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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments In The Bronx New York

June 4, 2013

Ruth asks…

Which is better to live in?

Im looking to move to New Jersey/New York this summer and im searching for safe apartments to live that are really cheap!

Jersey City
East Orange

Which city is a safe place for a college student on her own????
If there are any other places in the area that you think are better please let me know!

Administrator answers:

Safe and Cheap… Hmmm. Kinda an oxymoron.

Jersey City and Hoboken are easy to get to and from which is great. You have many buses and the PATH. The other locations in Jersey you mentioned I am not too familiar with but I believe there is a NJ Transit train that goes by those towns. Hoboken would probably be the best mix. It’s fairly safe, lots to do and very easy to get to the city.

Astoria in Queens is affordable and has some nice places. Brooklyn can be cheap depending where you look but that might compromise the safe part. Safety comes with cost sadly. Some parts of harlem are very affordable and much safer than people think.

Hope this helps!

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