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May 20, 2012

Richard asks…

How safe is it bieng in a apartment building were they are blowing asbestos in another apartment?

I just moved out of an apartment to an upstairs apartment. I was sick the whole 2 years i lived in the first apartment. Im just above that apartment now and they are blowing asbestos in the apartment below me and I am having trouble breathing and my chest hurts. Could this be because of the asbestos?

Administrator answers:

They don’t use asbestos anymore for insulation. It’s most likely fiberglass, which may not be good for you, but isn’t deadly like asbestos.

Maria asks…

How does the apartment application work? Does my employer have to fill it out?

I’m thinking about getting an apartment and they showed me the apartment, etc, etc. They gave me an application. So, I took a look at it, and it said my employer has to fill out-my work info, etc. And how my residential has to fill out info about where I currently live. Well, I live at home, so I don’t rent. Do all apartment offices require that an employer have to fill out info?

Administrator answers:

That is very strange. I have never seen a rental application requiring that the applicant have their boss fill out the employment information, or even one’s current landlord (if applicable) fill out the residential. From what I know (I’ve lived in rented apartments and houses my entire life), the most apartment managers/landlords usually do to confirm information is call you employer and your current landlord to confirm information and to possible ask about certain things like how well you kept up the residence, if you payed rent on time, if there were any issues with other residents and so forth. What they would probably ask your boss would be if you’re really making how much you put as your monthly income.

Michael asks…

Why does an apartment association wants to inspect my old apartment?

I applied for a new rental apartment and I was approved. However the association for that new place wants to inspect my current apartment. I have been renting for a few years and this is the first time it happens and find it a bit invasive. Why do they want to inspect this place?

Administrator answers:

In general, they want to see how you maintained your current or old place to give them an indication of how you would potentially take care of your prospective apartment. This practice has been gaining more popularity with Co-op boards as well as rentals. There are companies that provide this service for a fee (usually the prospective tenant/buyer pays this). In a lot of instances they take photos of your place as and sometimes photos of the prospective tenant/buyer as well. *sometimes these companies try to catch you off guard as to exactly when they will be coming so prepare in advance! Treat it like an interview and except the picture does the talking for you. On the day of inspection,dress neat & keep your place neat. Try not to have anyone in the apartment who will NOT be moving with you. You want to minimize potential questions or false assumptions that management may derive from the inspection. Good luck

Donald asks…

Can people get into an apartment if they have bad credit?

My husband and I have previous divorces which has left our credit scores pretty poor, and next year we are planning on moving into an apartment. I called one apartment complex and they said they go to a website called “on sight”. And its just a pass or fail from there. Is there someone out there that works at an apartment mangmnt office and can let me know. We don’t want to waste our money on application fees, if we are just going to be ultimately told no, as app fees can be up to 60.00 a person for every apartment complex we are interested in.
I forgot to add that I did ask one apartment complex if we wold be asked to pay more in deposit, and they said no, its either pass or fail……..of course that was just one apartment complex though.

Administrator answers:

Well lets see. My dad has rented condos and homes for 30 years and has never checked a credit score. When I got my first apartment they never checked my credit score.

The larget the complex the more likely they are to check and base a decsion your credit. Mainly because they have set guidelines they have to follow. Even if they do check you credit and it comes out bad, normally they will just make you put down a larger security deposit, or come up with a couple months rent off the bat. And if for some reason they reject you still from there, just try someone else. There are thousands of desperate landlords out there just waiting for tenents.

Just like lenders, some landlords are more robotic and go by a pass/fail system. And some are more realistic and just use there best judgement and extra security deposits. Dont worry if this one fails you there are still plenty out there that will take you.

John asks…

How do I find an apartment for just the summer?

My friend and I are two college students who want to find an apartment that we can live in for just the summer. Neither of us have ever rented an apartment for so we’re new to the process, but all the apartments we find are for long term. Are there apartments out there that people can rent for just the summer and if so how do I go about finding them?

Administrator answers:

Find a student who wants to go home for the summer, and can sub-let their apartment to you. Inquire at some of the university offices or place an ad in that paper, asking for a sub-let.

James asks…

Want to know apartment lifetime in India and what the owners right after Lifetime?

I am planning to buy an apartment in india either hyderabad or bangalore, want to know the following.
1. What is the Lifetime of the Apartment in Inida?
2. Can we live in the Apartment even after the Lifetime?
3. What will we get after the lifetime or collapse, Since the land will be common for all the flots. Will the money be shared to everyone after collapse or how does it work?

Administrator answers:

For RCC structures life time of apartments is over 100 years.

Again after collapse, the co-owners have right over the whole property in the proportion of their land share as per registered document.

If sold jointly, each co-owner will get proportionate amount.

On the other hand if the property be redeveloped, each co-owner can have proportionate constructed area as per land share proportion on the total building area. Each co-owner has to contribute construction cost in that proportion.

George asks…

When buying an apartment, how important it is to you if it is on the 3rd floor or on the 1st floor?

I am tempted to go for the 3rd floor because once I am in, it has 5 windows within two sides of the building and therefore it is quite sunny, from two windows I see trees and green, while the one on the 1st floor only has only 3 windows and they are all on the same side of the building and so it is a bit gloomier apart from the morning, also the windows only face the street and therefore not much green to be seen..

Another difference is the 3rd floor apartment has 2 bedrooms and 1 living room with small bathroom and kitchen while the 1st floor apartment has
2 bedroom (no living room) but a bigger bathroom (with no window!) and bigger kitchen. The size of the two apartments is roughly the same, the one below being a tad bigger even if it has no living room.

I just can’t decide which one to go for.
A deciding factor could be they are mountain apartments and they both rely on wood stoves for heating.
I guess logging wood up to the 3rd floor isn’t as feasible as logging it to the 1st floor? Lol. The below apartment is a third more expensive, although the money isn’t that much of a problem.

Administrator answers:

If you are on the 1st floor then you will always be listening to your upstairs neighbor stomp around on the floor. If you are on the top floor you won’t hear that. While I’d hate to have to lug groceries up three flights of stairs, I’d take the third floor. More light, more breeze (higher up means more cooler air) larger space and you’d be able to sleep with your windows open because there’d be less chance of someone breaking in on the third floor. If someone is going to break in they are going for the first floor apartment.

3rd floor, it’s a no brainer.

Mandy asks…

Are apartment managers usually willing to work with you when it comes to your rent?

I have never been late and have been living in the same apartment for 4 and a half years. Now, I am facing a delema because I will only have half of my rent by the time rent is due and the other half a week late. Are apartment managers usually willing to be flexiable or do they have a strict order they have to stict to?

Administrator answers:

It would take more than a week to evict you anyway. If it’s not something you are going to make a habit of I’m sure they will wait a week for the other half. Good luck.

Charles asks…

How can I make my apartment managers check my apartment for mold?

Ever since my husband and I moved into our apartment 4 months ago, we’ve experienced a lot of symptoms that could be caused by toxic mold. There was a leaky faucet that caused some mold growth in our outside storage closet, but our managers didn’t fix the mold, they just painted over it. Is there some legal way to make our apartment managers check our entire apartment for mold? We can’t move for several more months due to our contract.

Administrator answers:

Contact your local Board of Health

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