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Your Questions About Affordable Housing Apartments In The Bronx

January 25, 2013

Charles asks…

what is a neighborhood with a low crime rate and affordable rent in nyc?

i currently live in the stuy town area, but my mom is in a court case trying to defend our family from being evicted for having a house out of state. it’s likely we won’t be able to stay so i’m trying to find a good neighborhood in manhattan, bronx or the border of queens preferably on the D or 4 line. (i am going bronx science hs next year which is in bedford park – 205th street so i would be glad if the new house is easily accessible or near my school) my mom is extremely afraid of harlem or any place with crime in general so that is a big problem. suggestions on where to live? thanks in advance
ugh sorry about this detail there is crime everywhere, she’s not afraid of crime in general, just places that are kinda… known for crime.
please give me a little more info, just saying the bronx is a little too vague, for example could you say the name of the neighborhood or the street for example: 235th street or riverdale thanks.

Administrator answers:

Do not look towards Parkchester or Clason Point. They have crime problems. The Parkchester apartment complex is not that bad but there are a lot of robberies there. All those shopping places and bad areas around the complex. It attracts muggers. The surrounding area around it is bad. The Parkchester neighborhood. Clason Point is pretty ghetto and it’s way out in the middle of no where. The area just north of Clason Point is one of the worst areas in the Bronx, Soundview. Getting to your school from either of these areas is hard becuase Parkchester only has the 6 train, and Clason Point does not have subway at all.

In the Bronx, neighborhoods with low violent crime rates include:

-Throgs Neck, away from the Throgs Neck Houses (A public housing project). No subway.

-Morris Park, not Van Nest. While Morris Park is okay Van Nest is pretty poor. 5 train on the northwest border.

-Pelham Gardens, Pelham Bay, Country Club, City Island. No subway though.

-Riverdale, Fieldston, Spuyten Duyvil, and Woodlawn. No subway.You could probably take the bus to school though from these with a decent commute.

Those are the areas in the Bronx with the lowest violent crime rates.

Unfortuntately no good areas will give you access to the D. Kingsbridge is another option but borderline. Look close to Riverdale those blocks are okay and stay away from living near Broadway, you could probably take the bus to school with a decent commute time. Kingsbridge Heights is pretty dumpy avoid that and there are some real bad parts. Bedford Park and Norwood are on the D but are pretty hard to find good places to live. They have a lot of real bad blocks and buildings now. South of Bedford Park Blvd down to the South Bronx is really bad just avoid.

North Queens minus Corona, East Elmhurst, and Lefrack, and in Manhattan anything south of East 96th/West 110th Street away from the PJ’s on the Lower East Side is usually okay. All of these will make for a long commute though.

Don’t forget Yonkers too. Just avoid the southwest. Closer to Bronx Science then Manhattan and Queens and better areas too.

Good luck.

Maria asks…

Staten Island vs Bronx?

I will be attending John Jay college in Manhattan, and I am trying to decide where to live. I think I like SI more cuz its more my style-green, suburban and laid back, parts of the BX are too but not as much. The only thing, transportation from SI would be harder cuz Id have to take the express bus and then subway instead of just a subway if coming from the BX. Also, I am Russian and SI has many Russians and some Russian stores, as well as real close to Southern BK where even more Russians, while BX doesn’t. Also, I like to go to beaches and BK beaches are far from the BX. What would be a better choice for me?
dont like brighton beach or southern bk to live at, too crowded
parts of bronx r very nice such as pelham parkway, riverdale and kingsbridge to name a few
SI express buses run extensively and till late, its jus the fact that I have to rely on two modes of transport instead of one, which increase chances of delays and fuckups
cuz i have a car and cant afford expensive places like astoria
need nabe wit ez parking

Administrator answers:

I live in Staten Island and commute to and from Manhattan on a daily basis. If you take the X1 from Staten Island, you can stop at 6th Avenue and Central Park South and just walk three blocks to John Jay. The X1 runs until 1am at night, so you won’t have any problems getting home. There are also other express buses that you can take home (X10, X17, etc)

-You can find a really nice and spacious apartment in Staten Island in a safe neighborhood for an affordable price. You can find an apartment complex with parking or an apartment that is attached to a private house and comes with a driveway.
-If you live along Hylan Blvd, you will have easy access to the X1 and subway, as well as a lot of stores.
- The Jersey Shore beaches are only about 45 minutes away from Staten Island, so in the summertime you have a choice of going to Brooklyn or New Jersey for the beach.
-Staten Island is relatively much safer than the Bronx. As long as you stay out of Park Hill and the West Brighton projects at nighttime, you have nothing to worry about.
-There is a Russian community in Staten Island, and you will also be close to Brighton Beach.

Some good neighborhoods for you would be: Rosebank, Grasmere, Old Town, South Beach, Midland Beach, New Dorp, Oakwood, Bay Terrace, Eltingville, and New Springville. (They all are near public transportation).

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