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May 17, 2012

George asks…

apartment ????????

I was all set to move in to an apartment the 1st of feb….I havn’t signed anything, havn’t paid anything, but told the people I was taking it, and they agreed, Now I cannot take the apartment. Due to a much better offer. I have to tell them. I feel like a real bitch. How can I do it with out them hating me? They could probably have rented their apartment out within these last four weeks.

Administrator answers:

If they didn’t have you sign anything than it’s there fault. Don’t feel bad… It’s up to them to make sure they don’t get stiffed. Just be polite and tell them.

Linda asks…

Apartment manager goes inside apartment several times when I am away. How normal is this?

I’ve been living in my apartment complex for about 1 year now and the apartment manager seems to make an excuse to go inside the place while I’m at work at least once every two months.

He has gone in for such reasons as: Checking water pressure, need to paint balcony even though it was newly painted, need to show to prospective renters of similar apartments, need to show to prospective mortgagers.

Is this normal or excessive?

I feel a little infringed upon.

Administrator answers:

Your rights are clearly being infringed – the apartment manager generally doesn’t have a right to go into your apartment without notice, except in case of an obvious emergency (fire, water leak, etc.) The apartment manager should be giving you at least 24 hours notice before entering your apartment. I’d check your state and local laws – here in California, we have very strong renter’s rights, detailed at . I’d search for “renter’s rights” for your state and city – and then have a discussion with your apartment manager. I’d ask for 48 hours notice before they enter your apartment.

Sharon asks…

How does air intake work in apartment complexes?

In an apartment complex that has an air intake vent in each apartment and vents to blow the air out of the ducts into each apartment… is the air blown out into my apartment coming only from the air intake in my apartment?.. meaning. is the air that blows into my apartment from heating and a/c coming from air intake vents all over the building?… or just from the intake(s) in my apartment?

Administrator answers:

If each apartment has a separate furnace/ac, then they should not share intake vents. Regardless your apartment manager would be the best person to answer this question.

James asks…

Can I still get the apartment even if my credit is not the same as others?

I am interested in renting/living in an apartment in Los Angeles, CA. This apartment is so beautiful and spacious. The rent is expensive because it cost about $1500/month to live there. I know that L.A. is expensive, but I always wanted to live there when I was a kid, since I am from Chicago. I also noticed that landlords look at your credit report to see your credit, and I am not sure which credit report they would look at. I don’t want to get rejected because I really want to live at that apartment. I am also afraid that my credit score would be bad from the other two credit reports since I already know that one of my credit scores on one of my credit reports is good. My question is should I keep my fingers crossed and hope that I do get approved for the apartment or should I just forget about it and pray that I get the apartment?

Administrator answers:

Some places will let you get the apartment while others wont the best solution is the contact the apartment u are willing to get and ask the this question in person or by phone.

Laura asks…

Why does my apartment window unit air conditioner work half the time?

Just moved into my new apartment and it has an older window-unit A/C. For the first day, it didn’t seem like it was blowing cold air at all and the apartment was hot. The next day it works perfectly fine and blows nice cool air and I get the apartment down to 74*. Now its back to blowing normal air again and I’m back in an 86* apartment. Is there a solution to this or should I call the landlord to have it fixed?

Administrator answers:

Realistic up there is a freaking idiot and just trying to get some points on Yahoo Answers. How could she possibly make the determination that your air conditioner is out of “freon”???

Call the land lord. I am a commercial refrigeration mechanic and I rented an apartment for 10 years. I never once messed with the air conditioner because that is what I pay rent for.

That being said it probably needs to be taken out of the window and be thoroughly cleaned. It’s probably cycling on a thermal or pressure safety because it’s dirty. On a cooler day or at night it will work fine, but when it’s really hot outside, the dirt on the coils prevents good heat transfer. It’s just not going to keep up with the demand if it’s even a little bit dirty when the temp outside is 104°. CLEAN IT CLEAN IT CLEAN IT

Robert asks…

If I rent a second apartment solely because it is closer to where I work can that rent be a tax deduction?

I work Mon Tue Thur Fri, I spend All day Sat and Sun in the apartment I share with my wife plus Friday, and Tuesday Nights. The only reason I rent the second apartment is becuse it is where my job is: 75 miles from the apartment I share with my wife, the only purpose for having the second apartment is for me to be near my job. So can I declare the rent on thesecond apartment a “work Expense” on my taxes?

Administrator answers:

No, if that’s where your regular job is. If it’s a temporary assignment, maybe.

Lisa asks…

How does the heater in my apartment work?

I live in a big apartment building that’s probably 25 years old. The building has free water and free heat to all the residents. The heater runs along the floor on one wall in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. I know that there is water running through the heaters because sometimes I can hear it. Also, the people down the hall turned the knobs on the heater & hot water sprayed out. (Our lease agreements say that we’re not suppose to touch the knobs and they were evicted.) Our apartments are toasty warm and very dry. I assumed the apartments were steam heated. But, the lady next door said that it can’t be steam heat because the apartments wouldn’t be so dry. Also, if I change the temp on the thermostat, the temp in my apartment doesn’t seem to change. Can anyone explain how this heating system works?

Administrator answers:

If you want to get warm why not try setting a fire in the house?

Lizzie asks…

Moving out of a bug infested apartment into a new apartment.?

I’m guessing I had bed bugs (I have been bitten) and cockroaches (they were all over the place). The new apartment will not be ready till April 11th. Meanwhile the exterminators have come in to spray my apartment. I’m staying with my parents till the new apartment is available (in a new apartment complex). I’m planning on trashing all of my furniture, and buying new stuff. I do however need to keep books (for school) and other small items. How do I make sure that I don’t take any bugs with me.

Administrator answers:

As you box everything up, wash it down very very well, then as soon as you close up the box, take it out to your car so that it is out of the appartment. When you do your laundry, wash it well (use a laundromat and wash it again once you have moved) put it in bags/boxes and do not bring it back into the apartment. Getting rid of your furnature will help, but make sure that everything is CLEAN before you move. Good luck hun.

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