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February 15, 2013

Mary asks…

New York, New York?

What is the best thing about New York City? Would you sugest it as a home? I went before and stayed and I love it SO much. I love everything about it! What do you think?

Administrator answers:

I live in NYC and one of the most annoying things to hear is that if you live in New York City you have to deal with a crowded, loud area.
There are 5 boroughs. I live in Williamsbridge, a neighborhood uptown in the Bronx. It is quiet and peaceful here and about a 40 minute train ride from midtown Manhattan.
Most people are intimidated by “the Bronx” even though they’ve never been there. For those people I suggest to take the 1 train uptown to Riverdale, in the west Bronx. That will be your “safe” neighborhood. Very suburban-ish. Lots of parks and quiet and peaceful.
You don’t have to live in midtown/downtown Manhattan if you live in NYC. I recommend living anywhere but. If you must reside on Manhattan island, than check uptown in Harlem or Washington Heights for more affordable, larger apartments. (The prices in these neighborhoods are steadily rising, though)
In Queens, check Astoria, Jackson Heights, or Long Island City for cheaper rent, larger apartments, and quick train commutes to midtown.
In Brooklyn, you can live in all the hipster neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Red Hook, Park Slope, etc, etc. Max 35 minutes to midtown during rush hour.
Staten Island is great if you wanna have a car. You can drive to the ferry, park your car, and take the ferry to downtown Manhattan.
MTA is a very efficient transit system. Use it.
Don’t be afraid to explore. NYC is massive.

Ruth asks…

i want to move to new york city……?

i think im in love with the idea of moving into the city…i just dont know how to go about doing it. i need a job to pay for an apt, but i cant just get a job there without living close by. im from texas, so how do i go about moving to new york city???

Administrator answers:

I can tell you what I did when I first moved the city.

I was fiarly lucky as I had friends in the area who guided me towards an apartment in a really good area. Its called Riverdale in the Bronx (the nice part). Its about 40 mintues from Time Square on the subway at 231st on the 1&9 subway route and the rent was pretty affordable (for NYC). I liked the area as it was very safe and community orientated. Everyone kinda knows everyone. Its a big Irish American community so the people are a lot of fun.

So I moved there and found an apartment fairly quickly from a an ad in the local deli notice board. Then I just took the first job I could find (which was making sandwiches in a cafe in soho in midtown)…that just gave me enough to keep my head above water and breathing space to look and interview for a better job. I found jobhunting fairly easy but don’t know what its like out there now. I got my waitressing job from the Villiage Voice Newpaper (

Definatley do as much research as you can before you go. Consider taking a trip up there first and staying in a hostel (the YHA is good)…have a look around and see if you like it…view some apartments to see what you are letting yourself in for…its a great city…but its a tough city.

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