The most popular way to start out fresh here is NYC is to first find family or a roommate for a couple of months to a year. If you are willing to share your living space, that may lower how much you will have to bring to NYC. Sharing an apartment can also give you a chance to save your pennies and work your way up.

It is estimated that the average single new yorker must make about 18-20 dollars an hour per a 40 hour work week to live comfortably in NYC. I think you’ll need about $35,000-$45,000 your first year maybe even more…

You will also have to consider what kinds of jobs you would be interested in taking while in NYC. Obviously there is a larger pool of jobs available to citizens or those with a valid visa. Before you move here, you have to work on that. Otherwise finding a good job and housing will be difficult. If you received a professional degree of certification you will have to find out on your own if that will be accepted in the United States. If it isn’t, finding a job in your field will be hard! I have known people who were Doctors in their previous country and now work as cab drivers.

You have A LOT to think about when moving here and it involves a bit of homework or your part. Good Luck!

You might want to look here:

Helen asks…

Why does absolutely everyone insist on trying to convince me that living in NYC is that impossible?

I plan on moving to New York by june 2014 but all my friends and family continue to tell me I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Is it really THAT expensive? i mean I don’t understand how almost 9 million people can live there, but yet I can’t? I’m a freelance photographer and a writer (Yeah how refreshing right? Another artist who wants to move to NYC). I do plan on finding a job as soon as I get there and working my a** off. My brother is also moving with me. So do you think I’ll be able to find somewhere to live like in Brooklyn? I’m not by any means delusional enough to think I can afford an apartment in manhattan or anything like that. Where are the reasonably affordable places?Where do Writers and poets, painters and poets live? I don’t mind living in a closet size space either. I plan on just crashing/showering/eating at my place anyways. which is pretty much what I already do anyways..
So any advice? Is it really that impossible to move there?

Administrator answers:

Umm well, this is the case. It is not impossible of course but lets be realistic. I have been living here for over 16 years now and to be honest with you, it is extremely expensive here and I am not even rich or anywhere near. There are affordable places of course but the thing is that there are soooo maaaaaany attractions here that I find it impossible to not indulge yourself in them. I personally know that sometimes I indulge myself way to much simply because there are so many options available. You will need a career here not a job and that is because rent here is CRAZY. Writers, poets and painters live all over NYC my dear. Brooklyn is very big so where in brooklyn are u referring to? Parts of Manhattan can be cheap actually but they will be in the projects. For example east side of harlem will be cheap as so will be washington heights. Your best bet will be bronx or queens since that is here u can find the cheapest rent! Its possible to do whatever you please you just have to feel it from within and dont let nothing get u down.
Drea from queens.: )

Richard asks…

New Yorkers, where are you?


Administrator answers:

The five boroughs of NYC cover 578 square miles. There is an immense range. I’ll try to hit some high points in each borough.
Bronx: Northeast Bronx/Coop City area is okay, altho heavily populated nowadays with retirees. Riverdale is expensive, Kingsbridge slightly run down. Rest of the borough you don’t want.
Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights is pretty, and pretty damned expensive. Flatbush is an ethnic stew with Afghan, Mexican, you name it restaurants. You can find almost reasonably priced apartments here, even large ones, but the buildings date to well before WW2. Sheepshead Bay, Marine Park: long commute to Manhattan, family oriented. Other areas stay out.
Manhattan: okay and affordable above 188 street, Dominican 168 to 183 streets. Morningside Heights is basically a university community (96 to 123 Street west side). East Side very pricey. West Side somewhat less so. Greenwich Village very desirable, high prices in many spots.
Queens: Census Bureau claims is the most ethnically diverse county in the entire USA, leading to some unusual restaurants. Flushing is very diverse, highly desirable. East of it is Bayside and Douglaston, with long commutes to Manhattan, but lots of private homes and very nice. Astoria, Sunnyside, Corona(Archie Bunker’s hometown), all lower middle class with some industrial areas. South Jamaica–stay out. Jamaica Estates–pretentious and overpriced. Forest Hills, Yellowstone, Kew Gardens–a mix of high rise apartment buildings and usually ugly private homes.
Staten Island–relatively few rentals, but nearly all are convenient to the ferry. Parking is easy nearly everywhere except near the ferry. Long lists of private homes for sale or rent in every issue of the local newspaper. Stay away from Jersey Street and Mariners Harbor.

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