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Your Questions About Affordable Apartments In The Bronx

December 28, 2012

Charles asks…

where can I get an affordable 1br apt with no credit check?

I’m 18 years old and me and my girl both have good jobs I just really need advice on where I could get a nice affordable apartment with no credit check around the Bronx area of new York city?
Where can I get an apartment with no credit check….I’m 18 with a good paying job but dont have any credit….Bronx ny

Administrator answers:

First try and if u don’t find something there try going out and looking cuz everything is not always on line sum times u have to go out there and look for a place that don’t do credit checks!!!

Ruth asks…

What is the best and easiest way to find a apartment in or around NYC?

As a 21 year old female student i am looking for a safe and somewhat affordable place to live while commuting to Berkeley College in Manhattan. HELP!

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as “safe” and “affordable” in the same sentence in NYC.

Anyhow, you can try…but beware of NYC scams, there a many of them on this sight. You can also call any of the 50,000 plus real estate agents/brokers in the NYC yellow pages.

My advise…..try the outer boroughs of Manhattan such as Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island (which is very nice) or even Long Island (Nassau County).

Richard asks…

Moving to NEW YORK or Jersey from Orlando?

I have been searching HARD for an apartment but i am having the most difficult time figuring out where i should live. I am anxious to just be up North. I don’t have to live in the City but i would like to live fairly close. Is Jersey a good Option and if so what part? I am also considering the Bronx but not sure what neighborhoods are suitable/affordable. any sites i can visit? any tips, tricks etc. for finding a decent affordable apartment. It would be just me and my 2 yr old daughter.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t recommend the Bronx. I live in NJ and it’s pretty nice here. U will like it. Good luck!

Mary asks…

what is the most affordable place to live in nyc?

I am moving to New York City soon and now I am searching for an apartment. I heard that it is very expensive to live in NYC. The job that I am going to have pays $17 an hour and I will be getting paid every week. Does anybody know any good aprtments and neighborhoods that can fot within that price range?

Administrator answers:

It depends where your college is. If it’s in Lower Manhattan, try Staten Island. If it’s in Midtown Manhattan, try areas of Queens like Elmhurst. If it’s in Upper Manhattan, a lot of Bronx neighborhoods (the safe ones) would work.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Ken asks…

Moving to NYC in January, when do I start looking for an apartment?

also, what are some safe, affordable neighborhoods (in Harlem and/or the outer borroughs) with wasy access to City College of New York with black populations?

Administrator answers:

Start now.

Find a good website, map or atlas of New York City and its transportation systems. It’s important to know what the commute would be. City College is on the 137 St. Station of the #1 subway line. Forget about a car.

Read about upper Manhattan (Harlem, Washington Heights, Fort Tryon), and the Bronx – what kind of people predominantly live there, what the typical rent is, what it buys, and what the crime rate is. Then decide if you’re OK with it.

In addition to CraigsList and similar websites, look at ads in online editions of newspapers, and contact the City College off-campus housing office.

Steven asks…

How is it like living in the South Bronx?

Looking into the most affordable areas of NYC and found some good prices in the South Bronx. I know it used to be a little rough, but I was wondering if it is still like that today. The apartments I am looking at are near the 3rd Ave and 149th 5 train stop. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

It’s obviously not as bad as it used to be. You should be alright. Although I would suggest not to roam the streets to late into the night.

John asks…

How and where can my friend and I find and afford an apartment in NYC?

Im going to be going to parsons new school for design in new york where my best friend is going to go to NYU, we both decided when moving there to find an apartment together. I really need help, where are some reasonably affordable 2 bedroom appartments nearby. And what are good jobs to have in newyork while we are in school that could keep us finacally blanaced? has anyone had this situation? Any tips on how can I live in new york city as a student?

Administrator answers:

Are you GOING to Parsons, or you WANT to go to Parsons???

It seems to me, given that acceptances don’t come out for months, that you can’t possibly know where you are going to college yet.

Are you sure you’re going to Parsons?

I don’t know how much you can afford to spend, but it’s unlikely that you will find a 2 bedroom that you can afford, even if you are willing to travel a good while to get to school. Most young people in NYC live in much smaller spaces than that, particularly if they are still in school.

And the area around Parsons is particularly expensive. You would do far better to look for a share-able one bedroom in an outer borough. Many college kids live in nearer sections of Brooklyn or Queens these days.

EDIT: Ignore Georgia. She knows nothing about NYC. She wrote many posts bad mouthing NYC and those of us who live here. She clearly has only been here as a tourist – if that.

She says she’s 17 on some of her answers. But I suspect she’s a good deal younger (14 or less would be my guess.)

All 5 boroughs make up NYC. The 5 boroughs are:



The Bronx


Staten Island.

If you live in ANY of these boroughs, you are living in NYC.

There are no tolls between boroughs in NYC with the exception of the Verazano Bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island. And anyway, if you live in most parts of Brooklyn or Queens (as I suggested above) you won’t be driving ANYWAY!!! You’ll take the subway, like the rest of us!

Parts of Brooklyn and Queens have become very hip these days, mostly due to the influx of young people who cannot afford to live in Manhattan.

Susan asks…

What the best, affordables places to live in nyc?

Im moving to nyc before my birthday march 10th, i wanted to know wheres the best, affordable places to live near shopping n dining?

Administrator answers:

I would recommend living outside of Manhattan, the whole city is expensive but the outer burroughs are a little more affordable and you’ll get more space for your money (for example for the price of a one room studio apartment in Manhattan you could get a 1 bedroom apartment with a separate living room and eat-in kitchen for the same price in Queens.)

Some good places I would recommend is either Astoria or Sunnyside in Queens, both are very nice, safe areas that are close to shopping and restaurants. Plus they are only a 15 to 20 minute subway ride right to Manhattan. Park Slope is another really nice and safe area in Brooklyn that offers near by shopping etc. And is a short subway ride to Manhattan. Also Long Island is worth checking out, I don’t know alot about the different areas but I know people who live there and enjoy it.
Like the first answer said, the only borough I would really suggest avoiding all together is The Bronx.

Betty asks…

I currently live in Atlanta Georgia and want to relocate up north to New York, I am an entrepreneur!?

I am a single african-american women, raised in the south (New Orleans and Georgia) and I am so tired of the south. I always been free spirited in my thought process and recently been to NY in August(1st time) and I loved it. I just don’t have family or friends that lives up there and the people that I know down in Atlanta are so closed minded and think the North is too fast pace. I am single 23 and no kids with goals to establish my business (ecommerce) any suggestions! Where should I live? I work for a company that will let me relocate, so I do have a full time position, but I am salary, so something real affordable and safe….I also plan enrolling in school back again to enhance my skills in production and editing, any community colleges? Help! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Check with your company. Find out their location in NYC.
If you’re a first time NY-er, I would recommend these neighborhoods: BROOKLYN: Greenpoint, Red Hook, Park Slope, + other adjacent neighborhoods in that area.
Here is an in-depth article abouot Brooklyn and it’s neighborhoods:
QUEENS: Astoria or Jackson Heights vicinity.
the BRONX: Riverdale

All these articles are pretty accurate.
Also, check out for apartment listings. I would suggest jumping on this ASAP, as it can be very difficult to find an apartment anywhere in NYC.
PS. If anybody tells you to stay away from the Bronx, they obviously have never been there and have no idea what they’re talking about.
Best of luck!!

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