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Your Questions About Apartment Ad Abbreviations

July 3, 2012

Laura asks…

Apartment ad abbreviations?

what do these mean?
cpts &drps
slpg rm
nr bus
nr bus dist
no lse
utils pd
w grt vu
dlx sgl
xtra la lv rm
1/2 blk to bs
encl gar
lux 2 br
dbl gar
immac sgl

please & ty

Administrator answers:

Ive never seen these, but would like to take a crack at it.

1. Carpet and drapes
2. Sleeping room…?
3. Near the bus
4. Near the bus district lease
6.utilities paid
7.with great view
8.garbage disposal
10.extra large living room
11.Half a block to the bus
12.enclosed garbage two bedroom
14.double garage
16. Furnished

Im not sure what sgl means

Edit: I think SGL stands for same gender living, meaning they dont discriminate against homosexuals.

Steven asks…

What do the following abbreviations mean in apartment ads?


Administrator answers:

W/d is Washer/Dryer. But FDR? I can only think of ‘Franklin Delano Roosevelt.’ And not many aparments come with one of those. The only think i can think of is maybe ‘Formal Dining Room’?

Update: According to the link I’ve added below below, it is in fact ‘Formal Dining Room.’ ‘Washer/Dryer’ is on there as well.

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